12 Of The Most Overbearing Celeb Parents

Nobody said parenting was easy. It's especially hard when your offspring is one of the more recognizable faces in the world. Just look at the hate Harry Styles' mom receives on Twitter.

So one would wonder why you'd want to compound all this by deciding to manage your kid's career? Yet parents of more celebrities are jumping on the momager and dadager bandwagon. Many of them claim to be worried about their offspring's fortunes getting mismanaged, are they really the best ones for that role? Won't the child be better off with a trained professional who manages talent for a living?

Very few parents can bridge the mom-manager divide; one of them is Pamela McGee, the mother and manager of Mavericks center Javale McGee. She's got all the skills required for the job; the woman is a former WNBA player, WNBA Hall of Famer, plus she won a gold medal in the 1984 Olympics!

Need I say more?

Just don't call her a momager; she prefers to be known as his business manager. And with her experience, why not?

But how many of these momagers have her business chops? Many are totally inexperienced about the business side of things. While it is one thing to have your child's best interest at heart, its another thing to be so involved in their lives that you are making ALL their decisions for them.

Love life, finances, roles, EVERYTHING!

Some momagers are just overprotective helicopter parents, others just seem to be living vicariously through the child. Where do you draw the line between being protective and being overbearing?

Below are 12 pushy celeb parents whose motives are very suspect. Are they simply overprotective and overbearing or downright annoying? This list even leaves out the usual suspects – Kris Jenner, Billy Ray Cyrus, even Dina Lohan.

12 Chrisoula 'Chrystal' Workman

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When the Modern Family star accused her mother of physical and emotional abuse in 2012, it came as a complete shock to everyone. Despite the Hollywood stereotype of a momager, Chrystal and Ariel had always seemed to get along as mother and daughter.

In her defense, Chrystal claims the 14 year old Winter was upset at being forced to end a relationship with an older actor. The situation led to a restraining order filed against Chrystal, being temporarily stripped of her guardianship and finally emancipation for the teen?

11 Jonetta Patton

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From his first appearance in a TV commercial, R&B star Usher has always been managed by his momma, Jonetta Patton. To show her dedication to making her son a star, she left her marriage to Usher's father so she could focus on managing his career!

Her 'dedication' also crept up in his life in some pretty weird ways. She didn't attend her son's wedding to Tameka Raymond and made no bones about showing her dislike for her daughter-in-law throughout their marriage.

Usher and momma parted ways in 2007, when he fired her just before Mother's Day (ouch!)

He rehired her in 2008, but fired her again, when he started dating long-time girlfriend, Grace Miguel.

10 Melanie Sloan

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Sloan is one of the few moms on this list who actually knows the movie business. She's a film producer, who also manages other actors. She managed ScarJo from being a child actor to becoming one of Hollywood's sweethearts. The two seemed to get along well, appearing at events together, but the relationship came to an end after 15 years, when Sloan was given the boot.

The actress told Vanity Fair, “Once I got married, I felt that I needed to cut the cord.” Sounds like mom was too attached. Other sources say Sloan was fired misappropriating the star's earnings, basically treating her as no more than a 'cash cow.'

9 Christopher 'Kit' Culkin

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While Macaulay is the most famous Culkin, his seven other siblings were also groomed for stardom by dad, Kit. Kit, a former stage actor, developed a reputation in Hollywood for his outrageous demands. His demands got so atrocious that studios started to turn down Macaulay, just so they didn't have to deal with Kit.

A notoriously heavy drinker, Kit also made Mac's life hell, by constantly signing him up for work, regardless of how the kid felt. Finally, in 1997, Mac fired Kit as his manager sued for control of his fortune (what was left of it) and has been estranged from his father since. Some blame his aggressive management style for the young actor's career.

8 Matthew Knowles

The talent manager is best known for managing Destiny's child, but not many know he gave up his job and invested his life savings to making his daughter a success. To guarantee that success, he monitored her relationships and even hand-picked the girls that would sing and dance with Beyoncé. All this while she was still a teen and singing on the Houston talent-show circuit. The family could barely afford all this, and even went bankrupt at one point.

All the sacrifice seems to have paid off with Beyoncé becoming a superstar. Time to sit back and relax, right?


In 2011, the star fired her father, after allegedly discovering he had stolen money from her.

7 Scott and Andrea Swift

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Who would have thought, right?

But when Swift's long-time publicist, Paula Erickson resigned in 2014, a few months after her business managers quit, it was obvious something was up. Key staff from her management team claim her parents “have been throwing their weight around and are incredibly difficult to deal with.”

The source says “Taylor’s parents think they can do things better, and what makes things complicated is that they no longer live together.” Can someone tell them that, while they may have a background in finance, showbiz is a totally different ballgame. While they may think they are looking out for their daughter, they may end up doing more harm than good.

6 Joyce Jones (Mama Joyce)

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Joyce Jones is known for not taking any sass from ANYBODY on the RHOA. Willing to give as good as she gets, the matriarch has been known to clash with fellow stars, both young and old.

Though she doesn't manage her daughter's career, Mama Joyce is one mama who looks out for her child. She claims she gets easily riled up when it's an issue concerning her only surviving child, Grammy-winning songwriter, Kandi Burruss.

In an interview with Ebony, following yet another fight on the show, she said “My only thing is that I love my daughter. ….and only thing I’ve ever done was try to protect my daughter,” she says. To those who think she's dong it to protect her daughter's wealth, she has this to say “I’ve never been about her money because I have my own....I’ve always tried to save her money.”

5 Jane Carter

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You hear some celeb stories and wonder if the price of fame is really worth it. In a made-for-Hollywood rags-to-riches story, the Carter family actually lived out of a van, for a while. Yes, the boys had talent but their success has been ascribed to the unrelenting persistence of their mother and manager, Jane Carter. One example of her dedication was when she left the family to spend nine months traveling the world in a bid to make 10-year-old Aaron a star.

This dedication led to Nick and Aaron Carter having successful careers, but the story doesn't end well. The boys ended up resenting their mother, claiming she insisted on being a manager, not a mom. The family feud is also cited as the Nick didn't attend the funeral of his sister, Leslie.

4 Richard Williams

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Coaching his daughters from the age of four, he honed them into hyper-focused and successful athletes. These days, they are regarded as two of the best women's tennis players in history.

But Williams parenting methods have been questioned.

In an interview with the New Yorker, he says he actively discouraged any boyfriends, and ripped the heads off his daughter’s dolls, to destroy any notion of early motherhood! Though largely behind the scenes now, Williams is still regarded as one of the most overbearing sports fathers.

3 Joe Simpson

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Former youth Pastor and a psychologist, Joe also enjoyed a stint as manager to his daughters singer/businesswoman Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson. However his time as manager was dogged with controversies, from his inappropriate comments about his daughter's breasts to his insulting a group of veterans scheduled to perform with Jessica on a Christmas special.

He was reported to have interfered in Jessica's relationships with Tony Romo and Nick Lachey. Who can forget the disaster that was ''Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica,” a show he produced? Rumors abound of him completely 'ruling' Jessica and Ashlee's lives, whether it's firing their staff, or making public statements, literally everything. Thankfully, the sisters eventually dumped him as a manager.

2 Nancy Dow

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For those who are not familiar with the name, she is Jennifer Aniston's mom. Throughout her career, the Friends star has been in an endless feud with her mom. The star says she has suffered from low self-esteem and it stems from her mother's endless criticism of her every move.

Dow didn't win any brownie points when she penned the 'tell-all' book, From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir in 1999. The two made up when Aniston divorced Brad Pitt in 2005, but soon fell out again.

Even if Nancy didn't receive an invite to Jennifer's wedding this year, hubby Justin Theroux has made steps to reconcile them.

1 Joseph Jackson

The patriarch of the Jackson 5 dynasty has been unanimously crowned the daddy of all stage fathers. No doubt, his 'training' pushed the group from singing in dives to world stages, but at what cost?

Excerpts from daughter LaToya's autobiography, La Toya: Growing Up in the Jackson Family, detail the kind of relationship the family had away from the public eye. From Joe's womanizing to the emotional, sometimes physical abuse he dished out to his kids. Supervising daily practice sessions with a whip in hand; he reportedly also beat them with fists, hangers, a razor strop. His influence on the young kids translated into all aspects of their lives.

Yes, Michael went on to become the biggest star the world has ever known, but echoes of his dad's influence shadowed his eccentric adult life. Even when interviewed about his sons death in 2009, his response was "It's been tough...we just lost the biggest star in the world."

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