12 Healthy Steps To Take After You've Been Dumped

The end of a relationship can often bring you down as you are no longer going to be talking or seeing someone you once spent so much time with. However the positive thing about a breakup is that when one door closes another one opens and your breakup most likely happened for the best. When trying to mend the wounds after a failed relationship many tend to forget the reasons why they broke up with their partner and some even end up going back to the person that hurt them. In order to keep from doing that it is best to remember why you and that person are no longer together. There is a process that one can take in order to not feel scared into going back, that includes remembering some of the things went wrong in the relationship in the first place. While getting dumped can sting, by developing a coping mechanism and following a step by step plan you can survive the aftermath of a breakup.

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12 Removing baggage

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Another way to clean the slate is by permanently erasing his number from your phone without the pain of seeing his name and feeling tempted to call the number. In the past, you probably sat by your phone waiting for him to text you and was disappointed when he didn’t. Now that the relationship is over you can go days without looking at your phone or wondering when he’s going to call. If you feel somewhat tempted to call, release those feelings by playing the last conversation you had with him over in your head and remember how it felt when he told you it was over

11 Discover the World


A healthy way to get over an ex, is simply by getting out and meeting new people. After being tied down in a relationship, it can be freeing being active and meeting potential new boyfriends. When the moment comes in which you finally meet someone new, you can now let go of the past hurt of being dumped and welcome new energy and positive vibes into your life. When meeting that new person, his presence will be a reminder of how your break up was probably a good thing and lead you to meet someone new.

10 Focus on you


This is your time to focus on you, making sure you are the best version of yourself. If there is anything you neglected while in a relationship, such as certain books you were once really into, of have lost touch with some friends it is time to rebuild and start over. This is also a time to realize how important it is to keep these friendships or hobbies when in a relationship, those should not be sacrificed while every time you begin a relations or else you may lose the friends you once had.

9 Face the breakup

Another way that can help you move is giving yourself enough time to grieve and actually experience the feelings you have so that you don't internalize the pain and try to avoid it altogether. In trying to cover up or deny your feelings of sadness over a breakup, though it will temporarily make the pain go away, it will only come back because you haven’t dealt with the actually loss. Letting go the hurt by crying little doesn’t make you a baby, but only means your human. Write down your feelings in a journal and try to not ruminate in your sadness over a break up.

8 Freedom


Though not having someone on your arm can feel lonely, the one good thing about being single is that you can freely go about your life focusing on yourself, you no longer have to worry or focus on someone else, its time for you. For those who kind of let themselves go, this is a time to stop all of that and start putting a little more effort, not for others, for yourself as this will help you go about your day with more confidence. Get a sexy outfit out of your closet and go outside and cease the day.

7 Old Chums


Remember to call up old friends and plan and day out together. When we're in a relationship we tend to forget about our friends and lose contact with them. To get over an ex reviving old friendships is one way to help deal with being dumped and keeps you connected with people who are important to you. Perhaps they are dealing with a break up as well and also need a shoulder to cry on. Give your support to them and become an example of someone who survived getting dumped and was able to move on.

6 Movie Night


The best relationship therapy is always watching a good movie like the notebook, because it can make you believe finding love is possible even against the odds. While the characters in the movie are fiction, imagining living in the 1940’s and having the love of your life declare their love for you on a Ferris wheel will surely get you through the lonely nights and keep you from thinking about the reality of your own situation. Watching a good movies particularly love stories is good for the soul and a great way to get over someone because your mood changes and stimulates your mind.

5 Do something

Keeping yourself engaged or busy with errands can help to heal the hurt you might feel inside. Activities are always a good way to keep the mind in shape and will prevent you from thinking about your past relationship. Distracting yourself by doing something fun can make the pain of ending a relationship lessen. Perhaps doing an activity such as riding a bike or going to the grocery store will make you feel better about yourself. Doing something positive will stimulate your mind and eliminate feelings of sadness and pain after breaking up with someone. Let yourself be happy again.

4 Discuss it with someone


Confiding in a close friend and talking about it may be one way to help you get over any residual hurt you feel because you can express your feelings to someone and get a second opinion. When dealing with a problem such as a breakup our inability to see clearly may keep us from thinking positively. Taking a friend’s advice can help you to do what is needed in order to move on and keep your mind at ease. A good friend will sometimes be sometimes be honest with you and force you to deal with the problem, rather than allow you to withdraw from life and feel bad.

3 Give your accounts a rest


Taking a break from social media and Facebook is also something you can do to make you forget about an ex, and help you avoid feeling sad any time you see his page or picture. Whenever you feel the urge to sneak a peak at your ex’s Facebook page, do something to keep you from doing this by deactivating your account and giving your social media accounts a rest. Putting a picture of your ex on your Facebook page can be the kiss of death to a relationship, and by removing it, you will no longer have to wander if that was the reason why you broke up in the first place.

2 Stop Worrying

By gaining a new perspective and not beating yourself over being dumped you will feel ready to turn a new page, and make a fresh start in your life. Many of us deal with relationship woes, however choosing to wallow in them will not make us get over them. Constantly worrying whether you will ever meet someone again will only make them worse and keep you from moving on. When being dumped, though trying to pretend the relationship didn’t exist will not make things better, perhaps putting the experience behind you can allow you to make room for something good to happen.

1 The Next Phase


Although it may not be clear why the relationship ended, perhaps you have gained a new life experience that will give you more wisdom and help you to grow spiritually. When breaking up with someone, we eventually move into the next phase of recovery and can cope with being dumped with greater ease because we have dealt with our feelings and have taken the necessary steps to get over being dumped. By starting fresh, you can begin a new chapter in your life and walk away from any disappointment without looking back, while facing the future with a positive attitude.

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