12 Lessons You Must Learn From Celebrities With Horrible Reputations

It may seem like there are a lot of celebrities that make some terrible, reputation ruining mistakes. However, if there were cameras trained on your every move, you might also have some embarrassing moments floating around on the internet. For all of those moments captured and immortalized on the internet, we learn so much about the personal lives and mistakes of celebrities as well as the obstacles they have overcome. We tend to look at celebrities as some kind of royal creatures different from ourselves, but at one point in time, they were normal everyday people like you and I.

Even as celebrities, their actions have consequences and can tear apart their careers or propel them into stardom. If anything, we can look at their mistakes and apply them to our own lives like cautionary fairy tales for adults. Take a look at these twelve celebrities with notorious bad reputations, and see how some of their behaviors have hurt their careers, while others have managed to rise to success, even with their bad girl personas. These are lessons you might want to keep in mind as you embark on your own journey. Being a bad girl can sometimes be a good thing and disastrous other times...It is all about empowering your image and properly marketing yourself by embracing the proper opportunities and, more importantly, having the right timing.

12 Keep Your Meltdowns Private

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Who could forget Britney Spears infamous meltdowns? From public embarrassments and ambulance rides to umbrella car beatings and a shaved head; Britney had quite the fall off her pop star throne. Her outrageous public behavior was entertaining at first before it just became sad. We all go through some crazy times where we feel like our whole lives are falling apart before our very eyes, and we might even indulge in some outlandish behavior as we try to cope. Don’t air that dirty laundry to just anyone! It may be tempting to vent on social media, cry at work, or make a fool of yourself at the bar, but trust me, it's best to keep it under wraps. When in the depths of despair, it is very easy to get stuck on the wrong path and begin to alienate those that really do care about you. How you handle the craziness in your life is what determines your character and prepares you for the obstacles of life. Don’t fly off the rails, especially in public.

11 Don’t Sleep With Your Boss

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Back in 2012, the world took a collective gasp as photos were released of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders getting hot and heavy. As the director for Snow White and the Huntsmen, Sanders was significantly older and married with two kids, while Kristen had been dating Robert Pattinson for years. The photos were an explosive revelation that deeply hurt the people involved and tainted the reputations of Stewart and Sanders. It took a while for the embarrassment to blow over, but no one has really forgotten. If there is anything to take away from this mess, it is not to have an affair, but especially with your boss. Affairs rarely end well, and if you are thinking about cheating on your significant other, take it as a cue that the relationship has soured. Be mature and end it. Don’t drag it out and cheat with your boss, which puts your career at risk until it all blows up in everyone’s face.

10 Ask For Help

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Amanda Bynes has been on a crazy rollercoaster the last few years. Her downright strange behavior in public and frequent arrests has pointed to numerous problems from drugs to even mental illness. This woman that had a budding career is suddenly acting crazy, wearing bizarre wigs and quickly headed towards a crash and burn. There is a point in all of our lives that we just need some help. Whether addiction is overtaking your life or you just need some advice on what to do next, we all need to ask for help when we need it. Don’t wait until your life is spiraling out of control to raise the white flag because by then it may be too late. Ask family, friends or seek guidance from a therapist. Do whatever you have to do in order to keep yourself healthy. You can’t hope someone will come along and lead you down the right path. Your life is in your own hands, so take good care of it.

9 Learn To Love Yourself

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As a former party girl, Tara Reid has been put through the ringer of life. After years in the spotlight and outrageous hijinks, Tara’s career started to take a nosedive. Then, when she had repeated plastic surgeries that left her worse off, she became just another infamous before and after photo floating around on the internet. As women, we go through our lives often comparing ourselves to other women. We feel the need to compete - to be the most attractive, the thinnest and whatever else is in style. Stop comparing yourself to other women! Stop making yourself miserable because you don’t have pouty lips or a bouncy D-cup. Most importantly, don’t subject yourself to unnecessary surgery just to meet society's unrealistic standard of beauty. Learn to love yourself, flaws and all. Work on being healthy, fit and confident. That confidence will shine through and be the kind of attractive quality that will draw a worthy mate - not someone caught up on appearances.

8 Don’t Be Desperate For Attention


Miley is well known for her over the top outfits, pushing the envelope and the inability to keep that tongue in her mouth. It has raised a lot of eyebrows to say the least. Being your own person is a great thing, yet, there is a chance of taking it too far. Take a hint from Miley, and don’t be an outrageous attention hog. Acting ridiculous and shocking just for attention isn’t attractive. It is pathetic. Your youth is going to be filled with indiscretions, but don’t let it become who you are. Being outrageous just to shock people gets old very fast and does nothing to help you grow effectively as a person. Eventually, we all have to grow up eventually and take life seriously. Use your brain and wit to get people to listen to you, not nearly naked outfits and twerking. Make decisions that are going to move your life forward, not keep you stuck in a cycle of constant negative attention. You are better than all of that.

7 Use Your Brain, Not Your Body


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Heidi Montag? Probably the ridiculous plastic surgery. This is unfortunate. This former reality star is a shining picture of everything that is wrong with society. Why this once attractive young woman thought she needed to disfigure herself for fame is beyond my comprehension. She basically ruined her body in hopes of continuing her short lived fame. Take a look at her, and if you ever think freakish surgery is the answer to any of your problems, tell yourself to get it together FAST. Our bodies are not objects for anyone’s amusement or entertainment. Women like this drag down feminism and further perpetuate the stereotypes of mindless objects that exist purely for the male gaze. There is no reason to stuff your body full of silicone and shave down your bones to reach “perfection”. Instead of spending that time worrying about your cup size, educate yourself and find a way to add something to society instead of further polluting it.

6 Explore Your Options

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Taylor Momsen has spent the majority of her life as a model and actress. Her parents had her modeling at age 2, and she spent her childhood taking role after role instead of just enjoying being a kid. While she has achieved success in her jobs as a model and actress, her real passion shines through in her music. As the frontwoman for Pretty Reckless, Momsen has taken on a particularly difficult role as a female frontwoman of a rock band, but she pulls it off seamlessly. Her confidence and talent is an inspiring example of what we can do when we put our mind towards are true passion. Just because you are naturally good at one thing (and that is what you have always known) doesn’t mean that has to be your path. More than ever, we have the opportunity to break out of our comfort zones and go after our aspirations. Don’t ever feel boxed in. Explore your options and don’t ever be afraid to try!

5 Opportunity Doesn’t Last Forever

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This promising young child actor appeared to have the world at her fingertips. Lindsay Lohan rose to fame with multiple movies and made it big before she was even in her twenties. However, something went terribly wrong, as she began to go a little crazy with all that independence and hoards of money at such a young age. The fact of having a very unstable family life seemed to have only added to her turmoil. With erratic and often embarrassing behavior, Lohan has been arrested and attended rehab quite a few times, and it has derailed her career. Lohan is much less relevant and influential today than she once was. Her tale is a cautionary one that should be proof to all the millennials out there that opportunities do fizzle out. Don’t waste your chances! Stop curtailing your success and potential with bad behavior and immature antics. If you keep making bad decisions, it will eventually catch up to you and everyone that was willing to give you a chance will eventually disappear.

4 Be Unapologetic

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Amy Schumer is a sassy blonde with a mouth that would shock a truck driver. Her over the top accounts of intimate experiences are often so jaw dropping, you have to laugh at its absurdity. While some may find it surprising that a woman boasts about her random encounters and jokes about her sexuality, men have been doing it since the beginning of time. It is women like Amy that keep nudging the door open for female empowerment, while making room for us in a male dominated world. While others might find her comedy offensive, it is the unapologetic nature that proves women are human beings that enjoy sex, have a sense of humor, and can go head to head with a man. Don’t apologize for who you are. Instead, use it as a tool to help move yourself forward and empower your gender. We all have the capability to make things happen, not just celebrities.

3 Don’t Let Your Past Hold You Down

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The eccentric Kesha is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. She doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks about her, and she says whatever seems to come to mind. Yet, her life hasn’t always been fun and games. Kesha and her older brother were raised by a single mother that often relied on welfare and food stamps to get by. Her mother was a singer-songwriter that was always chasing down her next break, and while it would have been easy for Kesha to take a more conventional path to insure a more reliable career, she followed her own dreams. No matter what has held you back in the past, whether it be a terrible childhood, bad parenting, or even your own mistakes, don’t let it be an excuse not to believe in yourself. You can’t keep blaming your mom and dad for all those failures in your life. Step up and take responsibility of your future.

2 Don’t Try To Find Success Through Others

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Hot mess is pretty much the only phrase to accurately describe Courtney Love. This woman has been a redefining bad girl for decades. Many have speculated that she was with Kurt Cobain only to ride his coattails to success. We may never know exactly what her true intentions were with the famous frontman of Nirvana, but when he died, she inherited his writing and publishing rights. Through the years, she has lost millions in lawsuits while fighting with the surviving members of Nirvana. While she was fighting over her husband’s work, her own band has fallen apart, and she has managed to push her only daughter away with some of that famous lunacy. Don’t get so caught up in your significant other that it overtakes your whole life. Whether you are doing it out of love, or because you hope it will make your own life better, try living your own purposeful life. You have to rely on finding fulfillment completely in yourself, not anyone else.

1 Be True To Yourself

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This comedian turned Netflix queen is known for her foul mouth, naked social media posts, brash humor and love of vodka. While some may be put off by her, “I don’t give a sh**” demeanor, others love her for it, which has amassed her quite the following. If there is one thing she has gotten right, it is that she has stayed true to who she is and has never given up on her dream. She managed to break through the many barriers that could have derailed her career and has risen to become a New York Times Best Selling Author, while having hosted a variety of her own shows. Her newest show on Netflix has shown a whole new depth to Chelsea, and she holds no limits towards her humor. She has been able to take on more serious issues within politics, feminism and cultural views, by using her platform to interview a variety of influential people, from Gloria Steinem to Van Jones. You will always find people that don’t like you and will bet against you, but you have to learn to stay true to yourself in order to honorably climb that ladder to the top.

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