12 Reasons To 'Go For It' With Your New Guy

The dating pool can be an overwhelming process – we get it. No one likes rejection. And committing to one person also means you're saying no to other new possibilities that might come along … or ones you might have been stringing along for the last few weeks. But in dating, nothing is permanent, and taking risks can allow you to open yourself up for an entire slew of new opportunities. Like falling in love, having a good time, or finding "the one." Whether or not you have a dating goal or are just looking to transpire and see what comes next, you have plenty of open options when taking on a new relationship. The biggest step, however, is deciding whether or not to "go for it" in the beginning. It's time to put those fears or doubts aside, and jump all-in (even if you "jump" slowly). You never know what could be waiting for you on the other side.

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12 You're Into Each Other

Unless you're "that girl" who talks to every guy just to talk (or to have attention, in which case, shame on you!), chances are you're talking to the guy because you like him. He likes you, he gives you butterflies, you know the whole sha-bang. So why not take a chance and see what is there? You obviously have chemistry. Take things a step further and see what type of relationship develops when you decide to commit – in whatever way is agreeable – to one another. You might just be delighted by the what comes to be.

11 You'll Have A Companion

Sometimes it's nice to truly connect with someone on a deeper level. This is true of a best friend, a relative, and yes, that someone special. But when girlfriends just aren't cutting it anymore, why not consider doing the same, albeit differently, with the new man in your life? It's a step that can lead to a truly deep friendship, a deeper level of connectivity. When you're playing the field you're constantly remembering who has what career, what their interests are, etc. But when you only have one guy to focus on, you know exactly what they like, and are able to get to know just them more than ever.

10 Why Not?

Seriously, what's holding you back? Do you not like them? Then break it off completely. Are you unsure? What better way to find out? Are you scared? The best way to get over our fears is by conquering them. List out all the reasons that are holding you back, then determine whether or not it's a "real" reason for not moving forward. This will not only help get rid of your weaknesses (and therefore push you forward), it can be seriously empowering. Embrace your woman-hood – yeah, this is that type of post – and move forward. It will feel so great, you'll be sad you ever hesitated.

9 You Might Get What You Always Wanted

Sometimes our biggest desires – even getting them – are what holds us back in life. The fear of finally getting what we've always wanted, and what we truly deserve. Stop with the negativity already. Don't tell yourself you can't have it or that you don't deserve it, and start saying yes already. That doesn't mean you have to open yourself up to all areas of life that you aren't comfortable with, but it does mean it's an opportunity to try something new. So try something new already. It might just be the move that lets you have what you've always wanted.

8 He's Given You A Sign

Is he flirty? Has he dropped hints about going exclusive? If so it might be the time to show him you're in the market for a relationship. Or, if you prefer for the guy to make the first move – or rather, the next move – show him an equal sign that you're ready to move things forward. However, if you're unsure if he's giving you a sign, it might be equal time to leave a hint and see if he picks up. While we can agree that, almost universally, men aren't great at picking up on signs, it won't hurt to try. Even if he bows out you'll know he wasn't in it sooner rather than later.

7 You're Ready For Something New

If you only try the same methods you'll only get the same results, right? That's exactly why it's time to try something different … in order to get a different result. Maybe you're tired of the current dating scene, or you're tired of blowing guys off, or them blowing you off – whatever the scenario, you're looking to mix things up a little bit. Branch out with your new guy who's on the line and see where it leads. It's a great opportunity for a new experience, and one that might offer some pretty immediate results.

6 It's Nice To Have A Date

Seriously. Sometimes we just want a surefire +1 to bring along to our activities. When you're invited to a work party, a night out with couples, a dress-up event, etc, you know you've got a date and vice versa. Is this the most romantic of reasons for venturing into a relationship? No, not exactly. But it is a positive of dating your new guy. And if you're making a thorough list, this is certainly a plus that you can count on when deciding which way to go. Besides, it's the truth. Hunting down a date for every event can be seriously exhausting.

5 A Girl's Gotta Eat, Right?

Whether or not the guy pays, it's nice to have a date night or two every once in a while. Where you can try new restaurants, sample new foods, have a fun excuse to get dressed up and go out for the evening. Who doesn't want that? When it's with a guy who you're excited about, however, the even becomes even better. A whole slew of date nights, schedule time for fun, and trying something different – all with someone who you've grown to know and like … maybe even love. And if that doesn’t do it for you, remember you've still got to eat.

4 All Your Friends Have Guys

We've all been in the situation where there were more couples than there were singles. Maybe you were the only single person in the group. No matter what, it's not exactly fun to be the odd man out. So, if you're dealing with a bunch of girls who are all attached to men in their lives, consider joining the club. It'll give you a stronger connection with your friends, give you something to talk about, and in the meantime, you can decide just how serious you are about this new guy you've brought into their lives … with the opinions of your very best friends to help you figure it out.

3 You've Been Putting It Off Too Long

Have you been getting grief about not calling yourself boyfriend and girlfriend? Is everyone else giving you the whole "where is this going?" conversation? Even if you and new guy aren't bringing it up yourselves? That might be an indication you've been putting off dating for far too long, and will need to make a decision as to whether or not this thing is official … or it's time to say goodbye to each other once and for all. Often times making the hard decision is better than not making one at all.

2 You Need A Social Life

Even if you and your new guy decide to take it slow, a new relationship can be the perfect way to get you out of a social slump. It's a great way to be involved with others, to meet new people, and really, to learn how to better communicate with someone else. Especially of the opposite sex. Not that you want to look at a new relationship as a way to get practice, sometimes it's just time to go for it and figure things out along the way. It will come with ongoing perks that you weren't always expecting, and that's perfectly ok. :)

1 It's Time To Move Forward

No matter what has taken place in your past, onwards and upwards is the only way to go. Drop that ex, forget the guy who never called you back, and focus on the new eligible bachelor that's right there in front of you. He might be something special, right? So why not take the time to find out? Worst case scenario, he's just the next one to move past on your way to a man who's even better than all the rest. But you'll never know unless you take the time to give him a shot.

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