12 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Never Marry You

We all have hopes of finally meeting "The One," But until we do, it's pretty normal to date a few duds that string us along for months (and sometimes years.) Sadly, not every man that you fall in love with will feel the same way about you. Despite the glaring red flags that continuously knock you across the face, you may continue to ignore all the signs that point to your dream proposal being just that...a dream. There are many ways your guy will show you that he's ready to take the leap into holy matrimony, but if you're still on the fence on whether or not he will eventually put a ring on it, this list of hints will clue you in if you won't be adding a "Mrs." to your name any time soon.

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12 You Still Haven't Met His Friends

When a guy is truly in love, he will want to introduce you to everyone - especially his friends! And if you're lucky enough, his friends will already know so much about you before you even receive a proper introduction. However, if your guy is hesitant about you finally meeting his BFFs, chances are, you just aren't that important in his life. It's time to start looking for a new man who's so proud of you, he can't wait for you to meet his crew!

11 His Mom Refers to You as "That Girl"

Mothers always know best, and if you just happen to be her son's new flavor of the week, she definitely won't be taking you seriously. If your beau's mom can't even remember your name, or worst of all, she refers to you as "that girl," she won't even bother getting to know you, because she knows you will never be her future daughter-in-law.

10 He Has No Interest In Meeting Your Family

Usually, if a man is thinking of a longterm future with you, he will want to get to know your family. But most of all, he will want your family to love him just as much as you do! Meeting the 'rents sends out a smoke signal to your family that your relationship is serious, solid, and potentially going somewhere. If you have suggested introducing him to your parents, and he keeps brushing you off, it could mean he just doesn't think the relationship will ever lead to marriage.

9 He's All Talk

A man who means business will back up his words with actions. But if you have noticed that your guy makes promise after promise and never follows through, it's not looking good for you, girlfriend. The man that is serious about you and your relationship won't just tell you how much he wants to be with you, he will show you how much he wants to be with you! So, ignore his words and observe his actions. They will tell it all!

8 He Loves Keeping Secrets From You

Everyone deserves their privacy, but if your guy is always hiding things from you, this is a major red flag. A man who is in love will be open and honest about everything - from his feelings to who text messaged him at 2 a.m. A guy who guards his emotions (and his cell phone) is not ready to take the next steps to commit to being married.

7 He Comes On Way Too Strong

A whirlwind romance isn't only reserved for your favorite chick flick, but if your guy comes on too strong in the beginning of your relationship, it's time to pump the brakes! If it has only been a couple of dates and he's blurting out "I love you," doesn't it make you wonder how many other women he has said those same words to? It's possible that he falls head over heels quickly, but there's also a chance that he gets bored and leaves women in the dust just as quickly, too. Either way, protect your heart with a guy who's a smooth talker.

6 He Never Makes Plans Ahead of Time

The guy who isn't looking to commit will keep you on the back burner at all times. You know the type of guy: if his friends flake out on him last minute, you're the first person he calls to hang out with. Although you may get tingly all over at the thought of spending some one-on-one time with your boo, these last-minute hangout sessions shouldn't be confused with romantic spontaneity. If he can't even plan a proper date with you, you're just not ranking high on his to-do list.

5 You're Noticeably Absent From His Future


We're not talking about his plans for the weekend, we're talking about his plans for 5-10 years down the road. If your guy has no qualms talking about the future, but you're noticeably absent from his plans, you're just not a part of the equation. A guy who is serious about getting married and settling down will see your pretty face right along beside him when he envisions his dream home with the white picket fence.

4 He Doesn't Care About Pleasing You in the Bedroom

If sex with your man consists of a five minute romp in the sheets that leaves you unsatisfied and yearning for more, this is definitely a red flag. Intimacy in a relationship is important, and a man's willingness to please you says a lot about what he thinks about your relationship. If he doesn't make the effort to make sure you're just as satisfied as he is, he's only looking out for numero uno: himself.

3 He Always Criticizes You

You thought only women nag? Think again! A man who is in love with you and sees a future with you won't be too consumed with petty things. If he huffs and puffs because you continue to wear that dark matte lipstick that he hates, he's nowhere near ready to walk down the aisle and tackle the real issues that married life consists of.

2 He Goes Silent Whenever You Bring Up Commitment

Where there's smoke, there's fire! If you've been hinting about getting hitched, and your man clams up and suddenly turns into a deaf mute, it could be a sign of a major commitment phobia. A man who is ready to solidify your relationship won't be scared away whenever you mention the "M" word. Instead, he might even bring it up before it has even crossed your mind! So observe the way he acts whenever you broach the subject.

1 He Doesn't Believe in Marriage

Many men deal with commitment issues, but they just need a little bit of time to realize that you really are the girl of their dreams. But if your guy doesn't believe in marriage at all, there's no use in trying to change his mind. Whether he comes from a broken home, or he thinks marriage is just "a piece of paper," it really doesn't matter what his excuse is. If he shudders at the thought of getting married, don't take it personal. Just consider it a sign that he will probably never change his mind, and he just isn't the right guy for you.

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