12 Reasons Why Your Pillow Is Ruining Your Hair And Skin

After a long day of work, pilates, dinner date with the girls, you’re ready to rest your head on the pillow and get some shut eye. But before you slip off into a blissful sleep into dreamland, wait and take a good look at your pillow. While your pillow is the gateway to getting some much needed shut eye, it can also cause damage to your skin and hair. We know, that’s seriously the worst news ever. You thought you two were tight but now your pillow is stabbing you in the back like your best friend did when she stole your boyfriend. But this time, you have one up on the old chum. We have supplied you with the top 12 reasons how your pillowcase is doing you harm so you can see the problem and nip it in the bud right away.

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12 Your Pillowcase Is Dirty

You’re probably thinking: dirty? Why would my pillowcase be dirty? It’s just me that sleeps on it and I’m clean. Well, if you aren’t avid about changing your pillowcases once or twice a week, chances are they might be dirtier than you think. Those cotton pillowcases can soak up a lot of dirt and oil from your skin (especially when you sweat during the night) and can then clog your pores - especially if you aren’t changing them on a regular basis. To make things a little easier, sleep on one side one night then the other on the next night. If you have another pillow, do the same with that one so you aren’t always changing your pillowcases on a nightly basis.

11 Dirty Pillows Cause Breakouts On Back and Shoulders 

If you’re sleeping on a dirty pillowcase, you may end up seeing breakouts in more places that just your face. Your pillowcase can also cause issues for the skin on your back and shoulders as well. The dirt and oil accumulated from your dirty pillowcase can transfer on the skin closest to where the fabric is, which if you’re a restless sleeper can be around your neck, shoulders, back,and even arms. So, all those beauty products you use to keep your skin flawless won’t be able to work their magic because your dirty pillowcase is overpowering them with its nasty grime.

10 Smothering Your Hair

Ever wake up with a really bad case of bed head? Of course you do. We all do. And that’s because you are using the wrong pillowcase. An average cotton pillowcase you buy at your favorite inexpensive linens store might be nice on your wallet but it doesn’t necessarily do anything for your hair - except for making it kind of a mess. While sexy bed head can be cool after a night of steamy passion, it’s not so cool when you’re waking up late and in a hurry to get to work. Instead of sticking with your standby cotton pillowcases, upgrade to either silk or satin to allow your hair to slide around more easily when you’re asleep and giving you gorgeous smooth hair when you wake up.

9 Causing Wrinkles

You use all those expensive creams and oils to help prevent wrinkles, but yet don’t give much thought about what you’re actually sleeping on. Not a good move. While those anti-aging creams are great, they are nothing if not used with a proper pillowcase. Those same cotton pillowcases that cause serious bed head will actually cause wrinkles overtime. Why? The rough fabric can tug at your skin and make it crease which then causes those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Yikes! Do yourself a favor and toss those cotton pillowcases out and opt for something smoother like satin, that is easier on your skin and won’t crease your face.

8 Making Your Hair Break

Do you find that when you wake up your pillowcase is covered in loose strands? If so, your hair might be breaking throughout the night and your pillowcase might be the one to blame. A rough cotton pillowcase not only causes lines and wrinkles, but it can cause hair breakage, leaving your locks damaged and thin. Sounds awful, right? You want that like you want a crease on your forehead. But you can do something about it. Use that same satin pillowcase you bought that helps prevent wrinkles to help prevent hair damage. Your hair will be able to move more easily and won’t break off from any rough fabric.

7 Soaking Up Oils From Hair

So you might know that the oil from your face can easily transfer to your pillowcase (re-read # 1 for reference) but did you know that the oils from your hair can seep into the fabric too? Your pillowcase can suck up all of your hair’s oils and then leave that fabric grimy, which can cause breakouts on your face. Who wants to wake up to a big zit? Not you. So instead of letting your hair run wild when you sleep, try pulling it back in a loose pony tail or a braid to keep it out of your face and the oils off of your pillow.

6 Removing Moisture From Skin

A regular cotton pillowcase can actually suck up the moisture in your skin and in return leave your skin incredibly dry when you wake up. Overtime, this annoying dryness routine can make your skin age faster by causing more lines and wrinkles. Avoid having this happen to your skin by trying a silk pillowcase. This type of fabric has amino acids that are similar to those found in a really solid moisturizer, so it will help keep your skin soft throughout the night. This way, you’ll wake up with gorgeous, flawless skin that looks youthful.

5 Using A Detergent That Can Irritate Skin

You may love those detergents with the intoxicating scents that smell like fresh flowers on a warm spring day, but they can be irritating your skin. Especially if your pillowcase is doused in them. Sure, it smells fantastic and puts you in a cozy mood while you prepare for some shut eye, but what about your skin? Does it seem as happy? If you’ve been noticing any red bumps or itching on your face, neck, shoulders, or back, the detergent you use for your pillowcases might be the culprit. Try a cleaner that isn’t scented and one that is hypo-allergenic to ease the irritation.

4 You’re Sleeping On Your Face

Sometimes it feels amazing to sleep on your belly - like during that time of the month and those cramps are the worst. But if you are belly-side down and your face is smothered in your pillowcase, chances are your skin is going to take a beating. Smashing your face into your pillowcase can make the skin fold and help the collagen breakdown. This will then allow your skin to lose its elasticity and have it be more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Even sleeping on your side can cause this because you are resting your cheek on the pillow. Stick to sleeping on your back to keep your face away from the pillowcase.

3 Going To Bed With Wet Hair

While drying your hair can be such a pain - especially late at night - you really shouldn't skimp out on it before bed. Between that wet hair of yours and the rough cotton fabric of your pillowcase, there can be cause for a lot of friction happening during the night - and not the good kind. The end result? A head full of flyaway frizz. Not cute. So after your late night shower, try drying your hair at least a little so it’s not soaking wet. Or tie your locks in a braid to keep them secure in one spot and minimize the friction between the sheets.

2 Causing Your Hair To Dry Out

Not only can cotton pillowcases make your hair a royal mess in the morning, cause breakage, and source some serious frizziness, but this fabric can also make your hair very dry. The cotton can zap the moisture from your hair like it does from your skin, which can make your hair look and feel parched - and none of those hot oil treatments or leave in conditioners can help. But there is one thing that can: silk pillowcases. This type of fabric locks in moisture for not only your face, but your hair too, leaving both feeling amazing come the morning.

1 You’re Not Washing Your Face At Night

We know that some nights you are just too tired to wash your face. Just thinking about whipping out the cleanser and Clarisonic makes you yawn. But, it’s important to do it no matter how exhausted you are. Cleaning your face is not only essential for your skin but for your pillowcase. When you go to bed without washing your face, you are bringing all that dirt and grime you’ve accumulated throughout the day in bed with you. And it will really seep in after sleeping in it all night. So bite the bullet and wash your face. Your skin will thank you in the morning.

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