12 People Who Abused Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebs

The beauty standards of the 2000's are much different from what they used to be. More women would rather get the perfect thigh gap or pert derriere than worry about the shape of their nose. The amount of women opting for surgery has also gone up quite a bit. In one survey of 5,000 women, twenty percent of them said they are currently pursuing or planning to pursue plastic surgery. The age range for this study was also pretty wide; from 18 to 70 year olds.

Surprisingly, 90% of 18-24 year olds say they are not satisfied with at least one body part. Can we blame our selfie obsession for so many women looking to go under the knife? Cosmetic surgeons say they get exasperated when people come in with unrealistic expectations. One doctor said he's had patients approach him wanting Kim's bum, Coco's waist, Jennifer Lawrence's nose etc. Talk about Frankenstein! But the plot thickens when you realize that the celebrities are also getting work done, though most of them will never admit it.

It's not just celebs that people are copying; there's a grandmother in England who has had surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit, the Filipino Superman, the Ukrainian Barbie doll etc. Getting cosmetic surgery is on it's way to being the new normal. Here are 12 normal people who have spent piles of cash to look like a celeb.

12 Kate Winslet

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41 year old Davenport was so enamored with Winslet's 'baby face', that she shelled out $15,000 for surgery to look just like the actress. The Texan had often been told that she looked like Cameron Diaz, which she didn't like. The final push for surgery came when she didn't like the way her nose was shaped, and decided to 'fix' it.

Choosing to model her new nose based on a celebrity, she finally settled on Winslet. To get the 'baby face' she wanted, the surgeon shaved cartilage from her nose, injected dermal fillers in her cheeks and Botox around her face. While Davenport is satisfied with her new look, it's ironic that Winslet herself is against cosmetic surgery.

11 Joey Essex

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Proudly bearing the tag of 'Britain's vainest man', 22 year old Sam Barton has spent four years trying to look and live like a celeb. The bartender from Sutton Coldfields has run up a tab of over $40,000 on reconstructive surgery to resemble English reality TV star, Joey Essex.

Barton also tries to copy the lifestyle and has spent over $35,000 on drinks, clubs, holidays and jewelry, over the past four years. He's had two nose jobs, Botox, teeth whitening and regularly gets a tanning treatment. These procedures have left him with massive credit card debts, but he says he isn't planning on stopping anytime soon.

10 Ryan Gosling

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In 2013, 32 year old aspiring actor, Nicholas Ryan, decided he'd need more than just acting lessons to make it in Hollywood. Adopting Ryan Gosling as his muse, he decided to go the full hog and get surgery to look like his idol. New Jersey born Ryan spent an initial $5,000 on Botox and fillers for his face.

He then decided that he needed a chiseled jawline like Gosling, to look more 'manly'. Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Tim Nevin said "we basically built out the entire jaw, squaring it off just like Ryan Gosling’s." The budding actor is pleased with his new look and hopes it will help him get the attention of the ladies.

9 Katie Price

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English glamour model, Katie Price a.k.a Jordan is famous for having multiple surgeries. While she can afford it, her lookalikes really can't; in 2009, one lookalike (she has quite a few) Shell Short announced that she was $50,000 in debt. Celebrity obsessed Short racked this up while trying to keep up with Jordan's many procedures. Short had nine procedures done, and racked up a $49,000 bill on beauty treatments and clothes. Short is so keen to achieve Price's success that she matches the glamour model's every procedure.

And Short isn't the only obsessed Jordan fan. Kayla Morris, 20 and her mum, Georgina, are such huge fans that they have spent up to $80,000 on procedures to look just like her. Their lip injections, Botox, fillers, teeth whitening and many more procedures have been funded by Kayla's sugar daddy and her side gig as a stripper.

8 Justin Bieber

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Tobias Sheldon truly raised the bar for lookalikes. He's the 35 year old man who had surgery to get the face of someone 14 years his junior. Sheldon first turned to surgery to find a solution to his thinning hair, but became obsessed with Bieber's "full cheeks, bright open eyes, the full lips".

Over the next five years, he spent over $100,000 on his eyes, lips lifted, brows, liposuction, chin reduction and hair transplants for the famous Bieber bangs. Sadly, Sheldon was found dead in a San Fernando Valley motel on Friday August 21st, 2015.

7 Pamela Anderson

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Over the past 14 years, 29 year old Carolyn Anderson has spent $40,000 on hair extensions, Botox, lip injections, beauty spot tattoos, tanning, teeth whitening, teeth straightening, chemical skin peels, and breast implants. ALL these procedures are in a quest to turn her into a dead ringer for Pamela Anderson.

Obsessed with the Baywatch star, Anderson has spent another $160,000 on a 'Pam-ified wardrobe'. Anderson calls herself the 'Scouse Pammie', and thinks she has done such a good job that she's now 'better than the original'.

6 Jennifer Lawrence

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After being told by many people that she kinda looked like the Hunger Games star, Kitty decided to make the resemblance more permanent. In 2014, she spent a total of $25,000 to get the total package: liposuction to her face, breast augmentation, fat grafts to her cheekbones and a Brazilian butt lift.

The married mother of one admitted that her body confidence level dropped after she had her daughter. Deciding to channel the strong female leads that Lawrence plays, she decided to splash on the six procedures. Since then, she has appeared on a single, titled The Plastics, with other celeb look-alikes, the late Sheldon and Adam Guerra.

5 Elvis Presley

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MTV's I want a Famous Face, was generally blamed for trivializing cosmetic surgery. The show centered around people unsatisfied with a body part and who were willing to be filmed getting it 'fixed'. A 2004 episode featured Elvis impersonator, Jesse Garon who was preparing to be on the cover of Playgirl magazine, and wanted to look like the perfect Elvis.

Garon ended up getting his chin done, a face peel, Botox and lip fillers. It took two another months for the procedure to properly heal, but Garon said he was pleased with the results.

4 Madonna

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Guerra first popped on the scene in season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race, where he lost a sing-off to Shangela. Remember that? When Guerra isn't dressed as his alter ego, Venus D'Lite, he performs as a a Madonna impersonator.

Not content with achieving the look with makeup and costume, Guerra has spent $175,000 to look like the pop queen. He has gotten cheek implants, his jaw filed, and had his brow done. Enduring 19 surgeries over the past 14 years, Guerra finally admitted that his passion now borders on addiction.

3 Kim Kardashian

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These days, Kim appears to be the most 'copied' woman on the planet. People are asking surgeons to replicate her curves, facial structure, even her teeth. She has both male and female admirers trying to look like her and willing to go under the knife to do so.

Aspiring bikini model, Myla Sinanaj spent $30,000 on surgery to look just like Kim. While she already kinda looked like her, the surgery made her a dead ringer for the reality TV star. Her surgery was more of an investment, as she uses her new look to land gigs as a club hostess.

But not everyone uses their Kim makeover to make money. A 23 year old man in the UK, Jordan Parke, has spent over $150,000 over the last four years, to look like the reality TV star. He's had everything from lip, chin and cheek fillers to tattooed eyebrows and Botox injections. But that's not all, in May, the Birmingham-based makeup artist announced his intention to get bum implants too.

2 Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez, now 25, had her first surgery when she was just 15. No, no, not the singer, I'm talking about a young woman from South London. When she was younger, Lopez said, she never thought she would get boobs, a bum or any kin of figure. Gifted with $15,000 for surgery, the young woman flew to Colombia and took advantage of a package deal that included liposuction, breast implants, buttock fillers and rhinoplasty.

Her younger sister, Karen soon followed her footsteps, first getting her nose done at age 14, and other procedures as she grew older. While Jennifer is absolutely thrilled with her results, Karen isn't as pleased with the amount of attention her butt now attracts.

1 Pamela Anders0n

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Some of the preceeding obsessions have been pretty extreme, so let's end this article with a twist. When Sha Ross was 19, she became obsessed with the Baywatch babe. She was featured on MTV’s ‘I Want a Famous Face’ in 2004, where she had her lips plumped up, chin thinned and breasts increased from a 34B to a 32F. The procedure cost Ross nearly $10,000. Her new look gained her loads of attention and even landed her in the “college edition” of a 2004 Playboy Voluptuous Vixens issue.

But less than a decade later, Ross is gong back under the knife; to have it ALL undone. Following the births of two daughters, she has chosen to tone down the sexpot look for a more modest mom. When the real Pam heard about Ross and her surgery to look like her, she found it rather 'creepy.'


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