15 Quick Hairstyles For Curly Haired Girls

Curly hair can be amazing. It’s wild, it’s sexy, and it’s fun to play with - who doesn’t like looping a finger around a springy curl? But sometimes curly hair can be hard to manage, like when it’s too frizzy thanks to the summertime humidity, or when bed head completely takes over and there’s nothing that can be done to fix it. These are the days when you look for some ideas on how to make your curly hair look its best without taking up a lot of time achieving. We know you are a busy girl who is always on-the-go and need hairstyles that can be done like yesterday. While we might not have options that are that fast, we do have some pretty sufficient ones that won’t take hardly any time out of your packed day. Whether you are in need for an easy look in the early morning before work, or you need a sexy style right before a date, we have you covered. Here are 15 quick and easy hairstyles for curly haired girls you’ll want to try right now.

15 Side Braid

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Nothing says sassy and chic quite like a side braid. And curly haired girls have a one up on those straight locks. Curly hair already has the bounce and texture that make for an easy updo that actually stays in its place, unlike straight hair that lacks that volume. So when you put your curly hair up, you instantly have the look all girls strive for without really doing much to get. A side braid is perfect because it looks like you fussed with you hair but you didn’t. And there are so many awesome braids to do, you can have your pick on what works best for your hair and your current style. A fishtail is always sexy but a regular messy braid can really do the trick as well. Just keep the braid loose so it looks sultry and matches your low-key kind of vibe.

14 High Pony

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Want an instant way to get your unruly curly hair off your face? Well, that’s easy. Just put it up in a high ponytail and you’re good to go. A high pony makes for a great way to get the hair completely out of your face - which is ideal during the hot and sticky months of summer when you don’t want your hair stuck to your skin. And since you have curly hair, it doesn’t matter what length your hair is. If you have long hair, a high pony totally rocks, but if your hair is on the shorter side, this look works for you, too. Pin any unwanted shorter pieces with some bobby pins and you are ready to head out the door. While straight haired girls can’t always pull off a ponytail with short because it looks like they are trying too hard to get it up, curly haired girls make it work because the hair is so thick and it doesn’t look bad if part of it is hanging down. Messy is sexy.

13 Headband

Curly hair always looks awesome with a headband. And it’s so easy to work with. While a girl who has straight hair might have to tease her locks to provide some much-needed volume or use a wand to produce some waves to give it that sexy texture, girls with curly hair don’t have to worry. They can simply leave their strands as is and slap a headband and be done. They already have the texture and the volume, all they need is a little something extra like a bold headband to make the look complete. Choose any kind of headband you like, ranging from something sparkly and dainty to something cool and bohemian. You can wear your hair down or twist it up in a bun or ponytail to get it out of your face. Either way, we’re pretty certain this look will totally rock on your lovely locks.

12 Fake Bob

We all love the look of a bob. It’s cute, sassy, and can be easier to maintain than long hair sometimes. However, lots of us gals don’t want to take the plunge and cut all of our hair off to get this look - especially those gals with the gorgeous natural curls. So in this case, why not fake it to make it? A fake bob is just as cute as a real one, but there is no real commitment. And since you have curly hair, it will be easier to achieve since you don’t have straight hair with a blunt cut. Your curly hair can actually give off the look that they are ends once they are pinned up, so it looks like you have shorter hair even though you don’t. This is a great option for girls who want to get their long locks off their shoulders for a hot summer night but still want to have some hair to play with. Simply tuck your hair above your shoulders, pin back and voila!

11 High Bun

Whether you strive for a messy bun or a put together one, this is a great option for a gal with super curls. Both types of buns look great on curly haired girls and are equally easy to achieve. To get the messy look, all you have to do is toss your hair up on the top of your head and wrap it around a few times before pinning it back. Keep all those fallen pieces right where they are, and pull out a few extras for some added sexiness. For those gals who prefer something more refined, opt for a sleeker bun by tying your hair back in a ponytail first and then wrapping your hair tightly around the top of the tail. Use bobby pins to secure in place and plenty of hairspray. Unlike the messy bun, you want this one to have fewer flyaways so the proper hairspray will help that. You can also do this when your hair is slightly damp to keep things in place even better.

10 Double Braids

As young girls, we always loved having our hair in pigtails. It made us feel playful and carefree, which is kind of why we still love wearing them today. And curly haired girls have the advantage of making these braids really rock with very little effort. Take two sections of hair on both sides of your head and braid. You can choose anything from a messy, standard braid to a sweeping fishtail, and even add some accessories like a headband, clips, or a scarf, which we are totally craving right now. Of course, a fun wide brim hat does the trick, too. After that, you are good to go and can rest assure that your hair will stay in place without causing any headaches from being up too secure or wrapped too tight. Braids are simple, elegant, and when done right, completely pain-free.

9 Messy Low Bun

Need a quick and easy hairstyle you can rock at the office? Why not try a messy low bun? This look is clean, sophisticated, and completely easy to achieve for the curly haired gals out there. Hell, you don’t even need this to be an actual bun. You can just take your hair and twist it around the nape of your neck, pin it back, and boom you are good to go to the office in style. Or if you prefer, stick to a bun and keep things messy but loosely looping your hair around, rather than making it tight and perfect. Pin your hair back or use an elastic for added security, and you are done. This style matches perfectly for any work attire, but it also looks great on casual duds like denim shorts and a tee or even something a little fancier - say, a black dress with heels for your night out.

8 Braided Crown

Man, we are obsessed with a braided crown. It’s like a new headband but without actually buying one. And this works so well with curly haired girls because of the texture of the locks. Your strands can go into a nice thick braid with complete ease, making for a secure look that won’t let you down after a few hours. Braid the hair around the crown of your head and secure it with a few pins under your hair and around the nape of your neck. Leave as is with your hair flowing down on your back or if you want to get a little more creative, you can put your hair back in a messy bun or even add a few braids to spice things up a whole other level. We are loving this look so much because it has that sort of medieval look but can be work just about any time or any place.

7 Pin Curls Back

Let’s get really easy here. Like stupid easy. If you want a sexy look that is completely easy to achieve, all you need are a few bobby pins and you’ll have it in no time. Want to keep some of your hair up and some of it down? Perfect. Do it right by taking a few strands that are around your face, pull them back, and pin them. Done and done. Since you have naturally curly hair, you can do this without an issue. Your hair is thick and has the perfect texture and volume that doesn’t need a lot of fuss. After you have pinned your hair back, you are ready to tackle anything that comes your way. A night out with the new guy you like or a chill night in with friends. Whatever you decide, your hair is going to look hot.

6 Let It Be

Sometimes you wake up with wild and crazy curls and have absolutely no idea what you are going to do with them. While you can go about trying to put your hair up or maintain it with some products, you might still find nothing is working. And that might be because you are simply trying too hard. If you are finding this to happen with your hair, it might be because your locks simply want to be free. And you know what? That’s totally ok. Let your locks be and wear them as is. If you haven’t already noticed, wild and crazy curls are in and continue to be in. They are fun, sassy, and totally carefree, which we adore and so should you. So the next time you look at your curls in the mirror and want to hide them away with a different look or style - or hat! - just remember sometimes it’s best to just let them be.

5 Tuck To The Side

Why not look like a movie star for the night and opt to try a retro glam style like this? Tucking your hair to one side instantly adds a sort of classic Hollywood style to your look, which is a must for every girl now and then. And with curly hair, it’s super easy to achieve. All you need to do is brush your locks to one side, over one shoulder, and pin them up in the back. Let the one side shine with cascading curls and the other be tucked away neatly for an ultra glam look that makes people think you took a long time to achieve but in reality took very little. This style looks great when you need to get dressed up for a special event - the red carpet, perhaps? - but it also kind of rocks with just a t-shirt and jeans. Something about the contrasting between casual and chic really makes us love this look.

4 Low Up Do

Just like the messy low bun, a low updo really does wonders for your hair. It is easy to do and incredibly sexy once you do it. Take a few chunks of strands and start twisting them around in any direction, pinning them in place to secure them. The end result? You’ll have a messy updo that is your very own and no one else’s. Everyone will be asking you how you got your hair to look so amazing and you will be happy that it only took a few minutes to achieve. A look like this is great for dressy attire but also perfect for when you need a nice up do for a brunch date with the girls and you are sporting that adorable new maxi dress with those strappy sandals you have been dying to wear.

3 Make it Retro

Ever look at a vintage photo of a pin-up girl and wish you could have your hair like that? Well, why can’t you? Surprisingly, this look isn’t half as hard to get as it might seem and is totally fun to wear. You just need a little practice. A retro style like this makes for a great way to get your hair off your shoulders and away from your face, but it’s also ideal to have some fun with your hair. You can pin back several sections to get that look you are going for and even add some accessories into the mix like pretty barrettes and pins to help seal the deal. And don’t be afraid to just stop there. Have fun with this look and play around with different options, giving yourself plenty to work with now and in the future when you’re looking for the perfect retro-glam look you need to rock an outfit.

2 Loose Braid

We know, we know. Again with the braids, right? Well, ladies we have to admit, we just can’t get enough. Braids work so well with curly hair and look amazing without even trying. How can you not like them? A loose braid hanging down your back is so sexy and so easy. You can wear this anytime of the day or night, with just about any outfit you can think of - jumpsuit? Yes. Jeans and a tank? Of course. Formal gown. Duh. And because you have gorgeous curls, this simple braid will automatically look like something even more glamorous than it actually is. It will look like you put in more work than you did, and will hold up against whatever kind of crazy day or night you might have in store. Now, do you get why we are so obsessed?

1 Faux Hawk

Whenever we think of a faux hawk, we tend to think of short hair. You know, like Pink or that douche bag guy who tried hitting on your last night at the bar. However, a faux hawk can really look good on longer hair, especially locks that are curly. With curly hair, this style is much easier to achieve because you already have the texture that allows for bounce. All you have to do is pin your hair up into a fake mohawk and allow the curls to cascade down your scalp for the ideal look. Now, we have to admit this might take some time especially when you first start doing it, but after a few tries and you get the hang of it, you will be whipping this style up in no time. And who knows. This might even become your number 1 hairstyle for when you need something super spicy for a night out.

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