12 Reasons Your Significant Other Is Making You Fat

It’s swell to be in a relationship. You have someone to care about that cares for you, someone to talk to when you have a bad day, someone to enjoy dinner with so you're not alone. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Sure it is, but there’s a slight downfall when you have that special someone in your life: your increasing waistline. When you are in a relationship, the chances of you gaining weight are pretty high since your eating habits and physically activity changes drastically. So long to the days of waking up early for a spinning class or making a freshly tossed salad for dinner. When there’s the two of you to think about, your solo self gets lost in the dust. Don’t believe us? Sorry ladies, but it’s true. Here are 12 reasons your significant other is making you fat.

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12 You Let Yourself Go

Well, you snagged a great dude and now feel completely content. The good news is you don’t have to go to singles events anymore or on those horrible dates that leave you feeling better off alone. Great. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely let yourself go. When many of us get into a comfortable relationship, we tend to get too relaxed on our appearances, simply because we don’t feel like we need to care anymore. We scored the person we want to be with and they have seen us at our worst (if he stuck with you when you had the flu, he’s a keeper), so what’s the point? Well, don't you want to feel good about your appearance? We rest our case.

11 Don’t Have To Stress About Being Naked

Your partner has seen you naked plenty of times and seems to be pleased. Your naked flesh gets the job done after all. So what does that mean to you? Well, chances are you feel much better about being naked, even if you have put a few extra pounds on. The reason behind that is because you don’t have the stress of worrying about someone new seeing you in the nude. Remember that feeling? Wondering what they will think of you the first time you strip down? Now, you don’t have to worry so much about that since you know your partner likes what he sees, but do you?

10 You Skip Working Out

Remember those early morning Saturday barre classes you’d go to before you met your man? Remember how awesome you felt afterward? Hitting up the local juice bar, walking home in the warm weather, feeling that high of accomplishing something great? Well, now that you are with your significant other you’re finding those early mornings are spent wrapped in each others arms, which is great but can do a number on your motivation. Who wants to slip out from under the covers during snuggle time? Soon, you might find all of your free time you spent on getting in shape and being healthy is now devoted to being with him, snuggling.

9 Influences Your Eating Habits

Gone are the days when you’d stay in and cook that salmon with spinach dish you craved after a late night gym session. Nowadays, you and your man are ordering pizza or you’re making that meaty plate he’s been begging for. It’s funny how this happens, too. It starts off as one meal which you gladly give in because you work out all the time and eat healthy on a normal basis. But then you find you’re eating more and more of the hearty foods the guy likes making you feel bloated and heavy. But who wants to say anything? You enjoy this time together and would have to make it a thing. Well, your waistline thinks maybe you should.

8 Stay In More

When you guys first started dating it was all about hitting up the movies or the local art exhibit, but now it’s more about what’s on Netflix. And while you might prefer staying in with your man because it's so much more relaxing than getting dressed, this can cause some weight issues. Laying around every night, gorging on snacks can really be cause for concern for your health. Once in awhile it’s fine to veg out in front of the TV, but with relationships it’s hard to keep this type of behavior at a minimum, since it’s so damn comfortable. Don't feed into the temptation. Get up and move.

7 Your Partner Loves You For Who You Are

You’re one of the lucky ones who have found a great person that truly loves you for you. All your weird quirks are just amazing qualities that he loves, making you feel pretty good about yourself. And while this is great, it's not everything. When you have a person tell you how wonderful you are no matter what, you start to really slack. If he’s telling you how amazing you look even after the ten pounds you gained, you might feel a little better but what happens if things don’t work out with him? What if you have to go out and meet someone new? Would you feel confident in yourself? Or are you only feeling confident because you have someone telling you to?

6 You’re Happy

Being happy in a relationship is key. But sometimes when we are happy we overlook other things, like our overall health and diet. You’re too happy to possibly worry about eating right anymore. And working out? Who has the time when you are too busy hanging with your new squeeze. Spinning class doesn’t make you feel this good, so why would you pick that over being with your man? It’s funny what pure joy can do to a person. While it can be wonderful to be happy and in love, you can’t lose sight to everything else around you.

5 You Put His Needs Above Your Own

Putting your partner’s needs above your own is something almost every woman does when she's in a relationship. We are nurturers and want to please everyone around us, especially those we care about. However, it’s important to still remember we need to focus on ourselves, too. We only have one life to live, one body to care for, and one mind to grow. Isn’t it our right to put our needs ahead of those around us so we get the most out of life? Maybe you want to work out in the morning but don’t because your man is there with you. Maybe you want to eat a salad for dinner but don’t since your man wants a steak. Worry about you, then worry about him.

4 You Two Are Eating Late

Why do guys always have to eat so late? For whatever reason they love eating well past the cut off time, like say, 11pm. Who eats then? Well, since you are involved, you do. Back before you two met, you had a rule of not snacking past 8pm, but now you are having a full feast at 9pm. The snacks come much later, like when you used to be in bed, fast asleep. Eating so late can cause some serious issues with your sleep pattern and your metabolism. So while your man might not mind eating a pizza at 10pm on a Tuesday, you sure might, especially when it ruins your chances of fitting into those skinny jeans.

3 Too Full For The Deed

Do you ever eat so much with your guy that the two of you are too full to even think about having sex? It’s like the thought of getting undressed and rolling on top of each other is just too exhausting to contemplate. And really, how in the world can that be good for your relationship? It can't. Wouldn’t you rather have hot, passionate sex than a plate of saucy spaghetti? Next time your guy wants to have you pile on the pasta on both your plate and his, remind him of how sex got interrupted last time and you're not going to do that again.

2 Date Night Consists Too Much Of Eating

You love date night with your guy, but nowadays it seems like it always has something to do with food. Whether you’re at the movies devouring an extra large bucket of buttery popcorn or you’re out trying a new restaurant known for its shrimp fried dumplings, your date night has resulted in a whole lot of eating. Instead of only sticking to piling in the food when you two are together, opt to try something else like taking a hike or going sailing. Bike rides together make for an awesome way to bond without stuffing your face with food and booze, and can help get you both back into killer physical shape.

1 You’re Drinking More

Sure, you were having cocktails with the gals before you met this guy, but that was different. After drinks, you’d dance off the unwanted sugary calories with your gals and presto! You're drunk and working out. But now that you are home eating a heavy meal with your man, there’s no dancing involved. There’s not a lot of physical activity at all. The only heavy lifting happening here is you putting the fork to your mouth in-between your glass. Drinking more can easily pack on the pounds and leave you with a bad hangover the next morning - and quite possibly too drunk to get some in the bedroom the night before.

sources: elitedaily.com

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