12 Movies Perfect For V-Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s one of those holidays that you either wish didn’t exist, or you celebrate crazily with your loved ones. It is the one day where love is encouraged, celebrated, and is shown just a tiny bit more. It is also the one day where it is totally acceptable to binge-watch hundreds of lovey-dovey romance movies all in one sitting. Although there are thousands of films to choose from that are differently centered around the theme of love, they all express and show one common aspect of: love is present and love is felt. Here are some movies to watch on this special day that will make you laugh, cry, and might even make you want to fall in love over and over again.

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12 Sleepless In Seattle

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We all secretly love a little Tom Hanks. This movie is not necessarily the traditional love story, for it involves a son, a radio show, and Meg Ryan. It is a movie that involves much of Tom Hank’s fictional son’s input about who his Dad should be dating, and because of that, it becomes a story that is much more emotionally interesting. This is a great movie to watch for Valentine’s Day because it not only allows us to think about how our future relationships can start, from the interests and opinions of our loved ones, but it shows the mistiness, coziness, and lovable nature that is of Seattle.

11 The Wedding Singer

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This movie is the start of one of our favorite acting duos: Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. This romantic comedy has us laughing the entire time, but with some lovey-dovey parts that make us believe in love again. After losing his fiancé at the alter, wedding singer Sandler loses all hope in love. But after meeting the lovely, charming, and kind of goofy, Barrymore, he approaches love and relationships in a completely different way. Not only will this movie keep you laughing, but also it will tug on your heart strings.

10 Sixteen Candles

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This 1984 John Hughes classic shares the story of Samantha, played by 80’s sweetheart Molly Ringwald, and her troubles, embarrassments, and struggles surrounding her sixteenth birthday. It is a classic high school story, filled with mean girls, nerds, and the one popular boy who every girl has a crush on. It’s simplicity of the narrative and the lightheartedness of telling the story of a teenage girl’s life makes this movie fun to watch. The romance within the movie keeps the viewers on their toes, allowing us to root on Samantha to reach that typical lovey-dovey happy ending.

9 Valentine’s Day

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Not only does the name of the movie insists that it’s a film to watch for Valentine’s Day, but the cast of A-list celebrities in this movie are endless. The movie takes us into the lives of many different characters and what they are doing on Valentine’s Day, and takes us on a journey from one person to the next. The Gary Marshall directed film somehow ties all of their stories together, and makes for an uplifting, tragic, and sometimes comical approach to love. This is a movie to watch to see all types of love and where they can take you. Also, who doesn’t love a bit of Bradley Cooper?

8 Love, Actually

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Love and Christmas, is there anything better? Love, Actually brings stories from many different people and intertwines them to make a romantic, heartbreaking, and sexually-infused film. Centered around the holiday season in the UK, this film has a similar theme when focusing on each character: love. The film shows how different people approach love, how they fall in love, and how they either keep their love afloat or break their love down. They center on children in love, new and old married couples, quick acquaintances, and a political type of love. This film is comical yet shares the seriousness that we all tend to feel when it comes to loving and being loved.

7 (500) Days of Summer

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This film follows the journey of two individuals, played by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who fall in love and fall out of love in the span of 500 days. The film is played out in a different and exciting way, for it flashes forward to the relationship’s last days in the beginning of the film. This may seem like it may be spoiling the plot, but rather, it forces the audience to focus on the details of the relationship rather than just focusing on it’s hopeful “happy ending.” We get to see the good, bad, silly, romantic, and comical highs and lows of what it means to be in love. We see the beginning stages of being in a relationship and how it is juxtaposed to it’s ending. This film will leave you hopeful yet will give you a realistic image of what a relationship could be.

6 Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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This is one of those classic book turned films that we watch over and over not only because of the love story, but because of how beautiful every scene is shot. The movie’s main star, Kiera Knightly, plays Elizabeth Bennet, who is a favorite female protagonist in the world of literature. We dive into the world of a family that has ties with unexpected, forced, and thought-provoking romances. This film is beautifully filmed entirely in England, showing how the magical feeling of the English countryside can directly compliment the magic of the romances.

5 50 First Dates

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Another movie with our favorite duo: Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. This film has quite the twist, for it is centered around a love story where Barrymore's character, Lucy, was in a car accident and only remembers the day of the crash and wakes up everyday believing it is that day. She cannot hold onto memories throughout her day, as if her day restarts and refreshes with no memory of the day she lived prior. This comedic movie is hilarious, heartwarming, and frustrating. It shows the audience that if you really love someone, you will do anything that you can to let them know you do. Even if if has to be repeated everyday.

4 Dirty Dancing

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How can one not love Patrick Swayze? What about a dancing Patrick Swayze? Dirty Dancing has become an absolute staple when it comes to the Romeo and Juliet-esque style love story, where the parents of the daughter forbid her to be with a particular man who they do not like. Therefore, they must sneak off and secretly meet, which only ignites the passion for each other even more. Set at a summer camp, this movie is raunchy, fun, and melts heartstrings, and haves us wishing that we were going away for the summer!

3 When Harry Met Sally

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Can men and women truly just be friends without having some romantic strings attached? This movie explores that question, and tests the boundaries if men and women can start and remain as friends for as long as they know each other. Harry and Sally continually meet, starting out as friends, giving each other advice about relationships, constantly avoiding the boundary between being “friends” and “friends with benefits.” This film constantly warms our hearts, makes us laugh, and makes us want to watch and re-watch the infamous “I’ll have what she’s having” orgasm restaurant scene.

2 Pretty Woman

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What do hookers and Richard Gere have in common? Apparently, Julia Roberts. Once again, this film serves as a classic, and it might be because of its not so traditional plot. Roberts plays a prostitute in Los Angeles and meets Gere, a wealthy man who gives her the taste of the luxurious life that every woman imagines. The two get closer and realize that in order to bring their two completely different worlds together, they must overcome some great hurdles. This film shows us that love is not only unpredictable, but it can be found on the streets of Hollywood. Plus, Julia’s smile keeps us completely hooked.

1 The Notebook

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Get ready for the water works. This movie is the ultimate love story, showing the struggles of young love, and how the progression of time cannot necessarily break down the sincerity and legitimacy of two individuals in love. Set in the 1940’s and beyond, Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams give us a love story that is passionate, heartbreaking, and absolutely beautiful to watch. Everything about it—the locations, the music, and the believability of their love makes this a Valentine’s Day movie that we will watch over and over. Just make sure you bring the tissues.

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