12 Perfect First Dates Based On Your Zodiac Sign

First dates are supposed to be an exciting, wonderful event in your life. That’s the way movies and television made it seem. However, more times than not, first dates are painful. You are basically subjected to spending hours with a complete stranger, with whom you may have absolutely nothing in common. It can be really bad. You may be sitting there in silence. You may get into a heated debate. He may be way too forward. Whatever the case, there are so many pitfalls that must be avoided when it comes to a first date.

First dates, though, can also be a magical experience. With the right guy on the right date, everything can feel like a fairy tale. Being on a truly wonderful first date can make you forget about all the troubles in the world. First dates, though, aren’t cookie cutter. What works for one girl, may not work for another. While one girl may love the idea of dinner and a movie, another girl may think that trite and boring. One way to figure out what your perfect first date would be is to look at your zodiac sign. Zodiac signs reveal all, including your perfect first date. Whether your perfect first date is a pop-up art show followed by dinner, watching The Notebook, or going to a carnival, your zodiac sign will tell you.

Below is your absolutely perfect first date based on your zodiac sign.

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12 Aries: Skydiving

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Aries, you are brave and adventurous. The perfect first date for you would be a brand new activity. This will make the date feel like an adventure, which you will love. You also see relationships as an adventure, so starting with a high energy first date will make it possible for you to see a future with this person.

Perhaps skydiving is a little but too much, but staying on that track is good. You’re a thrill-seeker so something that excites you is a must. Perhaps rock-climbing or going to a haunted house. Because you are so competitive, playing pool is also a fun first date activity. You love games, so chess, trivia or even a thumb war is right up your alley. Someone who is a match for you will be able to meet your high energy personality and compete with you. You don't want a guy who sits on the sidelines, so he shouldn't be sitting on the sidelines for this date.  An activity in which you play or compete will give you an insight into their vibe.

11 Taurus: Dinner In A Quite Space

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Taurus, you are reliable and practical. In fact, your reliability makes you one of the best signs to date or be friends with. When you’re in love, you’re totally devoted to that person. You’re also emotionally stable most of the time, which not all signs are if we're being honest.

You would love a tasty dinner in a very quiet spot. Eating at his place or a dimly lit restaurant is exactly your idea of a perfect date. In fact, you wouldn’t even mind eating some fast food in his car if it was the right guy. You’re more interested in seeing if your personalities connect. The most important part about a first date is the emotional connection. You also tend to be possessive and jealous, so the less people around on this first date the better. You want one-on-one time and don’t need anyone hanging around.

10 Gemini: Any Date That Lasts Till Sunrise

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Gemini, it may take an entire night for a first date with you. While you are gentle and affectionate, you’re also indecisive and flighty. You change your mind faster than anyone else around you. You thrive on inconsistencies. A date that starts with dinner, leads to dancing, then drinks, then a long drive, followed by a sunrise breakfast at a diner is something you would love. Your curious personality makes you want to take in everything the world has to offer. You want to experience all the things, so experiencing all the things on a first date may make you feel like he’s the one. You fear repetition and you need to be with someone who makes you feel like every day is a brand new, different and exciting day. A non-stop date will give you hope that he’s the one.

9 Cancer: A Viewing Of The Notebook

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Cancer, you are emotional and romantic. Your love for romance means that a first date can never be too romantic. While some people may think a dozen roses, champagne, candles and The Notebook are corny, you don’t. You’ll take all the romance.

Your perfect date would be a candle lit dinner at his place. The fact that he’d put in the effort to clean his apartment, light candles and cook dinner is the best thing in the world to you. You love a Netflix night, so following up dinner with The Notebook is the perfect dessert. However, it may be a challenge to not cry during The Notebook, since you always do. We all know Rule #1 of first dates is not to cry on the date. If he opens up about his past on top of all of this, that will truly be the ultimate date.

8 Leo: Something Trendy And Cool

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Leo, you are a fire sign. You are passionate, warm and love being the center of attention. Obviously the dude you’re dating should treat you like the queen you are. That goes without saying. You expect nothing less from him, that’s for sure. Furthermore, your first date should be somewhere you feel special. You love cool, trendy things, so a new restaurant or talked about bar is exactly where you’d like to go. Basically, you want to be able to Instagram your first date and feel cool about it. If that photo doesn't get enough likes, something is wrong.

Even though you don’t mind a first date that is a social experience, you still need to connect to him. You have a bright energy that draws everyone to you, so you need a guy who can keep up with you in that sense.

7 Virgo: Going To A Carnival

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Virgo, you are highly critical of yourself and others. A first date only enhances your criticism. You will be judging everything from how he says hi to how you sipped your drink. You can’t help it. It’s who you are. This is why you need a first date that will take your mind off things.

Going to a carnival or amusement park is great for a first date with you. This way, you have no choice but to be in the moment. Instead of judging people and thinking about everything, you will be thrust into the moment as you scream your lungs out going down a roller coaster. On a more low-key level, going to the movies will always take your mind off the date. You just need to take the pressure off and embrace the moment, so an activity that helps you do that is a winner.

6 Libra: You're Pretty Flexible

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Libra, you are so diplomatic and cooperative. You love people and you especially love getting along with people. In fact, your worst nightmare is arguing with someone. You’ll work your hardest to not have a disagreement. Because you are friendly and understanding, you almost always can see everyone’s point of view.

Due to this deep understanding of other people’s thoughts, needs and wants, you’ll be cool with almost any first date. Dinner, a movie, dancing, roller skating - it's all good with you. Because you’re indecisive, you don’t want to plan the first date. You would rather the guy do the planning and just be along for the ride. You hate confrontation, so your worst first date would be one where you argue or debate with your date. Some people thrive from that energy, but you prefer harmony. Basically, though, all he has to do is not fight with you and it's all good.

5 Scorpio: Cocktails In A Dark Bar

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Scorpio, you are passionate. In fact, you’re one of the most passionate, sexually charged signs. Because you’re passionate, your perfect first date would be grabbing cocktails at a dimly lit bar. You want to be close enough to touch him and connect. A dark bar with strong drinks is the perfect setting. You also love secrets and being in on them. It would feel like a secret between the two of you, as you lean in close and get to know each other. This feeling works to bond you two together and create a sudden intimacy. That is what you are most looking for on a first date: intimacy. And, hey, if you also make out in a dark corner of the bar, more power to you. A physical connection is a must for you.

Because you are naturally distrusting, you want to feel confident in your connection by the end of the first date. If the relationship is going to work, you don’t want to feel jealous the entire time.

4 Sagittarius: A Brewery Tour Somewhere New

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Sagittarius, You love travel, but that might be a little too much for a first date. On Master of None, Aziz Ansari takes a girl he is into to Nashville for a weekend date. That would be a dream for you, but it’s not necessarily something you should expect. I mean, the idea of a guy whisking you away for a weekend for your very first date is a little bit much

On a smaller level, you can hope to do something new and exciting. Going for a tour of a new brewery is something you’d love, since you enjoy embracing culture and new information. You’d also love checking out a bar or restaurant in a different neighborhood so you could talk to some locals and find out about the area. If he embraces your sense of travel and trying new things, he’s the guy for you. You want your first date to be a mini-vacation.

3 Capricorn: Dinner And A Movie

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Capricorn, you are traditional and appreciate traditional things. Hey, things become a tradition because they are good, right? So, dinner and a movie is a perfect date for you. It’s the go-to first date and you’re certainly not above it at all. However, the way for this to really be the best first date ever would be for him to meet your parents if they are around. If they aren’t, it’s still nice for him to come to your doorstep. A guy who beeps from the corner is not the guy for you.

Because you’re into traditional concepts, you will avoid getting too drunk or too physical. This could be the guy you’re going to marry and you don’t want to do something you’ll regret on the first night. Pro tip: Do the movie before the dinner. That way, you can discuss the movie during dinner. It makes for easy conversation.

2 Aquarius: Trivia Night At A Bar


Aquarius, you’re analytical and have trouble opening up emotionally. It’s not that you don’t have feelings, you just don’t always feel comfortable showing them all the time. The idea of gazing into this guy’s eyes or having a discussion about past relationships is a nightmare to you. You'd rather save the inevitable talk about your exes for the third or fifth date.

Because of this, your perfect first date would be at a trivia night. Trivia night would allow you to show off your smart, analytical side. It would also give you two something to talk about besides all that mushy junk. In order to date you, a guy needs to keep up with you intellectually. Trivia night would also give you the opportunity to see if he can do that. You’ll see if this guy is smart enough to be your man.

1 Pisces: A Pop-Up Art Show, Followed By Dinner

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Pisces, you have the soul of a hippie. You are artistic, wise and gentle. You love anything that emotionally moves you. Because of this, going to a pop-up art show would be your perfect first date. Not only do you love the art aspect, but you also love the local aspect. Seeing the art with the artist present will move you. However, you don’t want the night to be all about art. Having dinner after the art show with your date is a must. You can discuss art and your interests. Unlike Aquarius, you really enjoy talking about all that emotional, mushy stuff.

Because of your intuitiveness, you connect to people very easily. If you feel like you’ve known your date for 100 years after this night, don’t be surprised. It’s just the way you are.

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