12 Reasons Why You Should Give Pole Class A Try

If you're like most people, hearing the words "pole classes" conjures up images of sexy women romancing the pole and removing a piece of clothing one at a time. While it's definitely sexy, most women steer clear of pole classes for fear of being called names. And their fears are real: a lot of acquaintances would definitely raise their eyebrows once they find out that they're doing pole classes.

But the real question is, is it worth all those raised eyebrows? Definitely. Pole classes have so many holistic health benefits that make it too hard to pass up. Plus, it is quickly gaining popularity as a legitimate workout and even a competitive event, so it won't be long before its shady connotation will become a thing of the past.

If you're still on the fence regarding the merits of pole classes, let me further convince you. Here are 12 reasons why you should, at least, give pole class a try.

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12 It's Seductive

Like it or not, the stereotype of pole dancing being risqué and taboo won't go away that easily. But that is precisely part of the appeal. You get to play a sexy siren for some time, complete with skimpy clothes and six-inch stilettos. You get to do sexy moves like head and hip rolls, fireman spins, back hook spins, and body waves.

Aside from making you feel sexy, these moves also give you visible results—toned abs, strong legs, lean arms. Pole dancing also teaches you how to move with absolute grace and appeal.

Really, I've never heard of any man complain about their woman busting a sexy move or two on the pole.

11 It Gives You A Full-Body Workout

If you want to combine strength training, endurance, and flexibility exercises in one intense workout, look no further than pole dancing. In fact, fitness trainers say that pole dancing is a combination of yoga, Pilates, TRX, and Physique 57. Add your high heels to that and you have a sexy, complete body workout.

Since climbing the pole is much harder than doing monotonous biceps curls, you can be sure that you'll exert more effort in your pole dancing classes than you ever did in the gym. You'll discover and strengthen muscles that you never knew you had before, resulting in a toned and sexy body.

And don’t worry, pole dancing won't give you a bodybuilder's body.

10 It Burns Calories Quickly

We all know that if you want to burn calories, you have to devote more time for cardio. But if you're bored with your usual treadmills and stationary bikes, why not spice up your routine with a bit of pole dancing?

Since you're constantly moving in pole dancing, it has no problem activating all the muscles in your entire body, thus making it an excellent cardiovascular and isometric exercise. In fact, a 30-minute pole dancing session can burn as many calories as an aerobics and calisthenics session of the same length, leading to significant weight loss in the long run.

9 It's A Great Stress Reliever

The benefits of pole dancing are not limited to your physical health. It also helps your psychological and emotional health by battling stress.

Stressed people usually experience a buildup of adrenaline, making them easily annoyed, anxious, and depressed. Pole dancing gives these people a chance to blow off all those adrenaline in one intense session, thus preventing adrenaline buildup. This also avoids stress-related symptoms like back pain, stiff neck, and muscle soreness.

Like other exercises, pole dancing also causes the body to produce endorphins, the feel-good hormone associated with feelings of happiness and euphoria. Needless to say, you'll feel happier and calmer after just one pole dancing session.

8 It Strengthens Your Joints And Bones

Women are more at risk of developing osteoporosis and other bone problems later on in life than men, so aside from drinking your milk, you need to strengthen your bones and joints. Pole dancing is one exercise that can help you do just that since its low-impact moves do not put any stress on your joints, unlike exercises like running and skipping rope. You get to increase joint mobility, as well as develop strong bones and connective tissues.

Since pole dancing requires you to grip the pole most of the time, it can also strengthen your hand muscles and avoid hand strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

7 It Enhances Circulation

Any moderate to intense aerobic exercise can get your blood flowing, and pole dancing is no exception. Aerobic exercises raise your heart rate by increasing the volume of blood that moves rapidly through the blood vessels in your body, hence boosting circulation. Since pole dancing engages all your muscles at some point, your body delivers more oxygen to these areas by enhancing blood circulation, engaging your muscles and delivering you the results you want.

It's really helpful for people with a sedentary lifestyle who spend hours of their day sitting in chairs, as pole dancing lessens the risk of developing heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

6 It Improves Your Balance

As you progress in pole dancing, you get to perform more complex routines that increase your brain's kinesthetic awareness—the ability to calculate where your body is located in relation to other objects surrounding you. That means that if you bump into stuff constantly, the complex moves in pole dancing will help decrease those instances and make you less susceptible to bruises and other injuries.

Pole dancing also helps improve your sense of balance, so if you're prone to tripping, slipping, and falling every now and then, this is the exercise for you.

So that pole backflip you've been working on? Totally worth it.

5 It Strengthens Your Birthing Muscles

Not everyone knows this, but if you're planning to have a baby someday, pole dancing can actually make your pregnancy and delivery easier. Since the moves in pole dancing target the back and abdominal muscles, it increases core strength and minimizes back pain during pregnancy. It also makes childbirth smoother and less painful. Some women even continue pole dancing even during pregnancy, but this depends on your fitness level and the advice of your obstetrician.

Pole dancing also makes post-partum recovery easier because the more conditioned your body is during pregnancy, the easier the recovery. It can also help you lose all that excess pregnancy weight, too.

4 It Helps You Sleep Better And Easier

If you're one of those people who have trouble falling or sustaining sleep, then you have to give pole dancing a try. If you practice pole dancing regularly, it will help you achieve better sleep because exercise taxes the body and increases body heat, thereby causing a drop in temperature post-exercise that makes you fall asleep faster. Combine that with stretching exercises and you'll fall into a relaxed sleep as soon as you hit your bed.

Better sleep, in turn, promotes muscle development, this making all your efforts in pole dancing pay off. It's a two-way street: pole dancing helps you sleep, and sleep helps you achieve that toned body you've been working so hard for.

3 It Builds Self-Confidence

It's not easy in the beginning, but if you persist, you'll learn and develop some serious skills that will boost your confidence. Pole dancing is a constant learning experience and you'll be amazed by how much you improve every day. You can finally say, "Hey, I can do that!" whenever you see someone doing a complicated move that you never imagined you could do just weeks ago.

But aside from giving you a more confident state of mind, pole dancing will also make you look more physically confident. You'll be able to stand tall with amazing posture and move with grace and nimbleness, thanks to your pole dancing training.

2 It's Super Fun

Pole dancing may be increasing in popularity, but it still is an exclusive club. Hence, it is normal for women who do pole dancing to bond together and create lasting friendships. No one is catty and judgmental so you get to have a lot of fun trying new moves without the fear of being laughed at derisively.

Also, if you're tired of your boring routines and repetitive gym classes, then pole dancing will add a bit of spice to your monotonous activities. Regardless of whether you combine it with other exercises or make it your sole source of fitness, pole dancing will never bore you.

1 It's Fulfilling To Complete A Challenging Exercise Like This

Forget about dumbbells and weight machines—pole dancing makes you use your body weight for strength and resistance training. It might look sexy, but it's harder than it looks. In fact, "easy" is not a word that is used to describe pole dancing.

Since pole dancing is a very challenging bodyweight exercise, you would feel like you have accomplished something great at the end of a session. It makes you feel stronger, enabling you to bust a new move after every class. It also gives you a fulfilling sense of achievement because it's not every day that you get to carry your whole body up a pole. It's a real confidence-building craft.

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