12 Hottest Priests That Make You Want To Confess Your Sins

Each year, a photographer by the name of Piero Pazzi releases a calendar entitled, “Calendario Roman,” or as the people in Rome call it: the “Vatican beefcake calendar.” We think we like that name much better.

The purpose of the calendar is to promote the Catholic Church and to encourage tourism to the Vatican. It can only be purchased at newsstands in Rome, but we decided to save you some money on a plane ticket by showing you some of the eye candy that the calendar has to offer. We even threw in a special bonus hot priest that has been making women swoon for years.

Looking at these good looking men who have dedicated themselves to the church feels so wrong but so right at the same time. Get ready to recite the Hail Mary, and check out these 12 hot priests that will make you want to confess all of your sins.

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12 Father Dimples


Imagine attending Sunday church service and seeing this priest standing at the pulpit. His chiseled features and dark eyes give him a mysterious look that we just can’t get enough of. And, is that a dimple I see? Wow, just when you thought he couldn't get any cuter! This is such an inappropriate thought to have about a man that dedicates his life to the church, but with this face, we can't help ourselves.

Most of the time, I’m not really drawn to a man in a hat. I’m curious to see what he has going on underneath it. I pray he’s not hiding a bald spot or a receding hairline. That would just instantly ruin his hotness, but I think I’m going to give him a pass because Father Dimples is working the heck out of that wide-brimmed headwear, don’t you agree? For the love of all things holy, why does he have to be so dedicated to a life of celibacy?! Yeah, I really just went there, and I’m not ashamed of it at all.

11 Father Lips


Are you drooling yet?

This priest would like for us to stop staring at his full and voluptuous lips and to immediately cease with all the naughty thoughts that our flooding our brains. But we just can’t help it. His eyes were the very first things we were drawn to. Father Lips is putting Kylie Jenner to shame. No Kylie Lip Challenge needed!

Father Lips is sexy, and he has to know it, or have an idea that he is better looking than the average priest. He looks like a freshly shaved Jason Momoa, right?! He’s like the godly version of Conan the Barbarian. Just look at the way he’s savagely staring so deeply into the camera. He’s obviously trying to tempt us all. So I’m just going to blame him for all of the sins I’m committing in my mind. He almost makes me want to convert to Catholicism.

10 Father Supermodel


OMG, since when did Cristiano Ronaldo join the priesthood?! Oh, my bad, it’s just Father Supermodel who has come to sashay and strut his hot stuff into our lives with his perfect and symmetrical face. We’re seriously starting to think one of the requirements of being a priest is strikingly handsome features that make women swoon.

Father Supermodel could definitely show up at New York Fashion Week and kill it on the runway of Versace’s menswear show, or we could even picture him being on the cover of GQ magazine…shirtless…with one finger seductively placed in his mouth and his other hand resting delicately on his six pack. Actually, scrap the magazine idea completely. He would probably look even better next to me. Darn, there I go with the inappropriate thoughts again!

9 Father Tall, Dark and Handsome


Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…again. Every time I look at this picture I get a little bit hot and sweaty. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m headed straight to a dark place for looking at this priest with lust in my eyes, but can you really blame me?

Father Tall, Dark and Handsome is changing the game when it comes to priesthood. Normally, priests are much older, a little bit haggard, and somewhat unattractive. Okay, I’m being generous. They’re very unattractive. There, I said it. Does anyone see a little bit of Joe Jonas in this heavenly creature, because we do!

But this priest…holy moly! Since when did priests become so friggin’ hot!? I pray for any woman who comes in contact with this particular priest, because how could you not just want to run your fingers through his faux hawk and call him your bae?

8 Father Smarty Pants


Father, may I sit on your lap as you read the Sunday newspaper to me? In fact, may I just sit beside you and stare at you for a while. He has to be one of the best looking priests I've ever seen. Now that is something I never thought I would say... The very worst part of all of this is how I keep thinking of the fact that he's single. .

Father Smarty Pants’ features may be a bit shaded out in this photo, be we can still tell he is just as good looking as the rest of the priests on this list. And to make things even better, he has brains and beauty! He sort of looks like a saintly version of Matt Damon, right?! Like, if you turn your head to the side and squint your eyes he is definitely the actor’s long lost twin brother. Okay, maybe not, but the point is, Father Smarty Pants would have a line of women waiting for him if he ever decided to leave the church (not that we’re condoning that, of course. Or are we?)

7 Father, What That Mouth Do?


We’re not too sure what is really going on in this picture, but we kind of like it! This priest seems to have a little case of the munchies and is enjoying a slice of who knows what. We only get to see him from his side profile, but that’s more than enough for our brains to kick into overdrive. He kind of reminds us of Ryan Gosling sans facial hair and with darker hair, of course. He can be our Noah Calhoun any day of the week. Yes, God!

As wrong as this sounds, we want to be the one feeding him. Those lips are darn near perfect, and we know we can’t be the only ones imaging what it would be like to lock lips with this priest. Don’t worry, it’s okay if you feel the same way, or maybe it isn't. All we are saying is, if you have the hots for these priests you aren't the only one.

6 Father Broad Shoulders

Hello there, Father. Do you mind if I casually drape my arms around your nice, broad shoulders? Seriously, how cute is this priest? And you just know he has to be hiding some muscles underneath that outfit. They must have a fitness center hidden away in the church, because this priest’s physique is definitely the results of pumping some iron in the gym.

Father Broad Shoulders is aware that he’s one of the most handsome priests on the list. Just look at the way his eyes are piercing the camera. And that mouth half opened-look is making us tingle in inappropriate places. He should really consider a career as a Calvin Klein model if this priesthood gig doesn’t work out for him. Wouldn’t you love to see Father Broad Shoulders in a full-page magazine ad wearing a pair of skintight CK boxer briefs? Yeah, same here.

5 Father Rugged

via: rmc.bfmtv.com

Looking at Father Rugged makes me want to join him on a camping trip, and I definitely wouldn’t mind sharing a tent with this guy. He seems like he would keep me safe at night.

This priest, who’s obviously a fan of facial hair, has everything going for him. I’m loving the scruffy look, and his greasy hair is even getting me all worked up. I have a weakness for men with facial hair, and Father Rugged is making it difficult for me to stop having thoughts of me running my hands through his hair. Do you think he would mind if I did?

He’s like a modern day Fabio, but much hotter, of course. If you’re also having inappropriate and sinful thoughts about Father Rugged, don’t worry, we're all trying to scroll to the next priest, but can't seem to leave this hunk behind. Don't worry Fabio, we will be back for you.

4 Father Angelic


Somebody needs to call God, because heaven's missing an angel. Super cheesy, I know, but how could you not fall in love with Father Angelic? His face is so calm, warm and inviting. He looks like the kind of guy who would sketch beautiful drawings of you while you sleep. It’s just too bad he has devoted his life to the church, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ogle him, right?

Doesn’t he remind you of Scott Wolf from the 90s sitcom “Party of Five”? Yup, he could definitely be Scott’s stunt double. If this priest ever wants to leave the church behind, he should definitely give Hollywood a call. I don’t even care if he doesn’t know how to act. All he needs to do is stare into the camera and give the same smile he’s giving in this picture. I would nominate him for an Emmy just on his looks alone. You have to admit, he looks so innocent too.

3 Father Albert


The Calendario Roman doesn’t give any details on all of the hot priests that are included, so we wanted to throw a well-known priest into the mix. His name is Alberto Cutié, and he previously went by the name Father Albert. He was an ordained priest of the Catholic Church since 1995, but his hotness caused him to leave the church behind. Okay, not really, but he became attracted to a woman and finally realized priesthood wasn’t for him.

In May 2009, photos of Albert on the beach with a woman made him confess that he was in love, and he was ready to kick his celibacy to the curb! He ended up marrying the woman, and he’s now rector of St. Benedict’s Episcopal parish in Plantation, Florida.

So, maybe there’s hope that one of the other priests on our list will fall in love with us and leave the church, too? *Wishful thinking*

2 Father, Gaze Into My Eyes


This priest was too good looking to even look into the camera lens. As he gazes off into the distance, we only wish he would be gazing into our eyes. Like he must be a model on the side. Is that allowed? Are priests able to have side-jobs? Because this hottie could be working as an actor or model. I bet he has chiseled abs under that robe.

He’s definitely giving Liam Hemsworth a run for his money, don’t you think? We would definitely sign up to be this priest’s Miley Cyrus - minus all the tongue wagging and freeing the nipple…unless this priest is into that sort of thing.

The fact that he’s not looking into the camera makes us even more intrigued by him. What’s his real name? Where did he come from? What would it take for him to leave the church behind and join me on a romantic vacation in the Bahamas? I’ll let him bring his Bible, and I’m sure we can find multiple uses for his scepter.

1 Father Sultry Eyes

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Now, the other priests on this list were definitely good looking, but Father Sultry Eyes is in a league of his own! Somebody put this man of God in a Hanes commercial, please! He kind of reminds me of a young David Beckham with his messy hair and his seductive eyes. Father, can I be your Posh Spice? He seems to know how hot he is too. Pretty sure he's giving a flirty look here.

I am obviously sinning by looking at this priest and envisioning him cooking me brunch on a Sunday morning in nothing but his boxers, but it should be a sin for a priest to even be this good looking. How are we supposed to make it to heaven if the Vatican keeps a flock of good looking priest like Father Sultry Eyes in the church? This just isn’t fair!

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