12 Online Dating Mistakes You're Probably Making

If you've had an online dating profile for months, and you still haven't had any luck in the love department, you may be going about it the wrong way. Navigating through the world of online dating is an art that not many are able to perfect. If you're an online dating pro, it's likely your inbox is overflowing with eligible bachelors. But if you're like the rest of us, your online interactions may never even make it to a real life date. There's a bunch of reasons why you suck at online dating, and we've decided to lay them all out for you. If you've been unsuccessful with finding a date online, it's likely that you've committed one of these 12 mistakes.

11  Hold the Baby Talk


If you really want to scare a guy away, tell him about your plans for getting pregnant, your future baby names, and how many kids you want to have in the next two years. Even if you do have plans on becoming a mother eventually, you'll probably kill any chances of landing a date if you make your desire known. Guys naturally freak out when you talk about anything that has to do with locking them down for 18+ years. So leave the baby talk until after you're in a relationship.

10 Don't Hide Your Profile After the First Date

You're probably super excited you finally found someone you click with, but don't be so quick to hide your dating profile after the first date. It's always best to keep your options open just in case things fall through with the first guy. Also, multi-dating is very common amongst online daters, so chances are, your guy won't be hiding his profile either until the two of you decide to be in an exclusive relationship.

9 Don't Just Talk About Yourself

When it comes to perfecting your dating profile, don't just ramble on and on about yourself. Leave a little bit of mystery in the air to draw your suitors in. When it comes to crafting a profile that will compel men to contact you, it's always best to list out the traits and characteristics you're looking for in a mate.

8 Your Username Sucks

Believe it or not, your username says a lot about you in the online dating world. What you refer to yourself online won't completely ruin your chances of snagging a date, but research has shown that women with flirty usernames have better success. So skip the generic 123scorpiogirl, and opt for something like Flirtysoccerchick. You can always test out various usernames to see which ones are getting you more attention with the fellas.

7 Your Photos Are Full of Group Shots

Guys don't want to play "Guess Who?" when it comes to identifying you in a picture, so make sure all of your photos are solo shots. A solo picture will ensure you're the sole focus of the photograph, and you will have all of his attention. Because nothing's worse than an online suitor asking, "Who's the girl standing next to you?" Awkwardddd...

6 Using Old Photos


I don't care if you think you looked hot during your Las Vegas 2006 getaway. There's absolutely no reason why you should be using old and outdated photos on your dating profile. When it comes to online dating, you want to use the pictures that best represent what you look like as of today. You may not think you have changed much, but just to be on the safe side, only use pictures that are less than a year old.

5 You've Become a Pen Pal


One of the main reasons people never take their online communications into the real world is because they spend countless hours writing essay-like emails to every guy who pops up in their inbox. If you're only comfortable interacting with people behind a computer screen, there are thousands of prison inmates who are looking for a pen pal. But if you really want to get out there and meet someone you click with, keep your online emails to a minimum. The less you type, the more you'll have to talk about when you finally meet face-to-face.

4 Stop Wasting Time If You're Not Interested

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It may be tempting to entertain everyone who takes the time to message you, but if you're serious about meeting a potential mate, you have to be selective. Just like in the real world, dating is all about filtering through the duds until you find a stud, and online dating is the same. So if you notice any red flags in his profile, or his messages start to creep you out, don't even bother wasting your time.

3 You're Using Way Too Many Words

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It may be tempting to lay it all out on your dating profile, but lets face it, men have short attention spans. The chances of a guy actually reading your entire profile are slim to none. Men are visual creations, and all they really care about is how hot you look in your photos. So keep your profile short and sweet.

2 You Look Depressed In All Your Pictures

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You seriously couldn't find one picture of yourself smiling? Guys want to date someone who is bubbly, full of life, and happy, so your solemn expression won't be landing you any dates anytime soon. Unless you're auditioning for a spot on America's Next Top Model, keep the smizing to a minimum and show off those pearly whites instead.

1 Your First Message is Boring

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If you get brave and slip a message into his inbox, make sure you don't come across as a complete bore. "How are you?" is probably the quickest way to get your message sent to his trash folder, but a simple "hi, I really liked your profile. Care to chat?" will definitely pique his interest.

Lying won't get you very far in the real world nor online. When it comes to describing what you're looking for in a date, it's always best to be upfront and honest. If you want to seriously date someone who's looking for a commitment, let your suitors know. If you want something a little more casual, that's perfectly fine, too. There are a lot of online daters who waste time because they'd rather play games than to really speak their minds. Don't be one of those people, girlfriend. Whatever it is you're looking for, you're bound to find a guy who wants the exact same thing.

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