12 Matching Tattoos To Get With Your BFF And 12 To Get With Your BF, Based On Astrology

Tattoos are a trend - and a form of art - that’s getting more and more popular nowadays. Everybody seems to have at least one or is willing to get one in the near future. And while there’s a wide range of topics, designs and sizes to choose from - and whether it has a special meaning for you or not - tattoos became one of those things you have to ‘experience’ at least once in your life.

They’re a mark on our skins that will last forever, just like we’d like our relationships to do. And sooner or later, we all dream of celebrating a special relationship by getting matching tattoos, whether it’s with our BFF or a partner. When things get intense - or you’ve maybe known each other since kindergarten - the necessity to have it marked somewhere gets stronger.

Here’s a selection of 24 matching tattoos you should get with your BF or BFF according to your Zodiac. Maybe you’ll find the exact design you were looking for on this list. Who knows?

24 BFF Cancer And Sagittarius: ‘Pinky Promise’ As You Share Everything From Secrets To Deep Life Theories

The ‘Pinky Promise’ is for sure the best matching tattoos for this pair of signs. No one cares more about their friends than a Cancer individual, as they tend to give and give to others, without expecting anything in return. They're always extremely faithful and protective towards the people they care about. This is why it's not surprising Cancers often have incredibly long-lasting friendships.

However, a friendship between a Cancer and a Sagittarius is one that requires time to overcome their initial difficulties.

Both signs need time to fully comprehend and appreciate each other.

Indeed, Cancer and Sagittarius take a completely different approach to things in general. Sagittarius love action and adventure, they don’t mind taking chances to enjoy new things in life and can be zealous at times. Cancer, on the other hand, hold stability and security at a very high value, they’re conservative and emotional. Cancer might be surprised by the hyperactive nature of Sagittarius, and Sagittarius might not understand the mood swings of Cancer. But if these two signs hold on to their differences, they can be a perfect match - a Cancer individual provides solid support for a relationship, while Sagittarius can teach Cancer to be more affirmative, and bring variety and fun into their lives.

23 BF Virgo And Taurus: There’s A Strong Connection Between You, Like Flowers To The Earth

These two earth-ruled signs, - which value tranquillity and discretion - have all the ingredients to live a harmonious love life. Virgo tends to be anxious but finds reassurance in Taurus, while Taurus' derive needed peace and energy from Virgos. A caress, a gaze, a gesture: each is worth a thousand words when it comes to expressing the tenderness that binds them together. Their relationship could be a match made in heaven, only if they are not too scared of being hurt and too distrustful. If they do give in to each other and fall madly in love, they could be the combination of a clear heart (Taurus) and a clear mind (Virgo).

Due to Virgo’s naturally cautious nature, this relationship can take awhile to develop, but once it’s established it’s like a runaway locomotive - difficult to stop.

What’s the best aspect of the Taurus-Virgo relationship? Their dedication to working toward big goals. Both partners love to surround themselves with beautiful things and luxury items, and their desire to be financially secure ensures that they help each other achieve their goals. Another good thing is that they’re similar enough to be patient with one another’s journey.

In addition to the fact they’re both Earth signs, ‘flowers’ are the best matching tats for this couple because the connection between them is as strong as the one flowers have to the earth.

22 BFF Gemini And Capricorn: Each Other’s Initials Because You’re Both Loyal And Supportive

Gemini and Capricorn want at first entirely different things in life. Gemini are sociable and outgoing, conversing and mingling with people - they enjoy the pleasures of life as they come. A Gemini might get the details wrong when they're meeting a friend for a meal, but once they get there, they will give you all of their attention! Capricorn, instead, have very defined ideas and plans and work tirelessly towards attaining their goals.

Geminis aren't simply caring, they know exactly what to say to make you feel better and give excellent advice. They’re extremely supportive and make you feel as if someone has constantly your back. On top of all that, Geminis are fun to hang out with and can make any experience better.

Capricorns are calm and modest and are good for Geminis because they help ground them.

In their partnership, either friend must have a clear knowledge of what to do and what not to do, meaning Capricorn must not attempt to tame Gemini’s wild nature too much, and Gemini must communicate well with Capricorn. However, once both signs allow each other freedom of action and expression, they combine wonderfully to form a spirited and beneficial friendship. If they could learn from each other, it would be even better!

21 BF Aries And Leo: You’ll Overcome Even The Fiercest Fights - ‘Rock On’

When Aries and Leo come together, sparks fly! Both are fire signs, passionate and dynamic, with a constant and healthy love for competition. They will often want to be the boss in the situation and problems might arise when their equally-large egos get in the way. That’s why each must be careful not to offend the other's vanity, as the most trivial events can become power struggles. Also, Aries may also be bothered by Leo’s flirtatious nature, while Leo could be bothered by the easily-bored nature of Aries.

A good thing is these partners have genuine admiration and respect for each other, but they need to find some kind of harmony and learn to take turns commanding and giving orders. Otherwise, they’ll enter a debate even if it’s just for choosing a movie at the video store!

On the other hand, their relationship is never - in any way - boring. The ardor that animate both signs may weld the two individuals into a radiant, exciting couple. Adventure, creativity, and success are always on the horizon, while their mutual energy and spirit make theirs a dynamic duo.

A ‘Rock On’ tattoo can perfectly sum up the excitement and passion in your relationship!

20 BFF Capricorn And Sagittarius: ‘Pulses’ As You’re The Perfect Combination Of Patient And Reckless Friends

Capricorn besties might result in a beneficial relationship at times, as they're the best friend, the parent, and caregiver wrapped up into one person. In other words, Capricorn will give you their heart and anything to be your everything, which is why once you're friends with a Capricorn, it takes a lot for them to let you go. One of their best qualities is patience, though. They are wise beyond their years and have the biggest hearts. They’re understanding when their friends mess up and they will do all they can to fix the situation.

Sagittarius is a good friendship match with Capricorns because they add some excitement and pizzazz to Capricorn's life.

Sagittarians encourage Capricorns to break out of their comfort zone and explore the world just for the fun of it. Sagittarius', indeed, are active and enthusiastic and live their life doing things impulsively. On the other hand, Capricorn is calm, quiet, and always keeps an attention to detail.

Initially, the two might not get along, as Sagittarius would find Capricorn fussy and dull, while Capricorn would consider Sagittarius wild and impulsive, but as their friendship develops, they would begin to appreciate - and learn a lot from - each other.

19 BF Gemini And Aquarius: Like ‘Narwhals’ You Love Sharing Your Uniqueness With Each Other

When Gemini and Aquarius come together, it seems like they’re sharing their own piece of the world. Indeed, Gemini is in love with ideas and Aquarius is full of them. They’d easily spend hours sharing their deepest thoughts and fears, creating a strong bond. The only trouble that may arise is if Gemini begins to think Aquarius is too stubborn in their thinking, or if Gemini dawdles a bit too much for Aquarius’s fast-paced, forward-moving standards. However, this type of problem isn’t likely to cause a major disturbance, as they generally understand each other on a deep level.

The best aspect of the Gemini-Aquarius relationship is their ability to work together and provide one another with a sounding board for inspirations and flights of fancy.

Narwhals are undoubtedly the equivalent of uniqueness, and which matching tats could better represent a Gemini-Aquarius couple?!

18 BFF Taurus And Pisces: Dahlias - You’re Confident And Kind-Hearted

A companionship between a Taurus and a Pisces, in general, leads to a good, long-lasting and healthy relationship. Taurus' can be incredible friends because they would never betray someone that confides in them, just like Pisces would never try to harm another person on purpose.

Taurus and Pisces are two signs apart from the Zodiac, and therefore communicate with and understand each other well. Taurus are typically realistic, and look for cold, hard facts in any situation, while Pisces concentrate more on feelings and emotions. At some point, Taurus could easily be fed up with Pisces’ emotional nature, and Pisces could feel that Taurus are not compassionate enough of them. But if their friend needs them - no matter for what or when - Taurus is right there for them. A Taurus individual is very protective and will look out for their bestie until the end of time.

At the same time, Pisces are incredibly kind-hearted and would never take advantage of Taurus’ unconditional support.

As Dahlias can symbolize commitment to a certain person even during tough times, they are the perfect matching tattoos for this couple of signs. Matter of fact, Taurus and Pisces would never be able to stay away from each other for too long, no matter how many difficulties they have to overcome.

17 BF Virgo And Capricorn: Your Relationship Has A Strong Foundation - ‘Pinky Letters’

When Virgo and Capricorn join together in a love match, theirs is a pragmatic and smart relationship - they’re very close to being a perfect match. Both Signs are highly rational, and both expect a lot of themselves and others. Virgo adores Capricorn’s dedication and intensity, while Capricorn admires Virgo’s intuition and attention to detail.

Both Virgo and Capricorn share the values of hard work, social advancement, and financial security, as well as they, enjoy security and material objects. They’re willing to work very hard together if it’s needed, more than any other couple would normally do - especially if the goal they want to achieve involves shared resources. Their mutual interests make theirs a highly pleasant relationship, and their amazing dedication to achieve similar goals will help them live a very comfortable life together. The risk is that their love can become somewhat arid, but in return, they are skillful at climbing the social ladder together and sustaining each other through great effort with unfailing loyalty.

Together Virgo and Capricorn form a solid union based firmly in reality. Their relationship has a strong foundation that is based on material security and a realistic approach to life in general. These signs don’t let their emotions or impulses take over and can always count on each other, which is why pinky letters are the perfect choice when it comes to matching tattoos.

16 BFF Pisces And Cancer: Your Friendship Is Intuitive And Caring - ‘Whales’

Cancer and Pisces are a winning and healthy combination because they share similar character and spirit. They’re both caring, kind and selfless to the extreme, to the point they may have difficulty understanding their own feelings. Cancer and Pisces are also very intuitive about other people - they could look at someone for a moment and immediately empathize with them. They always make their friends feel special, even during the silliest conversations, and that’s why they’re easily likable.

Pisces are generous and creative gift givers - they’ll likely spend time and money looking for the perfect gift to make. Cancers are true friends, they hate hurting or disappointing other people which is what Pisces need - as they can sometimes fall prey to those who take advantage of them.

As they’re both water signs, they share common interests and values - along with the intensity of their emotions.

They’re very sensitive and complement each other well. Together they could do things that are advantageous not only to both of them but the people around them as well. Whales are pure animals, well-known for living in communities and their communication skills. No other animal could represent the friendship between these two signs better.

15 BF Aries And Capricorn: Even Having Many Differences, You Two Understand Each Other On A Spiritual Level - ‘Space’

When it comes to Aries and Capricorn, the fiery rebel and the practical earth sign speak different languages: one is being held aloft by dreams while the other has his or her feet firmly on the ground. Their approaches can also seem almost opposite to one another — Aries is all about acting without bothering to even consider where the action is directed or what it will attain; while Capricorn is all about judging whether (or how much) it will benefit them before they take action.

That’s why when Aries and Capricorn come together in a love match, they must work hard to maintain their mutual energy. Both signs are very stubborn and think their way is best so, in order to work together, they have to agree to disagree!

However, when they find out how to reinforce the Aries audacity with the Capricorn constructive spirit, they can accomplish great things. The best aspect of the Aries-Capricorn relationship is each one’s ability to bring unique qualities to their union. Theirs is a challenging relationship, but once they learn how to allow each other to be themselves they can blend well to make a whole.

Even though Aries and Capricorn seem to be coming from different planets (which is why the ‘space’ tattoos would be perfect to symbolize them!), they understand each other on a deep spiritual level and with sound communication and goodwill they can overcome any obstacle in their relationship!

14 BFF Virgo And Gemini: A Reliable And Smart Pair - Sun, Moon, Or Star

Relationships between Gemini and Virgo usually evolve over time. Initially, Gemini might find Virgo too serious and fussy, but they’ll discover with time how much reliable and trustworthy a Virgo BFF can be. Virgo is, in fact, one of the signs that would never sacrifice a friendship for their own gain. Instead, they’ll always try to make things right and fix whatever they can. As a downside, they tend to act like they know all the answers, but they’re genuine enough to be there when their friends need them.

While Geminis may not be as reliable as Virgos, they are very smart and match them intellectually.

Virgo can introduce Gemini to the practical aspect of things, and help them analyze everything in depth, while Geminis help Virgos to relax and see the big picture - they strongly believe everything will make sense in the end and that it’s impossible to have fun while you’re too focused on small details. Gemini tends to live in the moment and adapt to whatever situation they’re in. This will eventually help them bring more excitement and positive energy into Virgo’s life.

Just like the sun, the moon and the stars, Virgo and Gemini help each other and live in perfect harmony.

13 BF Libra And Taurus: You Have Lots In Common - ‘Elephants’

Taurus and Libra are two signs that have a lot in common. For instance, both have a love for the arts - they appreciate fine dining and theater, or collecting art and music. Also, the fact that both these signs are influenced by amorous Venus gives their relationship a romantic outlook. Beauty — physical or aesthetic — is a premium for these two; they both love to woo and be wooed and consider courtship a necessary part of any romantic relationship.

On the other hand, the sociable Libra's appetite for entertainment and conversation may be stifled by Taurus' stolid contentment with home and hearth. Yet when Taurus and Libra come together in a love affair, it can be the unification of two halves of a whole. In fact, these two Signs are thought of as being karmically linked.

The perfect symbol for this couple of signs is undoubtedly the elephant, as it symbolizes reliability and stability (as well as royalty!) which is exactly what a Libra and a Taurus look for in a partner. Theirs is a relationship of great romance and harmony and if these two signs want their relationship to last, it certainly can!

12 BFF Leo And Taurus: Ice Cream Cones - You Enjoy Retail Therapy

A friendship between a Taurus and a Leo is one of mutual respect and a mutual liking of each other’s company. Indeed, they are a perfect match - Taurus and Leo are both fiercely faithful and often possessive of each other.

Leos are the most optimistic, energetic, and fun individuals around - that’s why they usually have a lot of people who want to be their friends. Taurus admires Leo for that ability while Leos love being looked up - this results in a mutual satisfaction. As long as they realize each other’s feelings and desires, Leo and Taurus produce a constructive combination, but if one of them does something that seems disloyal or shady, the other will have no problems dumping them. However, both signs are loyal, helpful and caring, so they rarely encounter this type of difficulties.

Taurus' adore being treated with love and care and a Leo BBF will always come through for their friends, proving their love over and over again.

When Leos and Taurus' say ‘best friends forever’, they mean it - and convincing each other of the importance of their friendship is always the best way to solve any problem.

Something Leo and Taurus have in common is their love for wealth, lavishness and comfort - often on an extravagant measure. Both of these signs enjoy having and showing off nice things or luxury items, so it's not surprising retail therapy is one of their favorite things to do together - and an ice cream cone can be the perfect ending to a relaxing shopping trip.

11 BF Scorpio And Cancer: Your Flaws Are The Strength Of Your Relationship - ‘Ariel And Belle’

When Cancer and Scorpio make a love match, the resulting relationship draws together the energies of two emotionally intense partners. Signs such as these often combine well - each partner’s strengths in balancing the other’s weaknesses. Cancer and Scorpio have a great deal in common, and much potential to keep their relationship passionate and going strong. They also share a common craving: both want to settle down; they claim to be monogamous and instinctively sense the other's emotions.

However, Scorpio's rudeness may sometimes cause Cancer to recoil; Cancer's moodiness may be hard for Scorpio to bear. Moreover, Scorpio's overweening selfishness could wilt the strongest Cancerian love. This love relationship will fail only if the two partners truly cannot overcome their opinionated, stubborn sides, but if they endure their love will be a symphony.

Both Cancer and Scorpio see life as a passionate and deeply emotionally exercise of human connection, and their teamwork can be quite powerful when they agree on their goals. Indeed, their mutual determination makes theirs a relationship of formidable strength. Just like the Disney characters Belle and Ariel, they’re tenacious individuals with ambitious minds, willing to go ‘all in’ when it comes to achieving their goals, even if that means taking some risks.

10 BFF Libra And Leo: You’re Willing To Go Through ‘Thick And Thin’ Together

Leo and Libra make fabulous friends. Both are lovers of life and fuel each other's positive energy - they’re endless romantics who always enjoy a good laugh. It’s not unusual for them to have a good time whatever event they attend. They love to accompany each other to movies, concerts, and plays, but they're also enthusiastic game players and may enter trivia contests, poker tournaments, or sporting competitions.

Libras, just like Leos, are fair, tactful and loyal. However, they can get resentful if they feel like someone is disrespecting them or doing shady things behind their backs. When something bothers Libras in a relationship, they tend to avoid the problem until there's an inappropriate blow-up. On the other hand, they often give over things quickly and will want to make up.

Leos and Libras make a great duo because they're both able to see past each other's differences and have a good time together - each finds the other's weaknesses relatively minor and make each other laugh constantly.

Leo is captivated by Libra's wit and sophistication, while Libra adores Lion's warmth and generosity. Libra could calm Leo’s energetic nature and soften their extravagant enthusiasm, while Leo could help Libra be more lively and impulsive, and make firm decisions.

The most interesting aspect of a relationship between a Leo and a Libra is that their friendship springs from a basic human partnership: each friend provides exactly what the other lacks and they’re unstoppable together, able to go through ‘thick and thin’!

9 BF Sagittarius And Aquarius: You Share An Old-Fashioned Bond - ‘Lotuses’

Sagittarius and Aquarius are two adventurous and intellectual signs that share many affinities - and they can choose to combine their knowledge to make a creative and unique couple. This partnership is uninhibited, and while it can get competitive between them, there’s never a dull moment! Underneath any romantic overtone, there exists a great friendship for these two; which gives them the ability to communicate well. Both are idealistic and excited about life and enjoy great times together - in other words, they can fly without fear of falling. It’s not unusual for both signs to become active politically, try to save the environment; discuss philosophy and human rights, or meet a wide variety of people. It’s clear they never run out of ideas or causes!

Probably the only downside to this relationship is that both signs prefer freedom to commitment, and rather try to avoid it as much as possible. Oddly, though, often couples which promise each other nothing stay together the longest.

In Hinduism, the lotus flower can mean prosperity, spirituality, and eternity, all qualities that make it the perfect symbol for this couple. In a Sagittarius-Aquarius relationship, in fact, there aren’t many conflicts because both signs can rely on their ability to resolve difficult issues by putting their hearts in the matter.

8 BFF Scorpio And Aries: You Have An Intense And Adventurous Relationship - ‘Earth And Water’

Scorpios are intense — one moment they're the best friend you could ever want, and the next your worst enemy. Scorpios are smart and powerful and if they feel humiliated or betrayed or lied to, they won’t hesitate to get back at you.

Watch out if you upset a Scorpio because things are about to get ugly. A Scorpio is a sagacious strategist while Aries tends to dash straight into the thick of battle without any plan. However, Aries can help get Scorpio out of their heads and encourage them to go out and do things - rather than brood.

Aries and Scorpio form an explosive friendship.

These two love getting into trouble together, as going to extremes is their idea of fun.

Fortunately, both signs are experts at getting out of messes, using wit and fast talking. They both like power, and this sometimes leads to conflicts between them, but if they learn to cooperate instead of fighting, they can go far. When they get along and ignore each other’s differences, these two can move mountains!

These earth and water tats showcase differing personalities, but the two elements are definitely harmonious, just like a friendship between Scorpio and Aries.

7 BF Leo And Gemini: You Can Be Hard-Headed At Times But You’ll Always End Up Together - ‘Avocados’

These two signs appreciate extravagance, dazzle, and glitter; the Air of one feeds the Fire of the other. Leo's idea of love is grandiose, and Gemini will be fascinated by the attentiveness of his or her partner but must be careful of Leo's pride. Leo, on the other hand, should rein in his/her possessiveness, because the Gemini wants to be as free as Air. However, if these prerogatives are respected, their love will be colorful and joyful.

When Gemini and Leo come together, their relationship is playful and high-spirited, characterized by light activity and optimism. Even though their approaches are different — Gemini likes to analyze things from all sides in an intellectual conversation while Leo would rather not talk about it and just jump right in — they are well-matched. What’s the best aspect of the Gemini-Leo relationship? Their youthful, even childlike view of the world. These two can be a great success together thanks to their optimism and explorative natures.

This couple of signs is well represented by matching avocado tattoos. In fact, Leo and Gemini are just like the two halves of an avocado - each completes the other resulting in an explosive and enjoyable combination.

6 BFF Aries And Libra: You Share A Good Lust For Life - ‘Lavender’

Since, in the language of flowers, lavender flowers denote devotion and caution (as well as calmness and serenity) they’re the perfect matching tattoos for Aries and Libra BFFs.

In fact, a friendship between an Aries and a Libra is marked by a general polarity, which can turn out awesome when the two signs are good, but be challenging when they don’t understand each other well. However, Aries and Libra are generally a well-balanced pair. Libra is charming, well cultured, and have pleasing manners that can compensate for the brazen nature of Aries, while Aries is strong-willed and decisive, which can compensate for the irresolute nature of Libra. This allows Aries to help Libra reach resolutions more easily and Libra to show Aries that they’re not always as right as they think they are.

Their polarity is displayed in their character traits as well and each sign has qualities that the other sign lacks.

Aries are excitable and willing to jump into things immediately. They’re impulsive but tend to get offended pretty easily - that’s why they might say things without thinking, but get confrontational in a negative way if someone does the same to them. Libra, on the other hand, are indecisive, peace-loving, and prefer a calm, quiet view of everything. This is why Libra is such a good friend for Aries - a Libra BBF would work hard to keep the peace and would never want to rile Aries up.

5 BF Cancer And Pisces: You’re Are Made Of The Same Stuff - ‘Infinite’

These two water signs naturally flow together - Cancer and Pisces intuitively understand each other; they handle each other's sensitivity with respect, care, and gentleness. Their personalities are likely to merge. Loathing power struggles, they silently respect each other's solitude and barely need to speak aloud. A Pisces mate can open a Cancer’s eyes to the world of creativity and spirituality. In turn, Cancer’s practicality can be a guide, leading Pisces to the fruition of their dreamy, utopian ideas. This celestial pairing benefits from an amazingly strong and multifaceted emotional bond. Though they may work toward different goals of acquisition and lifestyle - as Cancer loves material goods while Pisces prefer minimalism - the shared emotional depth of Cancer and Pisces can make theirs a very rewarding relationship.

The best aspect of the Cancer-Pisces relationship is the fact that they share very similar emotional natures. Matter of fact, both signs have a great capacity for emotion and compassion, and both can act as teacher or student. They complement and harmonize with one another very well. The overall empathy and commitment that these two Signs value in a relationship is what will keep the ties strong and long lasting between the Crab and the Fish. For all these reasons the infinite - which symbolizes limitless love and strength in the face of adversity - is the perfect tattoo to represent this couple.

4 BFF Aquarius And Scorpio: You Take Your Friendship Seriously - ‘Arrows’

Scorpio and Aquarius are two signs with a radically different character and outlook of life. While Scorpio will go through life depending entirely on their emotions and goals, Aquarius have an unrealistic outlook on the world and enjoy mingling with people. Actually, another difference between these two signs is that Aquarius like to have lots of friends while Scorpios prefer just having a few close.

However, Aquarius finds it extremely difficult handling heavy-duty emotions, so if your BFF is an Aquarius, don’t expect them to be able to handle a mental breakdown. On the other hand, both signs are willing to put their energies into making their relationship last and take each other’s responsibilities seriously. Together, Aquarius and Scorpio form an unusual friendship that makes onlookers scratch their heads with confusion.

Both signs have an incredible strength of character, and their combined efforts could lead to tremendous and unbelievable success.

Scorpio and Aquarius are both determined when it comes to their goals. Indeed, these two are obstinate and unyielding, and won’t stop until they have things their way. Once they see how their friendship can benefit them, they will set aside their dissimilarities and achieve anything and everything in a wonderful way!

Arrows usually signify friendship and, more specifically, they designate strength in a relationship, but in this case, arrows can also represent the signs’ strength of character and their ability to ‘hit’ whatever goal they have in mind by cooperating.

3 BF Aries And Sagittarius: You Live In Your Own World - ‘Coordinates’

When Aries and Sagittarius come together, it can be a match made in heaven! These partners have much in common — from similar energies to their interests — and are highly compatible. Both are explorers and pioneers - they soar with shared exaltation towards ambitious ideals and adventure. Communication flows readily between the two, limiting the damage from conflict. This relationship is torrid and exciting and both partners are always ready for a new adventure. They both crave life experience of their own and don’t like to waste time just reading about it or listening to others tell about theirs. They do need to be careful, however: as much as these two have in common, it may be difficult to maintain a long-term relationship when both parties have so much energy to start new things — but not much interest in following through.

This relationship, on the other hand, could be accident-prone as Aries is always in a rush and Sagittarius tends to look at everything but the obvious. Problems and conflicts are rare between these two Signs, but could also become inevitable at some point. Coordinates could be the perfect matching tats for this couple and serve as a reminder of the bonds that unite them - especially considering that they might tend to forget those.

2 BFF Sagittarius And Sagittarius: You Might Not See Each Other For Years And Would Still Pick Up Where You Left Off - ‘Cactuses’

Whenever two Sagittarians get together, a party breaks out. This fun-loving sign adores teaming up with someone who shares their festive spirit - they’re optimistic, outgoing, and humorous. They love making people laugh and exploring unknown territory, which is why they’re often constant and impulsive travelers. Of course, their similarities can create problems from time to time. Sagittarius is brutally honest and has no problem issuing devastating criticism, which can cause a total lack of diplomacy in the friendship.

Sagittarius make friends very easily, and they can be quick to proclaim that someone is their BFF.

However, Sagittarius don't enjoy complicated friendships and when those friendships start to have difficulties, they get uncomfortable and leave. It isn't that they don't care, it's just that they get impatient, and sometimes they can result tactless.

Good news is only another Sagittarius can get why a Sagittarius is leary of restrictive friendships, and they’ll both end up avoiding conflict situations. Also, Sagittarians don't feel as if they have to follow any traditional rules of friendship - they may not see their friends for years and when they do, they pick up where they left off.

Like cactuses, you’re able to handle long periods of thirst and sacrifice but will always end up staying together.

1 BF Virgo And Leo: An Odd Couple That Works, Just Like ‘Waffles And Pancakes'

When Virgo and Leo get together, they may initially overlook common interests and feel like they have nothing to gain from one another. This is, however, a relationship that evolves over time, and allows each partner to gradually understand and appreciate the other. Leo is extroverted and charismatic, but can often have a short fuse; while Virgo is studious and withdrawn, possessed of more versatility than Leo.

At first, Leo and Virgo may see nothing but faults in one another: Leo may seem tyrannical, and Virgo may seem too judgmental. But when they stop looking solely at one another’s flaws and begin to discover one another’s positive attributes, they’ll discover an attraction. When each partner warms up to the other’s unfamiliar style, they can finally benefit from each other. Leo shows Virgo good times and fun and introduces the spontaneity that is often missing in Virgo’s life, while Virgo teaches Leo patience and focuses their intellectual energy.

The Virgo-Leo love match can appear strange and short-lived in other people’s eyes, as their personalities are opposite in so many ways. Nonetheless, these two know how to have fun together and enjoy each other’s company.

Virgo and Leo make theirs a highly complementary and winning love match: they’re an odd couple that works, just like waffles and pancakes!

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