12 Reasons Your Friends Call You The "Mom" Of The Group

Every group has one. The "mom." This is the friend that is the mature one, the one who is always there to help others, the one who makes sure her girls don’t make complete fools of themselves. You know the one. She can be overbearing like your own mother, but you can’t help but love her. Not only is she always there to lean on, but she always comes prepared for anything - like with a bottle of Tylenol when she knows you’d have too much to drink the night before. Aww, mom! Want to see if you’re the official mom of your group? Here are 12 signs to look out for.

12 You Make Sure Your Friends Eat

You know the importance of food, as it feeds the soul. So you are constantly making sure that your girls are eating - and eating properly. While you don’t mind them having the occasional fast food item (Taco Bell has to be better than Burger King, right?), you’d prefer that they eat healthier, which is why you’re always down to cook for them.

11 Always There To Cheer Up Your Friend

When your friend has had a bad day, you are right there to cheer her up. No matter what you are doing at the time, you push your own stuff to the side and go to her. You bring her a movie she loves to watch or something sweet to help make her feel better. Whatever it is that you do, it always works because your friend usually ends up with a smile on her face.

10 Make Your Friends Text You When They Get Home

You know your friend has been out with some new guy and tell her she needs to text you the minute she gets home to ensure you she is safe. Sure, you might seem overbearing but you can’t help it. You care so much about your friends and always want to make sure they are okay. And if you don’t hear from her? She can expect a few follow-up texts, calls, and even a FaceTime chat.

9 You’re Usually The Sober One

When you go out with your friends, you are normally the one who drives because you are the sober one. While your friends go all out and binge the night away, you prefer to sip your diet soda and watch them to make sure they don’t do anything they’ll regret. You’re not a fan of feeling out of control either, so the whole not drinking thing doesn’t really seem to bother you.

8 Your Friends Love That You’re In Charge

Even though your friends can get annoyed with you for always taking charge, they end up praising you for it saying things like: “I wish I could be more like you” or “if it weren’t for you, I’d never make it to 30.” And these little notions only helps give you more authority which allows you to do your job even better with your girls.

7 Your Handbag Has A First-Aid Kit

People can make fun of you all they want, but your first-aid kit found in your handbag has come in handy plenty of times. It got your friends out of plenty of jams like when one skinned her knee when she fell down drunk, or when a friend cut her finger slicing fruit during brunch. And all of your friends know that if something happens and they need (minor) medical attention, you are the one to call.

6 You’re Always Prepared

Of course, you are always prepared. You are carrying around a first-aid kit in her purse after all. But that’s not all. You always carry Advil, Midol, and an extra cardigan just in case one of your friends gets chilled when you’re out. You are always thinking three steps ahead so you can stay on top of just about everything.

5 Always Stop Your Friends From Doing Something Stupid

You’re the one who shakes her head “no” when your friend starts talking to a loser at the bar. It’s your mom-like duty to ensure your friends don’t do something they might regret later on, and you take this role very seriously. While your friends might tell you to stop being a buzzkill at the time, they end up texting you the next day, thanking you for not allowing them to do anything too stupid.

4 Constantly Telling Your Friends “To Be Safe”

It’s essential to you that your friends know you want them to be safe. You are constantly telling them to do just that when they go out without you. And when you are really worried, you’re eager to tell them you’ll pick them up or call an uber for them. Whatever you can do to make your friends have a safe time out you’ll do it.

3 You Are Always Yelling At Your Friends To Use Sunscreen

It kills you to see your friends out in the sun without wearing SPF. So much, in fact, you are practically chasing them with the sunscreen bottle. You’d hate to see anything bad happen to their beautiful skin and just want them to be safe when they are exposing it to the harmful sun rays.

2 Holding Someone’s Hair Back Is Your Favorite Past Time

No matter where you are, you usually end up holding someone’s hair back. Whether it be at a party your friends threw or a company get together with your coworker, chances are you’re left in the bathroom with someone whose hair needs holding. And you’re totally ok with it. You wouldn’t want to have anyone be alone during this time, and who wants to walk around with vomit in their hair?

1 People Come To You For Everything

No matter what it is, your friends are always coming for something. If they need an allergy pill, they come to you. If they need a shoulder to cry on, it’s yours. You are the one person that they come to when they have a problem or a concern because they know you will provide exactly what they need: results.

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