12 Pics Of Jason Momoa Before GoT (8 Since Playing Khal Drogo), You’re Welcome

Just a few days ago, do you know what made breaking news? That Jason Momoa shaved his beard. Before anyone even questions how such a thing made the news, remember that it is Jason Momoa. Standing 6 feet 4 inches, this man is a whole lot of everything; his hair, his beard and his muscles are just everything. We don't want to be the ones to say this, but Momoa is quickly becoming the hunky action star of Hollywood - sorry, Dwayne Johnson.

However, before the guy from Hawaii made women's hearts race in Game of Thrones and Aquaman, the handsome and friendly giant was just as dreamy as he is now. The photos of the young Khal Drogo below are somewhat unrecognizable, but also prove that Momoa has always been quite the charmer. When he first made his way into our hearts with GoT, we had no idea we'd be obsessed, but we cannot be blamed; he is friendly, talented, so handsome, built, totally in love and has a unique look that makes him different from the rest of Hollywood.

And ladies, before Momoa rose out of the water with his long locks in Aquaman, the actor played a lifeguard on Baywatch - so, if ever any of you feel like asking for some CPR when Momoa is around, we totally (kind of) encourage it.

Now, to add some sunshine to your day, here he is, the one and only Momoa - say aloha.

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20 Since: Momoa Said Bye To Drogo And Aquaman

via Instagram

We know you probably still have a box of tissues next to you, crying over Momoa's decision to shave his beard. "Goodbye Drogo," he said. After all, Drogo did die on GoT, and now he just broke our hearts all over again. Momoa completely blindsided us, and none of us saw this day coming, but we promise you'll love him more when you learn why he got rid of his seven-year beard.

While shaving his magnificent beard, Momoa raised awareness for the ocean, specifically mentioning plastic pollution. What a class act this hipster beauty is. His beard became a part of his signature shaggy look, so some of you are probably mourning, but don't fret, it will be back.

19 Before: Momoa, Is That You?

via Instagram

Momoa may not have had as much muscle mass as a youngin, but he has always been a brooding hunk. His looks as well as how photogenic he is always made him one to keep an eye on. Look at his fierce facial expression! Not everyone could pull that off. Maybe he knew that he would one day be a warrior or star in Justice League.

We all got used to Momoa with a shaggy look, but with a fresh face you notice even more of Momoa's dreamy characteristics. We did not think we could fall for him more. His pouty lips, curly hair, perfectly arched eyebrows and light eyes in this photo are driving us bonkers. Bless this gorgeous photo.

18 Since: The ONLY Actor Who Could Pull Off A Pink Suit

via People

If we had to put one poster of Momoa up on our walls, it would be this photo of him at the Oscars. We have a feeling that he wanted to send women worldwide into a tizzy - it should be illegal.

To top it all off, Momoa pulled off a bold move, opting for a monochromatic pink pantsuit, and not many of us could rock pink like that!

When he's donning a blush-pink velvet suit, he looks so amazing. We just cannot handle his good looks anymore. And, to make matters worse, he was even cuter with a pink velvet scrunchie. Only a real man like Momoa could pull off a throwback and makes us feel nostalgic.

17 Before: Momoa Giving Us Major Throwback Vibes

via Popsugar

If this is how all men look in Hawaii, we are moving! We bet you all women that went to school with him when he was a teenager are now regretting not going after him.

Before Momoa made it into our living rooms on Baywatch Hawaii, he was modelling; yes, he modelled shirtless most of the time.

This photo is of Momoa at the precise time that he got his stint on Baywatch Hawaii, and we are not comprehending how one man could look like an angel no matter what he does to himself.

By the way, did you even know that Momoa has green eyes? Look at those striking eyes, staring right into our souls and making us fall in love even more.

16 Since: Hanging With The Lover's Ex

via Instagram

The heartthrob was once a heroic lifeguard, a fierce Drogo and a hunky King of the sea, but he is also known as Lisa Bonet's hubby. The lucky lady may have Momoa as her partner, but he was not the first man in her life. Rocker Lenny Kravitz was.

IRL, most people would rather have little or no interaction with their current spouse's ex, but Momoa is an exception. He recently shared this photo with Bonet's ex on IG and we admire his cool and laid-back attitude. As a matter of fact, since Momoa truly abides by "ohana," the two men get along perfectly well, and they share the ultimate blended family. This right here is a picture of bromance love!

15 Since: We Didn't Think We Could Fall More In Love

via Instagram

Not only is Momoa the coolest guy around, but he's also the funniest. This man may seem fierce, but deep down he is a child at heart, a child who loves to decompress after a long day with dogs.

The gentle giant is adored by many of us, but he gained a million more points because we obviously cannot resist a man who loves dogs - especially Momoa. We are used to seeing him all serious on the big screen, so he uses his IG as a platform to display his more sensitive side with photos like these. The actor clearly cares a lot about animals and the environment.

14 Before: A Real Beauty From Hawaii

via Popsugar

Is it even possible to look this cute? His locks are more luscious than ours will ever be.

A man who sticks to his roots, as a young adult Momoa never left his home without his brown-beaded necklace, as you may have noticed from the other photos. Back then, these beaded necklaces were loved by teens, especially those who surfed, like Momoa did. Not going to lie, we are wondering when he is going to make these necklaces a staple part of his look again because Momoa loves his edgy accessories.

This photo is from 2001, and at this time, even though it is hard to imagine a world without Momoa and Bonet as a couple, he was romantically involved with and engaged to Simmone Mackinnon.

13 Before: That Time Momoa Tried Dreadlocks

via Popsugar

His charm is inescapable, but we are not sure the dreadlocks are his best look. Although they totally suit his personality, we are glad he got over them, because his hair is one part of him that makes us all go bonkers.

Did you notice how many men started to let their hair grow out like Momoa since his start on GoT? It turns out, Momoa was a step ahead of all those men, as he has had a head of luscious locks since he became an adult. And the reason why these dreadlocks came along? He got a role on Stargate Atlantis.

The only time we want to see the dreadlocks again is if he and Bonet rock them together.

12 Before: His Locks Will Always Be A Signature Part Of His Look

via PressFrom

Clearly, we know how dedicated Momoa is to his roles, as he gets immersed into them and looks the part.

Continuing with the dreadlocks, as Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis, Momoa had no choice but to have a headful of them. And because Momoa liked the dreads, he just kept living his life with them until the fourth season of the show came along. No, ladies, Momoa was not sporting dreads to get Bonet's attention. The actor kept them because he became associated with his dreadlocks, the same way he has now become associated with his long hair.

11 Since: Momoa Did Not Always Keep His Hair Long

via Popsugar

Many automatically associate Momoa with his gorgeous long locks since his start on GoT, but his hair has not always been as lengthy as Drogo's. The warrior actually left his hair this short for quite some time before he went all out and let it grow like, "long hair, don't care."

If you take a quick peek at photos of the Aquaman bae who loves Guinness beer in 2014, you'll see that his hair was still the length we see in the above photo back then. He could not even tie it in a man bun then! Did we mind? No, this man ages like fine wine.

10 Before: His Baywatch Days

via Instagram

We could dedicate an entire article to the shirtless evolution of Momoa, because, you know, all his acting roles like to tease us that way, but we'll keep it PG.

The gentle giant got his acting start on Baywatch Hawaii, and he was only 20 years old when he started his shirtless parade on television as a lifeguard. Who here got to see the handsome actor sport his red trunks weekly on TV? You're very lucky. He graced those sunny beaches with a lot of beauty.

We would probably pretend to have been in trouble in the water and totally refused help from the other lifeguards if Momoa was around, just saying.

9 Before: We Wish Momoa Was Our Roommate

via Pinterest

Little did all those women from school know that one day Momoa would be the man to make all women go bananas. Literally, there is not one woman we know who would not want Momoa to hang out with her.

Still so in touch with his background, Momoa, who in the above photo looks super cute with his lei, is now a certified hottie from Hawaii. The cut on the eyebrow had not made its appearance yet, and his hair wasn't long, but he looks just as rad as the hand gesture he made. And was this man ever chubby? Or was he just born super fit?

8 Since: Go Surf Momoa, We Will Watch

via Instagram

Watching Momoa surf is like a revelation. Suddenly, we all want to learn how to take on the ocean's waves.

If you have not watched videos or looked at photos of the athletic man riding the waves, you are missing out and should get on that ASAP. He is just like a summertime cowboy, one who knows how to do so many things besides acting. He lives exactly like an action star. He hikes, he rides bikes, he surfs, and he is exceptionally good at all of it.

As a matter of fact, the warlord was always into surfing and did so even before he began acting. He certainly did not lose sight of his passions when he became the Hollywood heavyweight he is today.

7 Before: Literally Right Before GoT

via aceshowbiz.com

This is a photo of Momoa when he came to his senses, and knew he'd drive women bonkers with the cut in his perfectly arched eyebrow above his dreamy green eyes. And who could resist the slicked-back and tied hair? No matter what this man does, we are always going to swoon when we see him.

Before GoT came along, Momoa had sported long hair for his role in Conan the Barbarian, and he looked like quite the fierce man already. However, then came the left eyebrow thing, and what many do not know is that his bad boy look will forever be permanent because it is a scar. From that day forward, it was "bye, pretty boy."

6 Before: We See It, We Like It, We Don't Got It

via fanpop

We thought Momoa was Johnny Depp here, not going to lie. Lo and behold, it is the badass leader of the Dothraki himself, sporting some glasses.

Who let Momoa leave the house like this that day? We go gaga for his hair and beard already, and then he decided to make us fall even more in love with glasses on, making us think a whole bunch of other things. Clearly, Momoa's hunkiness comes in many forms, like the bad boy librarian. He is probably the only man on this planet that could make even the weirdest glasses look good. He is some kind of extraordinary four-eyed Tarzan.

5 Since: And He Strums A Guitar, Too

via Instagram

Bonet, please get a hold of your man, he needs to stop showing off all the things he does, because he is really making us weak in the knees.

Momoa with a guitar in his hand, and rocking it, is truly a sight to behold. Momoa is actually a big guitar player and posts many IG shots on his page of him strumming it. And when he does, we instantly get hot flashes because we begin to picture Momoa on stage rocking out and swaying his long hair back and forth.

So, what can't Momoa do? We can truly attest that every photo of him with a guitar in his hands makes us drool and fall over.

4 Before: Momoa Looking Like The Lead Singer

via Just Jared

And to continue with the previous point, with that short middle-parted hair, tiny scarf, striped blazer and facial expression, Momoa looks like he just rose out of his limo after a concert.

If there is an '80s band looking for a new frontman, Momoa is their man! He has the looks, the charm, the bad boy look...we know, we do not need to repeat this stuff, but he truly has the style and flair to be in a rock band. It might just be wishful thinking, but if we do not see Momoa show us his chops on stage anytime soon, then we would not mind him coming back with this look.

3 Before: What We'd Give To Run Our Fingers Through His Hair

via Its Spoiler Time

We're not sure why no one has cast him as Tarzan yet - Disney, what are you waiting for?

Fantastic hair aside, we go gaga for this photo of Momoa every time we see it because of his huge grin, showing off his pure excitement and smile. And who could let that white v-neck tee pass by them? Momoa knows exactly what he is doing, he always has.

As for his hair that is shiny and lush, we would give just about anything to get a feel of it, and at the same time, we'd also ask him for personal grooming tips because his mane is unlike any other person's long beach hair.

2 Before: All This Time Later, And Momoa Is Still All About Lisa Bonet

via Us Weekly

Can we all take a moment to cherish Momoa in a leather biker jacket? Amen!

Although we all wish we could have Momoa for just one day, there is nothing we admire more than this couple and their loving relationship. Both so humble and down-to-earth, the two were meant to be, and seeing the look on Momoa's face when he is next to his leading lady is heartwarming. The way he posed for this photo with Bonet years ago, all close and tight with her, is the same way he poses now, years later; you can tell the man is in real love.

The Aquaman star and his dream woman have been together for 13 years, and this photo shows how they go together perfectly.

1 Since: Who Can Resist A Man On A Bike?

via Instagram

He is a cowboy, and on a steel horse he rides! Jason Momoa riding a bike is literally everything. We never thought we'd find something more impressive than Momoa's physique until we saw him get on a motorcycle. He proudly shows it off on social media on the regular. Seriously, there is nothing more adorable than Momoa's glee over his guy toys.  Can we ride off into the sunset with him?

We are not going to get into specifics, but we know that you all know that Momoa on a bike is the real deal.

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