12 Scientific Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is Really Good For You

Science has shown that sleeping naked is actually really good for us. And if science says it’s true, than it must be true. Although it is becoming more popular for women to sleep in the nude, studies show that less than ten percent of Americans sleep naked. There are many benefits to sleeping naked. Overall happiness, health, and sex life are all areas that can be benefitted from sleeping completely naked. Sleeping in the nude can also help you sleep better and save you money. The benefits of sleeping naked far outweigh the cons, so why not give sleeping in the buff a try? The only times you should really wear clothes to bed are when it’s cold outside and you don’t want to get sick or when you are already sick. Getting a goodnight’s sleep is attributed to many health benefits. Your chances of getting a goodnight’s sleep, and the benefits that come with it, are increased when you sleep naked. So take off your clothes and become one with your bedsheets. Keep reading to find out the twelve scientific reasons why sleeping naked is actually really good for you.

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12 You get better sleep

You should sleep better when you sleep naked because your body temperature is able to decline like it’s supposed to according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It helps us sleep when our body temperature is able to naturally decline. When you sleep deeply, your body temperature declines naturally because of your Circadian Rhythm. Your sleep cycle can be disturbed when you mess with your body’s natural body temperature by sleeping in pajamas. This disruption is directly linked to insomnia according to Elite Daily. If you find yourself having trouble sleeping, you should consider taking off your clothes to sleep.

11 It can reduce belly fat

Remember how we said that your body temperature declines when you’re sleeping? Well, that decline in body temperature increases your growth hormones according to the Huffington Post. At the same time, your cortisol levels will decrease, which can result in healthier sleep patterns. When sleep is interrupted, whether it is because you’re hot or uncomfortable, your body produces more cortisol than it’s supposed to, which accelerates your appetite. So if you want to lose weight but don’t want to exercise or diet, start with sleeping naked. It might be the only change you need to make to improve your weight.

10 It’s healthy for your private parts

Yeast and bacteria are more likely to grow down near our lady parts because our lady parts have a similar climate to the tropical rainforest. Yeast grows in moist warm areas. Wearing underwear and other clothes at night, doesn’t help. If you sleep without anything on, you allow your vagina to air out and stay healthy and dry. This can all be backed up by the author of “The Sex Drive Solution for Women,” Dr. Jennifer Landa, who says sleeping naked is completely healthy for your vagina. And who is going to argue with a doctor who also wrote a book about female sex drive?

9 You can skip your morning shower

Most women take showers in the morning because they sweat during the night, their hair is greasy, or their hair is a mess. All three of these things are likely to change if you sleep naked. As we mentioned, if you sleep naked, you allow your body temperature to naturally decline, which means your body should stay cool through the night and you shouldn’t sweat. Therefore, you shouldn’t wake up sweaty in the morning. Your hair will also not get greasy or messed up if you don’t sweat throughout the night. Take a shower in the evening and call it a day.

8 You’ll have more fun with your partner

The same doctor who said it’s healthy to sleep naked, Dr. Landa, also said you’ll have more sex. She proved this by saying, “Sleeping naked encourages sex and sexier relationships are happier relationships.” It makes sense that sleeping naked would encourage sex if you’re sharing a bed with someone else because then you wake up in the morning naked and ready for sex. And more sex in a relationship should lead to more intimacy and hopefully and overall happier relationship because Oxytocin levels will increase. The Huffington Post adds that Oxytocin reduces the risk of depression and lowers stress levels.

7 You will feel sexier

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner or spouse, waking up naked will make you feel sexy. You will especially feel sexier if you do sleep with someone else because that person will also think you are sexy. And if you are comfortable enough with your partner and with your own body to sleep in the nude, your overall confidence will improve. And as we all know, confidence leads to beauty. You will see yourself as more beautiful if you’re confident, and so will the world. If the health benefits aren’t enough of a reason to sleep naked, maybe feeling sexier will.

6 It makes you do more

If you stay in your street clothes or work clothes all day long until you are ready to go to bed and then go to bed naked instead of putting pajamas on, you will be more likely to go out and do something rather than stay in and get nothing done. People who go home from work and change right into pajamas are more likely to stay in for the rest of the evening. Living this way will result in a more sedentary lifestyle which has been linked to weight gain.

5 It can help your skin

Sleeping naked can lower the risks of getting skin diseases such as athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot occurs when wet skin is restricted. Some parts of your skin like armpits, private parts, and feet are covered up all day with multiple layers and are restricted from getting air. Sleeping naked gives all of these areas a chance to breathe and hopefully will lead to healthier and fresher skin. Skin diseases are unsightly and can be embarrassing. If you can reduce your risk of getting a skin disease just by sleeping naked, wouldn’t you want to at least give it a try?

4 It helps regulate your cortisol levels

We mentioned earlier that cortisol levels can affect weight gain, but cortisol levels affect much more than that. High cortisol levels are linked to cravings for bad food, increased anxiety, weight gain, and other bad things. Your body is able to create better cortisol when you sleep naked because it helps your body stay at the appropriate temperature so cortisol can do its thing. If you sleep with clothes on, you’re more likely to be overheated and your cortisol will be too high, and it stays that way even after you wake up.

3 It keeps you young

Sleeping naked balances your growth hormone and melatonin, which helps prevent aging. You can help your body regulate these by keeping your sleeping environment at 70 degrees Fahrenheit every night, and that includes your body’s temperature. The only way you can keep your body temperature low is to sleep naked. Your body temperature rises when you sleep with clothes on, so your melatonin and growth hormones can’t be used effectively. These hormones need to be used effectively because they are necessary for good overall health, and they prevent aging.

2 Sleeping in the summer is easier

It is difficult to get good sleep in the summer when it’s so hot, but if you sleep naked, your chances of sleeping better increase greatly. If you don’t have air conditioning, sleeping in the summer is especially unbearable. However, if you take your clothes off to sleep, your body will stay that much cooler, and it won’t be as difficult to fall asleep. Even if you do have air conditioning you could sleep naked to keep from turning on the air conditioning on cooler nights, which just saves you money.

1 It save you money

Speaking of saving money, not only will you save money if you sleep naked in the summer and have to turn your air conditioning on less, you will also save money from not buying pajamas and other sleepwear. If you can avoid turning your air conditioning on a night because you’re sleeping naked, you will save a lot of money on your electric bill. Also, think about how much money you have spent on pajamas and nightgowns over the years. If you sleep naked, you’ll no longer have to waste money on sleepwear.

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