12 Items Of Clothing That Every Woman Should Own

Picture the scene: you’ve opened your wardrobe to choose an outfit for the day, but there isn’t anything you actually want to wear. You throw clothes onto a growing pile on your bed as you shout “I haven’t got anything to wear!" Sound familiar? Every single morning, for a few moments, your wardrobe becomes your main focus. You always need the right outfit, no matter where you're going or what you're doing. The best way to make sure you never worry about your clothes again is to have all the basic wardrobe essentials. You can use these items to make sure you look fierce on a night out, or to make sure you look professional at work. Here are 12 of the key items every woman needs, from coats to shoes to T-shirts. You can mix and match these items with the other things in your wardrobe to make sure you always look on point, no matter what.

12 Little Black Dress

Let’s start with the most obvious item on the list: the classic LBD. Little black dresses never go out of style, and black is a flattering color on all body shapes. The perfect little black dress is both sexy and sophisticated, and it should be perfect for both a night out and a meal at a restaurant. It’s worth forking out a little more for the perfect dress because you'll find something well-made that won't lose its shape after only a few washes. Make sure you choose a shape that you feel comfortable in, or you probably won’t wear it that often. You can go for knee-length or mini-skirt length, with long sleeves or no sleeves – the good thing about LBDs is the amount of variation!

11 Sundress

Summer is officially here, and a sundress is the ultimate summer fashion essential. It makes you look like you’ve made an effort without looking too dressy or formal – so perfect for days in the sun, no matter what you're doing! Invest in a summer dress that has some color to it, as it will make your whole outfit pop. We personally love a summer dress in one bright color, such as orange, or a summer dress with a pattern – it’s perfect for hiding wine spills when you spend your day in a sunny beer garden. Dress it down with flats in the daytime, and pair it with heels and a necklace at night time to glam it up.

10 Winter Coat

It may not be winter now, but you can guarantee those freezing days will be back again before we know it! Often people buy a cheap winter coat every few years, but it's much better to invest in one quality coat that will last you a long time. Try to get a coat that you can wear with any outfit, including dresses and jeans. If it doesn’t go with both, you might find yourself needing a second coat! It is also important to get a coat that fits you on the shoulders; if not it can give you a bulky look. Make sure you store your coat properly during the summer – we recommend a vacuum bag. No one likes to see that their treasured designer coat has a little bit of mold on the sleeve!

9 Blazer

Blazers are an essential fashion item since they really help pull outfits together to create a strong look. You can wear them with jeans on your day off in the park, with a dress on a night out or to the office – need we say more? Choose a blazer that reflects your personal style. There are lots of options out there, from neon pink to black, and you can choose a fitted blazer or a slouchy one. You can accentuate your waistline by getting one that is cinched, or you can even get one with shoulder pads. Don’t, though. Trust us on this one.

8 A Staple Handbag

We have a lot of stuff to carry around (a lot more than men do!) so a good handbag is basically essential. We end up carrying the same old battered purse for years but it can make our entire outfit look super messy. Look for a bag that you can take to work or out shopping, too. Lots of women love a brightly colored bag, but only do this if you think that color will go with all of your outfits. It’s also important to get a bag that can actually fit all of your stuff in – otherwise you’ll just keep going back to the old bag!

7 A Quality Pair Of Jeans

Everyone should have one pair of decent, well-fitting jeans. Jeans won’t be going out of style any time soon, and plus, they're super versatile. Choose a color that you think suits every occasion – for some girls that might be black, and for others it could be a lighter blue. There are so many different types of jeans out there, so look for a cut that flatters your body shape. If you want to show off your legs, go for a pair of skinny jeans. If you have an awesome waistline that you love to show off, go for a pair of high-waisted jeans. You’ll feel amazing – and you’ll look even better.

6 White/Black/Grey T-Shirts

Most girls have lots of T-shirts, but most of them aren't exactly high quality. It's definitely worth investing in some decent basic T-shirts with a good cut, as they will improve the outfit you wear, rather than make it look worse.

The most important thing is to choose a style that you truly love. From baggy boyfriend style T-shirts to fitted V necks, there are tons of styles out there so choose one that you will feel comfortable and happy in. Now you’ll always have an outfit for the days when you can’t be bothered. Win-win.

5 A Dressy T-shirt

Sometimes you feel like going the whole hog and wearing a dress and heels, but what about when you’re in a rush or you can’t be bothered? The dressy T-shirt to the rescue. You can put it in your bag at work and throw it on for after work drinks. You can wear it to any occasion where you worry that a dress is too formal. Every girl should have one, and there are so many options: embellished with jewels or sequins, lace or mesh sections, or just a brightly colored one. The choice is up to you – choose something that you think reflects your personal style.

4 A Fitted White Shirt

A fitted white shirt may not be as exciting as an LBD, but it is just as important – maybe even more important. A fitted white shirt makes any outfit look more professional and pulled together, and it is perfect for work or the weekend. Make sure you buy a white shirt that fits your shoulders, your chest and your waist. Try it on before you buy it; a lot of fitted white shirts are made of thin material, and you might be able to see your bra through it. If that’s your style, go for it – but you might want to know before you wear it to work with your neon pink bra!

3 A Good Pair Of Sneakers

Sneakers look great with casual outfits, and as a total bonus, they're super comfortable. There are lots of options out there, from Keds to Vans to Converse to Nike, so you can guarantee that you’ll find something in a style you love. If you go for Nike, you can go for a run in them or head to the gym. Or you can just glance at them while feeling super guilty that you're not working out. Pair your sneakers with a T-shirt and shorts for the perfect dressed down summer look, or pair them with a dress for a more alternative style. Also, make sure you get a pair that you can put in the washing machine – otherwise they will look scuffed and dirty after a couple of months.

2 Comfortable (But Pretty) Underwear

Most girls have two types of underwear: beautiful, silky underwear that is uncomfortable, and ugly underwear that is super comfy and actually offers support. It’s time to combine the two and invest in some underwear that is both beautiful and comfortable. Invest in figure flattering underwear that makes you feel good, but make sure it is well-made. Cheap materials will make you itchy, and complicated designs may show through your clothes. Once you’ve done this, you can finally throw out those pairs you’ve had for 12 years – or at least retire them to the back of the drawer.

1 PJs

Pajamas are not just for children – trust us, we know. A good pair of pajamas will make you feel good, even when you’re sitting in bed eating Cheetos and binge-watching Orange is the New Black. Go all out and buy some pajamas that you really love. If that means you’re wearing a Frozen onesie, do it. If it means you’re wearing a black silky negligee, do it. We don’t often get the chance to wear whatever the hell we want, but you can at bedtime.

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