15 Times You Need To Let Your Inner Samantha Jones Out

Samantha Jones is the consummate symbol of Sex and the City. Not that everyone wasn't having plenty of intimate moments on that show, but she is the one who is known for giving the fewest f**** in regards to doing whatever she wants with whomever she wants to. We all put ourselves in one of four categories when it comes to the main characters of that super popular, super awesome show. We're a Miranda, a Carrie, a Charlotte or, of course, a Samantha. We might not all live quite like her all day everyday, but she lives inside all of us somewhere... well, to a certain extent, that is. Here are 15 signs that you need to let your inner Samantha Jones out.

15 You're Going Through A Break Up

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Living like Samantha every single day might not work for your schedule (or dating preferences), but if there's ever a time to embrace your hotness and prove to yourself how desirable you are, it's after a break up. Samantha knew that being single didn't mean there was anything wrong... it meant that the options were pretty much endless. She always had an optimistic outlook about men and believed that another one is literally around the corner at all times.

14 You're Tired Of Other People Making Decisions For You

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If there's one thing Samantha did well, it was following her own path at all times. Sure, we've got work to do and whatnot but overall we're the only person we really need to report to at the end of the day so we need to be doing what makes us feel good... not everyone else. When you're having one of those moments where there are too many voices in your head threatening to drown out your own, remember Samantha.

13 When You Think You Need A Man

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Sometimes let's face it, we get lonely and think about how much better off we would be with a man. But the truth is, having a man is nice and all, but you don't really NEED one. Samantha Jones is all about being independent and self-love. She refuses to wait around for any man and takes matters into her own hands. In one episode she's been quoted saying "I am not the type of woman who sits home all day waiting for a man!"

12 You Haven't Gotten Some In Forever

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Samantha Jones always makes sure to sleep with someone when she needs it, and why shouldn't she? She had an empowered idea about sexuality and wasn't bothered by other people's ideas about it that didn't work for her. Samantha recognized the importance of the deed from a physical standpoint, and had no apologies for her own drive.

11 You've Got A Big Birthday Coming Up

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Samantha wasn't old, of course, but she was older than the other characters. But we love her so much because she never, ever let the idea of getting older dictate her life.  She had her own opinions about being a beautiful woman and how to embrace that...forever. This is the woman that once said the line, "Not that it matters but I'm fifty-f***ing-two and I will rock this dress."

10 When You Feel Like You're Being Taken Advantage Of

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Samantha Jones is probably one of the toughest characters on the show! She not only stands up for herself and tells you how it is, but she is also there to stand up for her friends when they are too scared. Don't let anyone take advantage of you, there will be times in your life when you feel as though you are being taken advantage of, whether it be at work, with your friends, or with your boyfriend. If you're ever in a situation like this (or in true Samantha form), if your friends ever feel like this, then go ahead and let your inner Samantha Jones out and speak your mind and your feelings.

9 You Care Too Much About What Other People Think

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We all do this. It becomes really hard letting go of what other people think of you, but it happens! Samantha gives the perfect advice for anyone who is constantly worried about what other people think of them: "If I worried about what every [woman] in New York was saying about me, I'd never leave the house." What's more true than that? You can't get hung up on what people are saying about you because there will always be something you say, do, or a way you dress that someone might not agree with. You can't please everyone...haters gon' hate.

8 You Overthink Everything

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How true is that. Samantha could be the voice of reason when her friends were caught up in their own heads spinning in circles for no reason. It can be incredibly hard to get out of that brain drain spin cycle once you get it in, but Samantha always had a way of voicing things that makes it seem a little easier. Like, just stop over thinking because it doesn't work. It's not always the easiest concept, but go ahead and give it a try.

7 You Don't Put Yourself First

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Samantha was great at relationships... when she chose to be part of them, that is. She was always a good friend and when she felt like a serious romantic relationship suited her she was good at those too. But she also knew the importance of putting herself first and sometimes that meant letting a guy know it in no uncertain terms. She put this the perfect way during a break up with Richard when she said, "I love you but I love me more." We just love that.

6 You're Not Following Your Dreams

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Samantha wasn't just a ball buster in her dating life, she had big dreams professionally and always followed her passions. We're not all destined to be business women but no matter what you do, embracing a bit of her confidence and tenacity can take you very far in life. Samantha didn't wait for anyone to give her permission to live her best life and neither should you.

5 You're Pretty Angry

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Part of living truthfully and boldly is not being afraid to let that emotional crap out when you need to. Life didn't always go perfectly smoothly for Samantha but when it didn't she had no qualms about expressing herself in some pretty colorful ways. Of course, there's a time and a place for letting it all, but Samantha proved that it's worthwhile and sometimes just necessary to be entirely truthful no matter how it looks.

4 You Feel Criticized

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Samantha got a lot of flak about her lifestyle/dating choices but also managed to let them slide off her back most of the time. When she did make mistakes, she could admit it and figure out the best way to move on. We should all totally adopt that attitude because let's face it, we all mess up sometimes.

3 You Need To Keep Your Friends In Line

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Samantha was a great friend... and an honest one, too. Actually, that sense of honesty was exactly why she was such a good friend to have. She can teach us the importance of being supportive but also being totally honest. If your friends start to act out of character in bad ways, you can always hit them with some brutal honesty a la Samantha Jones. This happened a lot on SATC when Samantha didn't like the choices her girls were making in relationships. You want your friends to be happy, but you also don't want them ditching you for new boys either.

2 Your Intimate Life Has Gotten Boring

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Samantha probably did the deed in every possible way, shape and form. She's a good reminder that if things in the bedroom ever start to get a little boring that there are endless ways to shake things back up again. Anything you could ever imagine is possible if you know where to go looking for it. (Or know how to ask for it.) Plus, Samantha was always willing to take things into her own hands when there wasn't someone suitable nearby to get the job done for her.

1 You've Been Feeling Less Than Fabulous

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Samantha was living fabulously all day every day. When life gets a little blah sometimes the best way to invite in some fabulousness is to just cultivate it yourself. If you create a fabulous life for yourself than other people are going to respond to it and treat you fabulously as well, so that's a good deal. We all deserve to feel fabulous every day no matter what else is happening in life, so in the moments that you don't just think of Samantha.

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