12 Struggles All Girls Have When Coupled Up With A Shorter Guy

We can’t help who we love. That’s a given. Sometimes we fall hard for the guy we never thought possible - you know, that scrawny, pale dude that broke your heart last summer? - and that’s just how it goes. We can’t help it. So when we fall in love with a dude much shorter than us, it doesn’t really make a difference, right? Of course not. It shouldn’t matter what size the guy is. If you love him, you love him. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few struggles now and then. Here are 12 issues all girls have when dating a shorter dude.

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12 Can’t Wear Heels

Every girl likes to wear heels. There's something about them that makes us feel sexy and empowered, not to mention helps make our legs look incredibly long and lean. However, when dating a short guy, you’re less likely to wear those sky high stilettos you love. When you slip those on your feet, you're about 4 inches taller than him, leaving your man looking even shorter. And no one likes that. So Instead, you suffer through wearing those boring flats with your sexy LBD. And honestly, no one really likes that either.

11 Everyone Talks About It

Your friends can’t help it. Neither can your family. It’s always a topic up for discussion. And while they might really like the guy, they can’t help but slide in some comments about his height. Of course you aren’t going to break up with him to keep your friends and family members from saying anything, but it’s really annoying and can’t help but have you questioning the whole height thing, too.

10 You Feel Like A Giant

Even if you’re on the shorter side - say, 5’ 4” - you still feel like a giant next to your man who comes in at only 5’ 7” - especially when you’re sporting heels. But if you are naturally taller than your man, this can really be an issue, and leaving you feeling like the Jolly Green Giant next to him.

9 It Can Be Awkward

Sure, you make it work and it can even be hot at times, but boy does it take a while to get there. Your bodies don’t line up right given the different heights so trying to maneuver around to fit can be frustrating and time consuming.

8 You’re Always Thinking About It

Just like everyone is always talking about it - "wow, he’s so cute but boy he is short!" - you are always thinking about it. The height issue is always on your mind no matter what. You might not be a shallow person, but you can’t help but wish he was just a little bit taller to make things a tad easier.

7 You Never Take Photos Of You Two Standing Next To Each Other

Sure, you have plenty of photos of the two of you but you are very strict about how they are taken. You two never take any where the both of you are standing up together. Instead, you stick to sitting side by side so no one on your Instagram feed can tell how short your new main squeeze really is.

6 He’s Always Trying To Overcompensate With Other Attributes

He knows he’s short and probably feels weird about it. But instead of talking about the issue, he tries to overcompensate with something else - usually his member. He’ll talk that up instead of bringing anything up about his height. The topic of it is always up for grabs for conversation because he doesn’t want to feel in inadequate due to his small frame and wants you to know he's not small everywhere.

5 You Guys Joke About It - And Well, It’s Uncomfortable

He usually doesn’t talk about his height but if the topic does come up, it’s usually said in some form of a joke. And the two of you laugh like it’s the funniest thing ever but in reality it’s just uncomfortable. Is he bringing it up because he feels bad about it? Does he feel worse when you laugh at his jokes? The whole conversation is just frustrating.

4 You’re Self-Conscious When You Go Out Together

Even if you are comfortable being alone with your short dude, the minute you head out in public you get self-conscious. You hate yourself for it because you’re not shallow, but you can’t help but wonder what others are thinking. Do they notice? Are they laughing? Do you two look weird together? There are too many annoying internal questions to be asking for one night out on the town.

3 You Think Of Him As A Little Boy Rather Than A Man

Of course he’s a man, but you can’t help thinking of him as a boy. He might have all the mannerisms of a gentlemen and even have incredibly sculptured arms that only a sexy man can have. However, his height has you still thinking of him like he’s a boy since you have to look down at him every time you have a conversation.

2 There’s A Good Chance He Shops At The Little Boy Department

You don’t want to think about it, but you can’t stop yourself. When you look at your man’s clothes, you are constantly wondering whether he bought them at the little boys department. And it would make sense really. Why buy something you’d only have to hem or tailor? And why buy the full size for the full price? But you can’t help but feel a little disturbed by the possible scenario.

1 There Will Never Be Any Dancing

Look, walking together hand-in-hand can be awkward enough when your man is a few inches shorter than you. But dancing? Forget about it. There are no turns, no grinding, and definitely no lifts. Apparently, Baby might be left in the corner after all.

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