12 Reasons Why Rihanna Is Actually A Good Girl

Born in Barbados, in 1988 and raised with a Caribbean vibe, Rihanna is one of the most popular and successful female singers of all time. Even if she doesn’t seem to care that much about all the titles she has won, the numbers of her career are simply astounding. In fact, while she has sold more than 200 million records worldwide and is the youngest, fastest singer to have 14 of her records on the Billboard Hot 100, Riri still finds time to engage with her fans. After 8 Grammys, 8 American Music Awards, 2 BRIT Awards, and 23 Billboard Music Awards (plus others), she still seems super grounded. But despite her mistakes and her naturally flawed personal life, we really don’t believe Riri is a bad girl. We have the proof, too. Here are 12 reasons that the star is actually a good girl.

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12 She’s Funny

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From her 2007 single when she offered shelter under her umbrella-ella-ella, Rihanna has publicly demonstrated she’s not your average superstar. She’s stunning but unpredictable, and you love or hate her because of the relationship she has with the rest of the world. Riri was born and raised in Barbados, and after surviving domestic violence, she seems to believe that life should be lived honestly and with no filters. So you’ll find her responding to harsh critics on Twitter and talking to her fans while also looking fabulous!

11 She’s For #Womensupportwomen

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You probably know all too well what it’s like to experience female rivalry. You do your best to look good in that dress and suddenly your so-called BFF insults your butt. While too many women keep up this childish attitude for way too long, Riri seems to have embraced the millennial philosophy where women support women. Rihanna is always ready to collaborate with her female colleagues and even express her admiration for them. We think this kind of behavior is precious, and hopefully the singer will inspire her female fans to be more supportive of each other.

10 She Faces The Truth

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When news broke about Rihanna being abused by Chris Brown, the singer was an example of both fragility and strength. From that moment on, she doesn't try to look flawless or hide anything about her life. She said once in an interview that if you start lying then you lie to yourself, too, and once the truth comes out, you can't trust yourself anymore and no one can trust you, either. From this perspective, living honestly means learning from your mistakes so you can avoid them.

9 She’s Vulnerable Like Us

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While some of her songs make her look like a bad girl, Rihanna is pretty vulnerable, despite seeming aggressive, defensive, and even rude on social media. Sure, you’re not going to see this side of her very often, because it’s not a major part of who she is, and she doesn’t like showing it. But, as she told Kanye West in an interview, she cries and gets emotional just like everyone else sometimes.

8 She Loves Fashion

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Singers, just like Hollywood stars, have always been fashion-conscious, because when they wear something, they basically launch new styles and make common people dream. When it comes to Riri, the equation doesn’t change, except for the fact that she basically looks perfect no matter what she puts on. She often changes styles and that's definitely not for everyone. She's definitely got a fresh, eclectic appearance, and she's even the first black woman to represent the Dior brand. She's also been recognized by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and received the Fashion Icon Lifetime Achievement award in 2014.

7 She Loves Where She Comes From

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Superstars often seem totally detached from reality and you can't figure out where they're really coming from. But that's not the case for Rihanna because she loves where she comes from and doesn't think twice about visiting Barbados and participating in their social life and celebrations. She loves her land, traditions, her family, and the people who have supported her since way before she was famous. She still takes care of her family and even bought a new house for her mom. We love that she's still a grounded and down-to-earth girl!

6 She’s A Role Model In Her Own Way

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We've probably thought that because of Rihanna's sexy appearance and dirty talk that we've heard from her, she can't possibly be a good example for younger girls. But we think she inspires girls and younger women to be the only person they can possibly be -- aka, themselves. She often says this to her female fans and hopes to inspire them. The message is love yourself and you won’t need to be anybody else.

5 She’s Helpful

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Rihanna is the Barbados Ambassador for youth and culture, and when she says you should love yourself, she doesn’t mean you should be selfish. Being grounded and loving yourself are probably the two main ingredients to jump on the path of happiness, but being helpful is a real way to love yourself without being selfish at all. According to the people around her, Riri is supportive and always willing to help ordinary people. Yet another reason to adore her.

4 She’s Into Charity

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Rihanna founded a charity called Believe Foundation to help terminal children. She explained in an interview that when she was kid and saw other kids suffering on TV, she was touched and wanted to do something when she got older. She also helps raise money for less fortunate people besides her own charity.

3 She’s Unapologetic

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She may always seem spontaneous and true to herself, but she's also super professional. She's always in the gossip mags and the media for her life and also her Chris Brown scandal, but every time she demonstrates that she knows how to handle herself with grace. She doesn't feel the need to justify or conceal her mistakes. That's a hundred times better than being super controlling and needing to always seem perfect.

2 She Has A Relationship With Her Fans

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Having a true relationship with her fans is basically what gave Rihanna the ultimate pop star status that she's enjoyed for several years now. Her followers, the Rihanna Navy, know that when she’s posting a picture they’re not seeing something curated by a social media manager. They know it’s her, and they’re loyal to her, as she’s also the kind of girl who responds to comments and engages with her followers.

1 She Loves Surprises

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If there's one quality that we can use to define the singer, it's that she's surprising. She changes her look every time she makes a new video, from ghetto gal to Hollywood diva, and has basically been surprising us since the day she first became popular. She's surprising because she's super honest, beautiful even without makeup, engages with her fans, and doesn't care what people say or think about her. She even surprised a waiter at a Hollywood club and asked him what his biggest tip was. When he said it was $100, she gave him $200 because she wanted to be his biggest tipper ever. Sure, the amount of cash was surprising, but we were also shocked by her motivation in that scenario.

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