12 Hilarious Celebrity Face Swaps You Need To See

Snapchat's face swap has taken over the world. We live our lives filtering our faces with selfie technology that lifts our spirits through the tough times. Celebrities have become avid users of the Snapchat world and share their videos and selfies even on the rest of their social media pages. Snapchat's latest filter, face swapping, has revolutionized Hollywood.

The creepiest of all face swaps? When parents swap faces with their infants (ahhh!). Celebrities have really taken a liking to switching faces. Did anyone catch how little of a difference there was when Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian swapped faces? Let's get into it, here are 12 of the most hilarious celebrity face swaps.

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12 Wolfgang Puck and Leonardo DiCaprio


BuzzFeed took over the 2016 Oscar's Red Carpet. With a card board cut out of Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio and the face swap technology, they were ready to capture quite the photos. Celebrity chef and restauranteur Wolfgang Puck was actually hesitant about this one.

Scrunching his face and taking the photo, Puck's face was complete hilarity! As for Leo's end of the deal, let's just say we like your smile a bit more DiCaprio. Oh face swap, you create the darnest things.

11 Barack and Michelle Obama


The president and the first lady are on the list of the best looking presidential families in history. How many of us would kill for Michelle's arms? I would! Of course the leaders of the first world aren't exempt from some good old face swapping.

Although President Barack isn't a bad looking man, on the first lady's body, he looks rather terrible (lol). This face swap is one of a kind, as the most respected people in the world are switched around for the sake of our entertainment. Thank you face swap for stirring things up at the White House.

10 Taylor Swift and Harry Styles


Watch out face swap, Taylor might write a song about you! Another non-original swap but a very necessary one. We all know how much Taylor Swift despises her ex-boyfriend One Direction's Harry Styles, so why not swap their faces?

The photo was taken during happier times in Taylor's and Harry's relationship. The fact that they were both pretty young in this photo makes the switch even more fun! This also proves that no matter what kind of hair Harry has...he will still be drop dead gorgeous. You too Taylor (big eyes emoji).

9 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt


Is it weird that they still look pretty attractive? The overwhelming beauty of these two actors and humanitarians put together has always stunned the world. However face swapping is here to make you second think...everything.

There's no beating the power of Brangelina. Even face swapped, these two don't look so bad. Angie's face actually looks pretty good accompanied by Brad's blonde locks. I'm pretty sure I've seen women who resemble Brad's face on Angelina's body, "no shade no shade" (Nicki Minaj voice).

8 Oprah Winfrey and Justin Bieber

Who thinks of these things? Television mogul Oprah Winfrey and the prince of pop Justin Bieber have been swapped. Justin's beautiful face together with Oprah's perfectly cut dark hair equals chaos.

In an interview conducted some years back, Justin and Oprah took a photo together. A smiley Justin and a happy Oprah embrace each other for the cameras. What they didn't know was that years later, Snapchat would create a filter that would turn this tender moment into a hilarious face swap.

7 Beyonce and Jay-Z


Although Beyonce and Jay Z have not done an actual face swap themselves, people online love to create it. There are countless photo swaps of Beyonce and Jay in Cuba, at the Grammy's and even at their very own Barclay's Center watching The Nets play.

Jay Z in a dress, blonde hair and hoop earrings...incredible! Beyonce's fleeky eyebrows on Jay's tall masculine body...priceless. The photos of the famous couple walking hand in hand in Cuba as Bey's face is up high and Jay's down low, is one of the most creepiest things you'll ever see.

6 Sacha Baron and Isla Fisher


Sacha Baron Cohen is used to constantly wearing different faces in his films. But was he ready to swap faces with his wife actress Isla Fisher? The couple arrived at the 2016 Oscar Awards looking amazing as always. BuzzFeed quickly got ahold of them and had them swap their faces.

How hilarious was Sacha's 5 o'clock shadow on Isla's face? And his thick-dark eyebrows on her petite face? Since the filter does not swap mouths, this switch was particularly comical as Sacha's teeth just didn't go well on Isla's face (hehe).

5 Tyler Oakley and Jimmy Fallon


'Amazing Race' and YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley stopped by 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' to catch up. Who better than Tyler, a social media influencer, to play the Snapchat swapping game with?

Fallon asked Oakley if he had Snapchat (funny question to ask) and immediately popped up the application on his iPhone. The hilarious face swap was priceless as Tyler's glasses didn't register so well. “Oh, I don’t like us one bit!” said the YouTuber. “That’s pretty good,” Fallon said. “That’s horrifying!” said Oakley still frightened.

4 Kylie Jenner and Tyga


Kylie is the Queen of Snapchat as DJ Khaled is the King of course. If you follow Kylie on Snap you know that she loves to tease us with her adorable snaps with boyfriend Tyga. The mushy moments give us so much life but the funny moments are even better.

The time had arrived to swap faces with the rapper who is covered in tattoos. Kylie's face sitting on Tyga's neck tattoos was hilarious beyond words. Tyga's face on Kylie's body, not really what we would want to wake up to in the morning.

3 Ryan Seacrest and Demi Lovato


American Idol host and the man behind every single show on television (exaggerating but not really) Ryan Seacrest and singer Demi Lovato had some face swapping fun of their own. Demi, 23, and Ryan, 41, looked rather interesting on each other's body.

"That is disgusting, I can’t!…I will never be able to unsee what just happened on Demi Lovato’s Snapchat,” Seacrest said. Am I the only one who thinks dark hair and leather jackets might just work for Ryan?

2  Jimmy Kimmel and Daughter Jane


Another creepy parent-offspring swap. The late night host swapped faces with his 1-year old daughter Jane in a video he debuted on his show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!". Although Jane was wearing her dad's face and he did not in return wear hers, it was peculiar enough to make us cringe.

Kimmel's face sat on her little body as her soft voice came in through the mic. The audience gasped and laughed in amazement. Thanks Jimmy Kimmel for yet another unforgettable and creepy moment. Geez.

1 Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner


The most intriguing celebrity face swap has to be Kylie and Kim's switcheroo. Not because their faces looked incredibly crazy on one another, but because there wasn't much of a difference. The famous sisters look so much alike...they fit just right.

So how can an 18-year old look so much like her 35 year old sister? Well, when you're a Kardashian-Jenner you alter your face to remain looking younger and also to look a bit more older. The similarities were almost alarming between the two. At least it gave us something to talk about.

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