12 Reasons 2016 Is Selena Gomez's Year

Since the end of 2015, when Selena Gomez had a cameo in The Big Short and released her latest album Revival, we've witnessed the rapid ascension of the young singer to stardom. Recently, we've seen the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus fight for the top pop star spot, but now it's the time of good girls. If 2015 was the year of Taylor Swift, then here are 12 reasons that 2016 will definitely be the year of Selena Gomez.

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12 She Owns Instagram

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After being officially declared the most followed person on Instagram with a whopping 69.4 million followers at the beginning of March, Selena is now at more than 72 million followers. Taylor is a step behind her with her 71 million instafans. But the greatest part of the story? Selena's reaction. She gave her fans a super positive message, saying that "It's how you use your platform. Not how big it is." A big yay for Selena!

11 Her Music Rocks

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Her latest album Revival is rocking the charts and is her second number one album in a row, according to Billboard. Her first album to top the charts was 2013's Stars Dance. But it’s not finished yet! The sales numbers are definite proof of Selena's 2016 rise to fame. In fact Revival sold more than 117,000 copies in only its first week!

10 She’s A Hollywood Star

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Selena Gomez is officially becoming an actress after doing voice work for last October's Hotel Transylvania 2. But her acting is evolving in 2016 as she and her career are growing and becoming much more mature. Her cameo in The Big Short, a serious drama about the financial crisis of 2008, made that clear. This year, we'll see her in Neighbors 2 with Zac Efron, in The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving, and in Dubious Battle, where she’ll be directed by James Franco. Yup, she's definitely come a long way from her adorable days on the sweet show Wizards Of Waverly Place.

9 She’s Ready To Run The World

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When you read all the accomplishments of a girl like Selena Gomez, you can’t help but wonder where she finds the time. This year, the Hands To Myself singer will seriously have to learn some time management since her Revival World Tour is about to start. She's already got a super demanding schedule thanks to her social media updates, releasing new singles, acting on TV, and promoting the heck out of her music.

8 She's Super Honest

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We all know how cruel gossip can be, and sometimes it’s liberating to see celebrities like Selena Gomez reveal something personal that makes you realize they're much more human than you sometimes think. It's liberating for us common people because we don't feel so alone in our average lives and world. But it's also pretty liberating for the stars since critics tend to stop when a celeb reveals a so-called weakness. That's definitely the case for Selena: in 2014, she revealed she's been suffering from lupus and went through chemo (while the tabloids thought she was in rehab). Selena is becoming even more popular since she is honest and has such a grounded attitude.

7 She’s BFFs With Taylor Swift

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You saw the two pop stars shower love on each other at the latest Grammy award show, but did you know they've been best friends for the past eight years? They pretty much grew up together since they're always encouraging each other and having private parties where they jam to their unreleased songs. TayLena achieved ultimate BFF status in 2008 after dating Joe and Nick Jonas. Once they ditched the bros, they lived happily ever after. They're now basically sisters and who knows if one day the two won't become family? There are rumors about Selena dating Tay’s brother … but we’re not gossiping here!

6 She Might Be A Very Special Maid Of Honor

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To continue the BFF gossip, the latest news goes that Taylor plans to tie-the-knot with her boyfriend Calvin Harris and Selena will be the maid of honor. Nothing is official yet but OK! Magazine relieved the details on March 28th. The magazine says Selena and Calvin Harris's brother would both be a special part of the ceremony. Selena is supposedly the perfect match for Calvin's best man, Edward. But maybe the gossip pros forgot Selena has been spotted cuddling with Taylor's brother? Long gone are the days when Justin Bieber was all the rage with Selena... Or maybe not?

5 The Biebs Still Loves Her

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It seems Justin Bieber has never paid so much attention to Selena since he changed his hairstyle. Could it be because he knows 2016 is the year of Selena and he’s trying to get his “success fee” from her? Or maybe his friend Kanye gave him advice on what true love looks like? One thing is for sure, lately Justin is all over the tabloids since he's getting super nostalgia about his long lost love, Selena. The curious thing? Selena keeps answering him on social media. Are they fuelling the rumors and totally fooling us?

4 She’s Worth A Ton

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If 2016 is the year of Selena, that also seems to be true of her growing bank account. MoneyNation estimated that her best year, 2015, got her $45 million, based on all her contracts on TV, music sales, tour, endorsements, and investments. Her most recent contract with Pantene, signed in the summer of 2015, reportedly brought her $3 million. Whoa. She's also prompted brands such as O.P.I., Apple, and Beatd by Dre. Look, Selena is still so young, and she’s broke (totally joking) if we compare her net worth with the $372 million of Queen Bey. But this is her year and we bet she’s going to double her income very soon!

3 She’s Super Stylish

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Selena has always been a gem with her bonbon face and girly style, but now she's killing it on the red carpet too. While the singer rocked the best dressed charts at this year's Grammys, Oscars, and Kids' Choice Awards, her street style also is the best. Since she’s working with famous stylist Kate Young, she looks cool at every appearance... even when she’s spotted in leggings. She’s definitely trendsetting, and 2016 is undoubtedly her year.

2 Kids Love Her

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Selena's fans are getting major satisfaction this year, and they know how to tell her loud and clear! The sweetest proof came last week from a twelve-year-old British fan who was lucky enough to talk to her on a BBC radio interview. He told her she was the girl of his dreams by asking, "Is your name Google? Because you've got everything I'm searching for." What an impressive way to say someone is special. And that’s another point on Selena’s 2016 score card!

1 She’s Already In The Studio

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While Selena’s new album is only six months old, and the Revival Tour is about to start, the ascending singer is already in the studio. If you follow Selena on Instagram, you probably noticed her March 29th video from the studio. She was with a team of producers revealing some R&B beats and captioned the video with a promise of new stuff. Selena is seemingly doing her biggest step towards definitive stardom this year, and we surely won’t miss it.

sources: usatoday.combustle.com, hollywoodlife.com

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