12 Naughty Things You Day Dream About At Work

We all have to "Work, work, work, work, work, work." You sit in the office from 9-5pm trying your best to remain busy and focused the entire day. You're finally on a roll, and then, all of a sudden, you find yourself lost in your thoughts. Cloud 9, here I come.

Your mind is now far away from your work. You have left the building and quite possibly this world. Now you find yourself starring into space thinking about your hot coworker, last night's dinner and trying to figure out why Britney really shaved her head in 2007. Here's 12 naughty things you day dream about at work.

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11 Chris Hemsworth walking into the office


Everyday you are hoping for something new. Can we get some drama around here? A water leakage? A new hot employee? How about those Hemsworth brothers? As your co-workers often discuss over lunch; "I would take either one."

Another uneventful day at the office. You're looking through articles online and all of a sudden there he is. Thor, the hottest superhero on earth. You're mind takes it from there. You're making your fourth bathroom run, when an angel with the eyes of a shining sea and a smile that can light up a dark room walks in. Chris Hemsworth walks up to you and says; "Hi, I came to see you, just wanted to wish you a good day," as he kisses your cheek and walks off. It's your dream, you can do what you want to.

10 Winning the lottery, quitting and never looking back


We often imagine what we would do if we won the lottery, but when at work we imagine what it would be like to quit your job knowing you'll never need to work again. We imagine how we would do it, if we love our bosses and coworkers we would be nice, take them out or something, but if we hate them...see ya later suckers!

9 When I buy my mansion, who will be my pool boy?


Now that you've won the lottery, who better than to help maintain the mansion you will soon buy than a sexy and single cute pool boy. You might need a gardner too, thinking John Rowland from Desperate Housewives? Yup me too.

8 Vacation, sun, drinking, partying

During a stressful day some of us like to unwind and take a minute to think about a vacation that's coming up or the last one we went on. Ahh the feeling of laying in the sun all day, not having a schedule to abide by and most of all no work! Waking up and having a mimosa with breakfast, piña colada with lunch and wine with dinner, the good life.

7 Planning your birthday party


Birthday diva? Uh, yes! Your birthday is coming up and you can't help but to expect everyone to celebrate your day as a national holiday. All of a sudden you begin to plan your surprise birthday in your head. Your coworkers excited to have such a great individual be part of the team, just can't wait to show you what they have so quietly prepared.

You've mentioned to the girls that red velvet cake is your favorite countless times during happy hour. They have definitely all gotten together to plan your big surprise and bought you that well deserved day at the spa. You see yourself walk in to the office, enter the break room and "Ahhhhh! Surprise!" Either you're in need of that red velvet cake or you're just really desperate for 5pm to roll around.

6 If I ruled the company


You have your eye on the throne. The hour after lunch is the toughest hour to get through. This is when you have the best day dreams known to mankind. In your dream, the company is yours...just because you said so.

Move over Mr. bossman, the kingdom is mine. You picture the moment when you are announced as the next commander in chief. The accounting department cheering with joy as you walk through rose petals. You're going to be the best boss ever! Pizza Mondays, here we go!

5 We should be allowed to drink at work


Margarita Mondays

Tequila Tuesdays

Wine Wednesdays

Wine Thursdays

Wine Fridays


and repeat..

4 Giving your boss a piece of your mind


Bosses can at times take advantage of their power. Being on top of the food chain, it's easy to get away with being a bit too demanding. There's been times when you have felt embarrassed by his thoughtless assumptions. It's time to get some revenge!

You picture yourself walking right up to the dungeon of terror, knocking on that door and making your way in. With confidence and anger you walk right to him as he sits in his desk and start talking. "You know I'm not taking your non-sense anymore!" Then you quickly wake up from that dream as your boss asks everyone come in to the break room for a surprise catered lunch.

3 Your boss is so sexy he is probably Clark Kent


How many of us have had this suspicion about our bosses? I know! Let's admit it, your news room is full of traffic but nobody stops it like your hot boss. You aren't the only one giggling about your handsome jefe during after work happy hours. But you are the one to actually get him...in your dreams.

Superman save me! You yell as the news room is taking over by the rival news group villain. Mr. Kent runs to the nearest closet and comes out with the big S on his chest. You are the only one who knows his secrets as you are his Lois Lane. You both live happily ever after in your creative imagination, after all, that's what makes you such a great writer.

2 Eating Ben's lunch


How obnoxious of Ben to always write his name on his brown paper bag in all caps. We get it Ben, the only brown paper bag in the fridge daily belongs to you. It doesn't help that your coworker here is a know it all and the bosses' pet. At meetings he is always the first to step up and put in his two cents. That time Margaret was given a warning for coming in late, Ben was the one to make sure the boss noticed.

You walk into the break room and open the fridge, "Boy I oughta," you think to yourself. Clear in your mind you grab the bag, check for any worthy content and there is none, in the garbage it goes! Ben opens the fridge eager to dig in to his lunch when he finds...nothing. He goes around accusing everyone of throwing away his lunch as you giggle on your desk and simply say, "I thought it was trash." Victory!

1 Can I hook up with my personal trainer?


Since it's been really hard trying to get that Kardashian butt, hiring a personal trainer was the best option but he's cute, single and totally ripped. Has he ever hooked up with a client? Does he feel a special connection with me, because I feel that vibe, the attraction has to be mutual. I'll text him tonight to see if he wants to 'work out'.

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