12 Of The Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters Ever

Getting a little nip and tuck can be a dream come true to fix whatever it is that we feel insecure about. It can be an easy way to obtain what was not given to us by nature or to turn back the clock and improve our physical image to satisfy our aesthetic desires.

According to the International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures, in 2014 there were 20,236,901 aesthetic and cosmetic procedures performed worldwide. In the U.S. alone there were 4,064,571 procedures performed in that same year.

As the numbers show, getting plastic surgery is something common amongst men and women around the world. Women are particularly keen on enhancing their looks, since 85.5% of these procedures were performed on women.

Plastic surgery can be perceived as a harmless procedure that can bring positive benefits. Women from nearly every corner of the world don't even hesitate when it comes to placing their lives in the hands of doctors, falling asleep under the effect of anesthesia and hoping that they’ll come through the plastic surgery experience safely.

For some women the plastic surgery experience turned out to be their worst nightmare and instead of improving their image, they ended up with a complete disaster.

The women mentioned below got exactly that, a plastic surgery disaster that they’ve had to carry for the world to see. Their stories might make you think twice before putting yourself under the knife.

12 Hang Mioku

Via: Firsttoknow.com

Hang Mioku was once a model. She had a beautiful body that went along perfectly with her gorgeous face.

But…. Mioku became addicted to plastic surgery. She was in an endless search to have better looking, smoother and softer skin. She subjected herself to multiple cosmetic procedures, surgical and non-surgical, until doctors realized that Mioku’s problems didn’t come from the exterior of her being but from her own mind as she developed psychological issues regarding her own image.

After having several doctors reject her from getting further cosmetic procedures, Mioku took matters into her own hands and injected cooking oil into her face. The result left her painfully disfigured and scarred for life.

11 Lara Flynn Boyle

Via: Eonline

She was once considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She dated famous men like Jack Nicholson and David Spade. The world saw her play the role of the beautiful alien Serleena in Men in Black II, but suddenly she left the limelight and when she reappeared the paparazzi could barely recognize her.

Boyle has abstained from explaining her dramatic image change. We are all aware that time takes its toll on a woman’s beauty. However, Boyle’s image changed too dramatically.

Experts on the subject attribute her unusual facial features to her plastic surgery addiction, because of which she may have had fillers, Botox, lip enhancements, rhinoplasties, browlifts or facelifts. As a possible consequence Boyle’s face looks bloated, her lips deformed.

10 Carmen Campuzano

Via: EstrellasTV.com

The former Mexican actress and model is now better known for her botched nose jobs than for her work.

Campuzano’s plastic surgery disaster was a consequence of medical malpractice. She was a hardcore cocaine addict and the damage to her nose from drugs meant that she shouldn’t have been subjected to a rhinoplasty. Nevertheless, multiple plastic surgeons thought otherwise.

As a consequence, Campuzano lost most of her nose and has spent many years getting reconstructive surgery that has done little to improve the botched job done by previous plastic surgeons.

9 Heidi Montag

Via: SMH.com.au

Whether we like her or not, there’s no doubt Montag was a beautiful woman during her early years on the hit show The Hills.

Her insecurities drove her to become almost unrecognizable thanks to the ten cosmetic procedures she had done in one single day. They included breast augmentation, a brow lift, a face-lift, liposuction and lip enhancements.

The result: A completely artificial look that made her resemble a plastic doll instead of a human being.

As a consequence of the multiple procedures she had, Montag was left with headaches, back pain (thanks to the F cup breast implants she got) and A LOT of regret.

8 Pete Burns

Via: Pinterest.com

He was once famous for singing the hit song “You Spin Me Around.” However, Burns is now famous for his plastic surgery disasters.

What exactly did Burns want to achieve? We don’t know, but the result of multiple botched jobs left him looking deformed and far away from the face he once had. In spite of the bad plastic surgery he’s had done, he has claimed that he would continue to pursue further procedures.

He was recently declared bankrupt after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery.

7 Rajee Narinesingh

Via: CBSlocal

Transgender woman Rajee Narinesingh was left severely disfigured after a scam doctor injected cement and tire sealant into her face.

She didn’t have enough money to pay for a real doctor, but she still wanted a procedure that would help her achieve more feminine features. This led her to seek “help” from clandestine doctor Oneal Ron Morris, who would use toxic chemicals on his patients.

The harmful procedure left her isolated from the world for years, embarrassed of the botched job. Luckily for Narinesignh, a doctor heard her story and agreed to treat her for free. He has successfully fixed some of the damage that was done to her.

6 Andressa Urach


She had a butt that would make anyone jealous and was a former escort and model that is rumored to have slept with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

But Miss Urach thought there was always room for improvement. Her insatiable search for physical perfection pushed her to inject herself with high quantities of silicone on her thighs, wanting to expand them in size.

The nearly deadly consequences left her fighting for her life after a dangerous infection spread all around her body, shutting her organs down.

Luckily for Miss Urach, after a long stay in the hospital she was able to fight the infection and live to tell her story. She now no longer cares about her physical looks and feels grateful to be alive.

5 Farrah Abraham

Via: LATimes

Big lips are trending now thanks to Kylie Jenner. However, for Farrah Abraham the procedure she had done on her lips turned out to be a complete nightmare.

Abraham was allergic to the substance that was injected into her lips and the doctor failed to do an allergy test. While Abraham was still at the doctor’s office she could see her upper lip inflate tremendously.

She then had to quickly go to the E.R. where she received medical attention and the unfortunate experience was kept under control.

Abraham is now sporting normal-looking lips and says the experience has left her afraid of getting any plastic surgery procedures in the future.

4 Renee Talley

Via: DailyMail

She’s a former Las Vegas stripper that wanted to have a more luscious butt. What she never imagined was that one of her implants would become a complete disaster.

In a grueling video that went viral, we can see one of her butt implants that has flipped inside out while the woman adjusts it to the correct position.

In an interview for E! Entertainment Television, Talley explains how the doctor advised her against getting a butt implant since she was recovering from a previous cosmetic faux pas. But Talley urged the doctor to ignore that and to proceed with the implant, which resulted in the disaster shown in the video.

She had it removed and was advised to never again get another implant since her butt was severely damaged from previous procedures. Talley has finally come to terms with that and urges other women to reconsider having plastic surgery that can leave them scarred for life.

3 Chelsey Charms

Via: Twitter

If you think that an F cup is big, you haven’t seen Chelsey Charms’ XXX cup sized breasts, and they’re actually still growing!

In order to get these massive breasts, Charms got the procedure known as polypropylene string implants. It’s a cord that gets implanted inside what's referred to as the breast socket, creating an irritation that forces the body to create a serum to fight the foreign object. The result is an accumulation of serum that enhances the breast size.

She’s happy with the results, even though it’s a procedure that’s been banned in the U.S. and the European Union due to several medical complications.

2 Alison Chapman

Via: BBC

She flew from the UK to Tunisia in search of a low cost breast enhancement operation. What Chapman never imagined was the ordeal she would have to live through.

After the first procedure in Tunisia she noticed her breasts were uneven, because of which she decided to schedule a second operation and fly back to Tunisia to get them corrected. After her second operation and upon returning to the UK one of Chapman’s implants exploded while she was in the shower.

Chapman had to rush to the E.R. for surgery to fix the botched procedure with surgeons closing the wound while she fought an infection that had developed. She now urges women around the world to reconsider the price they place on their lives and vanity, hoping her experience can help others avoid the dangers of low cost plastic surgery that can become a complete disaster.

1 Priscilla Caputo

Via: Papilot

Caputo was an aspiring model that wanted to enhance the volume of her lips in the hopes it would help improve her already beautiful face and possibly land her more modeling jobs.

She turned to collagen lip injections to alter the size of her lips. Her former boyfriend, a plastic surgeon, was the doctor in charge of altering Caputo’s looks. However, Caputo soon lost any realistic perception of her lips and kept asking for more and more while her boyfriend never objected to the disfigurement it was causing her.

Eventually she realized she had gone too far and has since abstained from getting any lip enhancement injections. Her lips have slowly gone back to normal and she’s happy her damaging addiction to lip fillers is in the past, with no long-term side effects.

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