12 Not-So-Basic Wedding Destinations

Weddings are a beautiful time to step outside of the box and showcase to the world what makes you and your partner special and unique. You can wear a purple gown or have all the groomsmen rock flip-flops, but nothing is more memorable than the destination where your wedding is set. Whether the two of you love the beach or the mountains or exotic cultures, there is a perfect spot somewhere around the world just for your nuptials. You don’t have to get married in your neighborhood church or the polar opposite extreme of the flashy strip of Vegas for your love to last a lifetime. These twelve destinations are certainly more memorable and a lot more exotic and unique for your celebration of eternal love.

12 Amsterdam, Netherlands

This picturesque city is idyllic scenery for a wedding. Romantic canal ways snake around each bench and chilly bike ride breezes brush your hair and provide the perfect color to your cheeks. Carry a bouquet of tulips and tie a love lock to one of the many bridges. Your photos will sparkle with the romance of this old city and your vows will glisten like the waters. A city that knows how to party, a wild and fun-filled reception after your vows will certainly send the night down in history.

11 Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Home to the magical Temples of Angkor, this sweet little town in the countryside of Cambodia has an energy that is hard to describe. A beautiful and generous culture and picture-perfect landscapes, not to mention otherworldly ancient temples to backdrop the most jaw-dropping wedding photographs. Utterly unique and exotic, Siem Reap, Cambodia is on another level of perfect wedding destinations.

10 Tuscany, Italy

The heartland of romance, the center of wine and delicious food, and home to some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes, Tuscany, Italy is the ideal setting for any destination wedding. Take photos in the vineyards and say your vows in a quaint village watching the sunset over the mountains. Share good coffee and wine and be lulled by the lullaby of the Italian language. Bask in the sun and the beauty of this perfect location to start the rest of your lives together.

9 Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

This ideal destination is so picture-perfect that the movie The Beach was filmed here. Crystal clear waters and white sand beaches surrounded by limestone rock formations make this island off the coast of Thailand a perfect wedding destination. Think scenic photos, sandy feet, and salty kisses to romanticize and mimic the beauty of your love with the beauty of your location.

8 Ulvik, Norway

What could be more picture perfect than the stunning fjords of Norway? Have an intimate affair overlooking these beautiful natural wonders in the chilly mountains of Norway. This idealistic location is abundant with surrounding farmland, so your wedding celebrations will be private and quiet. Stunning backdrops in this unique setting create a wedding to remember forever.

7 Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Black sand, crashing waves and endless ocean for as far as the eye can see all along an essentially deserted beach, Playa Hermosa on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is any bride or groom’s dream location. This stunning beach is quiet and colorful – the perfect location for shooting some incredible photos. Warm sunshine shines throughout most of the year to make this destination welcoming and memorable for your ideal wedding.

6 Crete, Greece

This Grecian island is as stunning as they come. Romantic ancient coastal villages line the isle and breathtaking Mediterranean views can be seen from all around. The perfect blend of classical antiquity and youthful energy make Crete the perfect destination for a wedding. Endless sun, jaw dropping views, unbelievable foods and wines, and grappa for all will make your special night one that can never be forgotten.

5 Lombok, Indonesia

Bali’s less famous neighbor is no less beautiful. This magical island in Indonesia is less developed than Bali and, therefore, more untouched. The raw beauty of this isle is hard to match. From its spotless beaches to its volcanic mountains to its lush jungle, Lombok has something for every one of your guests to enjoy. Exchange vows on the beach and party the night away in the mountains to truly utilize the diversity of this gorgeous island for your celebrations.

4 Arsos, Cyprus

This little village nestled in the mountains of beautiful Cyprus is like taking a step back in time. Sandstone buildings abound in this village with a beautiful Orthodox Greek church at the center of town. Daily, the town’s tiny population all congregates in a quaint, little coffee shop to share gossip and card games. What more perfect setting could you envision for a classically traditional, old-fashioned style wedding complete with church bells, a family atmosphere and all?

3 Kruger National Park, South Africa

A wedding experience unlike any other, the African bush provides the perfect backdrop. Flowering trees perfume the airs, lions and elephants roam the lands, and cool breezes brush your skin. Incredible sunsets deliver the most stunning scenery for your wedding photos and an impromptu photo bomb by a zebra make this national park the most wonderfully adventurous place to tie the knot.

2 Halong Bay, Vietnam

Turquoise waters and limestone rock formations as far and wide as the horizon make Halong Bay, Vietnam the most stunning wedding location. A wonder of the natural world, this breathtaking bay is warm and sunny and a marvel of nature. Capture the most stunning photographs and glide through the beautiful waters on a personal boat for the starry eyed lovers and their guests. What is more romantic and memorable than a wedding at sea?

1 Vis, Croatia

This island paradise nestled off the coast of Split, Croatia is everything you could ever hope for in a wedding destination. Jaw dropping coastline views from cool mountaintop peaks are the ideal setting to declare your love to the world. Delicious wines made right on the island will perfectly complement the incredible Croatian cuisine for your reception. The romance of the ancient, coastal villages on the island or the vast openness of the vineyards and gorgeous countryside that lie in between will have you and your guests never wanting to leave.

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