12 MTV VJs We Will Never Forget

Music Television marked the era of music videos, live shows and behind the scenes access to the biggest stars of that time. Many of us remember MTV as the big brother or sister that was there through all of our adolescent screw-ups and all of those sinful victories.

With the 1981 creation of a network dedicated to music, came the hosts of that network. They were our VJ's, a term created to describe the awesome people who would walk you through the innovation that was the music video. Because there is no way we can ever allow you to disappear into thin air, here are 12 MTV VJs we will never forget.

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12 Downtown Julie Brown


"Wubba Wubba Wubba" it's Julie Brown. She was the British gal with the downtown attitude. Downtown Julie was the host of 'Club MTV' in 1988, which consisted of hosting well...a big music blowout! Why isn't there jobs like this anymore?

Ms. Julie's most memorable moment was when she confused a cue card holder's (yes kids, it was an actual job back then) T-shirt for the cue card itself on live television, whoops! MTV forgave her and her contribution to our favorite channel, ever, is well appreciated.

11 Martha Quinn


Martha Quinn was a girl from Albany, N.Y who is now known as the best MTV VJ ever. Her girl next door look and her huge personality made viewers gush over her and celebrities bow to her. To think that little Martha had no television experience except for a few commercials.

Quinn captured the hearts of well...everyone. She covered live shows and backstage interviews with 80's rock bands and A-list celebrities. Her humble demeanor and quirky sense of humor made her a star in her own right. She now lives in Malibu with her husband, musician Jordan Tarlow, whom she married in 1992.

10 Vanessa Minnillo


Vanessa Minnillo came to MTV at the time of Carson Daly's 'TRL' (Total Request Live) in 2003. She was part of the team that also consisted of Quddus and LaLa Anthony. Minnillo was a teen beauty queen and her charm was evident on TRL. She captured celebrities and fans alike with her big smile and bubbly personality.

Vanessa left MTV in 2007, continuing her hosting and acting career on the 'E! Network.' She married ex-member of 98 Degrees and Jessica Simpson's ex, Nick Lachey in 2011. You can now watch Minnillo on ABC's Wipe Out.

9 Suchin Pak


MTV's first Asian VJ and television's first Asian-Emo chick. Her style was fresh and cool and her presence was even bigger than her huge smile. From the red carpets at the 'MTV Video Music Awards' to hosting our favorite news show, MTV News.

Who remembers sitting at home watching your favorite music video and all of a sudden Suchin would interrupt with an 'MTV Breaking News' update? I do! Suchin always knew how to handle any situation, good or bad, she was the VJ who could handle it all.

8 Jesse Camp


Oh Jesse Camp, how can we forget you? The very first winner of MTV's 'I Wanna be a VJ,' Jesse Camp ruled the world from 1998-2002. Alongside, Dave Holmes they hosted the best times in music (I'm a little biased, I know) the Millennial age.

It was the Britney era and Jesse Camp's dreadlocked hair and ripped clothes were unbelievably happening. He hosted TRL and had his own show for a short time called Lunch with Jesse. Unfortunately Camp didn't continue a career in television after MTV and is rumored to have ended up working at a pet store and as a telemarketer.

7 Bill Bellamy


"This ain't How to be a Player, you ain't Bill Bellamy." Nicki Minaj is referring to MTV's very own Bill Bellamy who rocked MTV as a VJ in the mid 90's. Coming from HBO's DEF Comedy Jam, the comedian hosted 'MTV Jams' and 'MTV Beach House.'

The man responsible for the term "Booty Call" always brought humor to his celebrity interviews and entertained music lovers during his time with the network. He went on to star in movies like 'Love Jones' and 'Any Given Sunday' and continues to live on in our little MTV hearts.

Fun Fact: Bill is Shaquille O'Neal's cousin.

6 Daisy Fuentes


MTV's very first Latina VJ. She started with the network in 1993 hosting a lifestyle show called 'MTV's House of Style.' Her beauty and charisma captured the eyes of television execs as well as the audience who never missed a Fuentes beat.

Daisy went on to modeling, acting and even landed her own talk show on CNBC called 'Daisy.' She still appears on Pantene ads and even has her own clothing and fragrances at Kohl's. That's what I call Latina power.

5 Kurt Loder


Although Kurt Loder was the most serious VJ of the bunch, he is one of the best. Loder was a writer for Rollingstone Magazine in the 80's and joined the MTV network in 1987.  He started as the host of a show called 'A Week in Rock' which then turned into 'MTV News.'

Kurt is best known as the host of MTV News and the anchor who first broke the sad news of Kurt Cobain's suicide. Loder is actually still an MTV employee and VJ, hosting a show called 'MTV News 1515.' He is a respected journalist and writer and my generation's idea of the perfect dad.

4 Dave Holmes


He was the runner up that actually won. Like Jesse Camp, Dave Holmes was a contestant on 'MTV's I Wanna be a VJ,' he ended up in second place while Jesse landed first place. MTV hired him anyway and he and Jesse usually hosted together.

But Holmes actually had a longer career with MTV than Jesse did. Once Jesse left in 2002, Dave kept going strong, hosting  TRL, MTV News and The Real World Reunions. Holmes still makes host appearances on BRAVO, FX and has a podcast of his own called 'A Drink with Dave.'

3 John Norris


He is Kurt Loder's nemesis (at least I think so) and has one of the most memorable heads of hair on television. John Norris actually joined MTV in 1986 as a writer. He later on started appearing on television filling in for Loder on MTV News.

Soon enough Norris became a known MTV VJ, hosting a variety of shows on MTV including TRL. Norris then left MTV for EXTRA on the E! Network but came back in 1996. He was then "let go" by Viacom, the corporation behind MTV, in 2008. The reason as to why MTV would let one of their solid employees go has remained a mystery.

2 Carson Daly


Carson Daly, thank you for the best after school evenings a high school girl could ask for. Daly, revolutionized the times, in NYC's Time Square, with 'MTV's TRL.' The music video countdown, the celebrities, the screaming teenage audience; this will forever take us back to the year of the Millennium when boybands and belted low-rise jeans ruled humanity.

Carson was the last best MTV VJ, loved and trusted by celebrities and adored by fans. He perfected the flow of this show and made TRL the most awaited hour on television. Today, the ex-MTV VJ is the host of his own late night show 'Last Call with Carson Daly' and NBC's 'The Voice.'

1 Pauly Shore


We had to save the Number 1 spot for the most decorated (literally) MTV VJ in the history of VJ's, Pauly Shore. From 1989-1994 the world was granted colorful outfits, curly hair and lots of air-headed commentary.

Pauly started as the host of MTV's Spring Break shows, which consisted of college students at a beach, in Miami, rocking out to a variety of shows on a huge pop up stage. His "California dude" persona also landed him his own show 'Totally Pauly' which led him into acting. Pauly was the star of 90's movies including 'Encino Man' and 'Son in Law.' Today, he continues to try to revive his career through an MTV pilot called 'The Shores' and other projects through 'Funny or Die.'

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