12 Polish Colors You Need For Spring-Ready Nails

There's perhaps nothing as exiting about spring as the opportunity to test out new colors and patterns. It's when flowers and floral prints come out, and bright fun colors make their way back into the world. (Meanwhile, we can put away those dark neutrals and hide them at the back of the closets until next winter.) These brighter hues can be found in our clothes, shoes, accessories, and of course, our nails. The punctuation that helps tie every outfit together. In order to look your best this spring, and for a fun way to take on the new season, check out these up and coming nail polish colors. Then consider giving them a try at your next manicure. Not only are they spring-weather approved, they're a seriously fun and fashionable way to approach the changing season. You will not be disappointed at all with your latest style upgrade, we promise.

12 Spring Green

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Bright and a reminder of all things growing, green is a perfect choice for spring. Go pale for an Easter pastel look, or choose a brighter version once the weather has finally heated back up. Either way, you're sure to be happy with your newly greened nails, and your literal green thumb. Even if it offers you no real skills within the garden. However, your manicure will look too good to care – instead you can stare off at your perfectly green nails and remember that new growth is around the corner. Even if you weren't the one to plant it.

11 Perfectly Pink

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A classic indeed. But also a classic for a reason. Who doesn't love a subtly pink nail? It's girly, it's cute, and it comes in so many shades, you're likely to find the perfect one … over and over again. First choose a peachy pink, then onto a slightly brighter version, tone it down with a milky subdued tone, and then finish off with a pearly, glittered, or transparent option. There are so many choices, you won't soon tire of pink and all of its availabilities. Simply switch up for a fresh way to still enjoy the classics.

10 Daisy Yellow

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Yellow is one of those tricky colors where you want it to be bright, but not too bright. (We're not quite ready for summer colors, after all.) The perfect tint to still celebrate spring and all of its options, but without overwhelming the senses. After all, it's been a long, dreary winter, and we would hate to jump into too bright of colors too quickly. Opt for that just-right in-between yellow and you can be well on your way to enjoying spring nails that are full of yellow, and with the just-right shade for all your outfits.

9 Lavender

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We have so many shades of purple to enjoy, and thankfully this one comes with its very own name. So we can enjoy it in and of itself – lavender. Everyone knows what you mean when you use the term, and there's no need to describe just how light or bright a version of purple has become – the name cuts out that excess work. Besides, it makes for some pretty awesome looking nails, too. Test it out for a great way to show off your finger tips for the entire season of spring. Your outfits will help it look great, too!

8 Neutral and Pale Pink

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Finding that perfect neutral can seem almost impossible. However, once the hue is painted and dry, it helps accentuate your skin all on its own – much better than it did while in the bottle. Find a similar hue with shimmer in order to make even the blandest of pale pinks pop. All it takes is a tiny glow and your nails will be dressed up for any occasion. This is also the perfect option for those who insist on their nail color matching their outfit at all times. Seriously, these pale neutrals will match everything.

7 Robin's Egg Blue

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Similar to teal, the color of robin's egg blue can make or break a springtime manicure. You want a color that pops and reminds you of warmer months, but not one that's so bright it will clash against your clothes. (When in doubt, tone it down with neutrals and use as an accent color.) This choice is great for wearing against whites, and will withstand all springtime events, and can even be used on into the summer. Get a head start on robin's egg blue – in all forms – now and enjoy it for months to come.

6 Glimmery Gold

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It's classic. It's matching. And it can help perk up any outfit – and it's yours for the taking. Consider a manicure in a glimmering golden hue for nails that sparkle and look great 24-hours a day. It's a choice that's great for fancy events, or when dressing down and simply running errands. Better yet, it also comes with choices. Go light on the glitter and heavy on the paint, or opt for a shimmery topcoat that evens out hue. Whatever the final choice, it's sure to be one that offsets your personal style, and one you're bound to try again and again.

5 Gray

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If you think this color sounds boring, you're only partially right. Yes, gray can become boring as a nail polish color. However, there's also plenty that can be done along with it. You can add bright colors to make it pop. You can layer on glitter, use it as an accent color, or paint over the top of it with a design. The possibilities are seemingly endless. But because gray is so universal, you can keep using it again and again, but without tiring of this long-time favorite and trusty go-to paint, as often as your manicure calls for it.

4 Navy Accents

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As far as spring colors go, navy is getting slightly dark –we get that. You just came out of a season with fully saturated colors and you're not exactly jumping to go back. But that's also why navy works as a great accent color. It can be used to liven up your designs or to tone down any color combo that's on the verge of becoming a little too obnoxious. Better yet – you can choose a little or a lot – navy is neutral enough that it can blend in as needed, and blend out when it's not.

3 Tangerine

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We don't know about you, but we aren't quite ready to go full-on orange. However, it's close cousin, tangerine is already in season, and we can't wait to get this color on our nails. Especially in a subdued pale version that's full of patterns and offset hues. (Yeah, we're saving the bright ones for summer heat.) It's a quick pick-me-up and goes with virtually any other spring color. We'll be layering, mixing, and matching as often as our polishes can dry, so get your Pinterest page ready. We're about to do some serious damage to manicure pages everywhere.

2 Florals

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What's more spring than the presence of flower patterns? Whether you choose to hand paint, stamp, or if you're adding stickers (even full nail ones), flowers are a stylish way to go for every nail come spring. Add in as many colors as you see fit to make a wardrobe statement. Or take it simple and only use a single accent color at a time. It doesn't so much matter what your finished product looks like, so long as you enjoy it, and it reminds you of a fun and spring-worthy way to enjoy your upgraded fingernail look.

1 Colorful Patterns

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Can't decide which color to paint upon your nails? Use them all! The great thing about spring is that it allows us to use patterns that encompass all types of colors and shapes. Top with glitter, or just scour in accents for a fun new take on your latest warm weather manicure. Better yet, you can change it up each time you head to the salon (or paint your own nails) for an easy way to update your look on a regular basis. Mix and match, and throw in fun hues to upgrade your springtime look with ease.

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