13 Smoothie Flavors You Won't Hate

Toot toot, toot toot! It's time to jump aboard the smoothie train – the up-and-coming, wildly popular way to sneak nutrients into your next meal. Smoothies are fast, efficient, and they allow you to feel full without getting bogged down with heavy foods. They're also an ideal choice for your busy days because you can sip on the go. Still not convinced? What if we told you there were thousands of flavor combinations? And you could make yours with your favorite ingredients. Really, when weighing all the pros, it's hard to determine why anyone wouldn't want to drink a smoothie? Here are 13 delicious flavors that you won't hate, we promise. With so many combos to choose from, you can always keep your taste buds guessing without getting bored.

13 Tropical Breeze

Close your eyes. Take a nice cool sip of your drink. Now pretend you're in the Bahamas, or on a beach in Mexico, or smelling the California ocean. No matter where your dream tropical vacay, this delicious smoothie can help get you there. Better yet, you can mix and match for your favorite combo ever. Use this awesome recipe from Food.com and try a mix of orange, banana, pineapple, and coconut-flavored milk. You're on your way to a beach vacation each time you fire up the blender.

12 Strawberry Banana Mango

An oldie-but-a-goodie, with a twist: add a dash of mango to your strawberry banana smoothie. No matter how much of each fruit you add, you're definitely going to find a flavor combination that you can't wait to blend for your next breakfast or afternoon snack smoothie.

11 Coffee

Can't get enough coffee in your life? You just need the flavor and you need it now. Great news: a coffee smoothie is a healthy way to consume your fave guilty pleasure drink. Thanks to Diethood.com, we now know that we can combine coffee and a smoothie and be totally happy. Add milk, bananas, chocolate, protein powder, sweetener if you want, and of course, your fave blend of coffee. If you're not a coffee drinker (but why not?!), you can use tea.

10 Peach Lemonade

Or whatever your fave fruit is. Anything goes great with lemonade, from berries to oranges to mint. We love the peach lemonade smoothie from the blog What's Cooking Love. Throw in super ripe peaches or use canned peaches when they're not in season. Use lemonade or freshly squeezed lemon juice for a kick, then sweeten with honey, maple syrup, or agave sweetener. Throw in some water or ice to mellow your flavors and you're well on your way to enjoying a cool (and healthy!) citrusy treat. This combo is great for a refreshing breakfast or relaxing with a delicious snack.

9 Guilt-Free Pumpkin Pie

This might sound like a Thanksgiving food, but with this healthy recipe, you can celebrate all year. Combine pumpkin puree, vanilla yogurt, sweetener, milk, and pumpkin pie spice. For an added twist, add in a banana and/or some cinnamon or nutmeg, which can pump up the nutritional value too.

8 Blueberry

Whether on its own or mixed with other flavors, blueberries can offer up a delicious treat. Who needs dessert when they've got this flavor in their smoothie repertoire anyway? Some of our favorite b-berry combos include raspberry, banana, and peanut butter – yes the two make a great flavor meld. Orange juice is a tasty liquid addition as well. Mix and match to find your favorite – it's a step that will offer some tasty experimentation until you pick a winner. That is, if you ever decide to choose one.

7 Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate

Our mouths are watering just thinking about this one – it's so much yum in a single smoothie. Add in a banana, a scoop of peanut butter (almond butter works great too), and a dash of cocoa power for chocolate flavor without the guilt. Top with milk or your favorite non-dairy alternative and you're good to go. A dash of oatmeal also helps beef up the recipe for a meal that will stick to your ribs. If you're craving dessert, pop the combo in the freezer and enjoy like ice cream. Chances are, you won't even be able to tell the difference.

6 Green

It might look weird, but green smoothies can taste pretty great. Plus they're full of all types of vitamins and nutrients. Use spinach leaves (these can be hidden in basically any smoothie without tasting them), avocado, or cucumber. Kale is another option, but it's super strong if you're not used to it, so tread lightly. If you're really worried about the bitter taste, add a healthy sweetener to help disguise those nutrients. This is definitely a great option if you want to enjoy a healthier diet without even noticing.

5 Cherry Carrot

Yep, we said it, and it's good, we swear. Cherry has such a strong, sweet flavor that you'll barely realize that carrots are veggies. Plus there's the fact that carrots are also sweet -- think of them as sweet potato's cousin. If you pair carrots with a fruit, you can ease yourself in even if it seems like a super strange combo. Both carrots and cherries are pretty awesome detox ingredients so you can be sure you're helping your body with every sip.

4 Chai Spice

Like the latte, but maybe even better. You can totally customize this smoothie each time you make it. We suggest adding your favorite nut butter or even just nuts to offset the taste. You can also use chia seeds, oats or any fruit you want. To get that classic chai flavor, you'll need cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, all-spice, cloves, and nutmeg. You can find a recipe or just go for it -- it's not like any combo is going to taste bad. Kick back and enjoy your experimentation.

3 Kick Of Lime

Want to enjoy some green smoothies but change up the taste? Try this smart idea from Incredible Smoothies and add a hint of lime (or a lot of it). Blend your favorite yogurt, any green veggie, and a mild fruit like banana or apple. Next, it's time to juice. Squeeze two or more limes for your ideal flavor combo plus a swift kick of citrus. Then top off with a sweetener. It's enough to think you're tasting lime pie – but without the sugar or the calories. We're calling that a win-win.

2 Apple Strawberry

Though these two fruits are about as common as it gets, we rarely see them together. We think that needs to change and fast. They go together really well and are versatile enough that you can mix-in other stuff, too. Try this simple idea from gimmedelicious.com. Go all-in with mostly strawberries and top with apple juice, or chop your fave type of apple to add sweetness or a sour bite. Just add protein powder if you want and you're all set.

1 Pear Ginger

Refreshing. Delicious. Pears are easy to come by, but don't always taste as great as they smell … or as good as we think they should. With some doctoring, you can restore even the dullest of pears and make them taste super amazing. Ginger is an ideal candidate for this job, and comes with some added health benefits. Pear and ginger taste awesome together and we swear this is one smoothie combo you'll never tire of.

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