12 Guys You Need To Break Up With Immediately

When should you cut ties with a guy you’re not sure about? If any of the situations below sound like you, that's a giant red flag to drop it and run for the hills. Do any of the relationships below remind you of a friend, roommate, or family member? If yes, then it's time for a serious intervention.

Remember that girl you used to be friends with, but completely lost her mind after she got in this terrible relationship with that guy you knew was bad for her from the start? Remember that time when you were completely head over heals with that absolute scumbag in college? I do! He broke up with me on my 21st birthday, and then I took him back. Time for some tough love, ladies. Crack down on the situations below to make sure you rid yourself of Mr. Wrong ASAP.

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12 Moody

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This relationship blows up frequently at the bar, yet this is the same couple that posts #bae photos daily. Not to make a call on the genuine feelings involved, these people are hot and cold and emotionally unstable. In the sad case that the guy is in a power position, it can be very dangerous to your social life and well-being. Get a grip and get over it. Never date someone who doesn't trust you.

11 Closet Sunshine Stealer

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The phrase was coined by Lena Dunham and describes a guy that has a massive inner insecurity. Sunshine stealing relationships are puzzling to everyone on the outside, although the key players seemed oblivious. A sunshine stealer is someone who is jealous in a slightly twisted way (not the conventional physical jealously, but a deep psychological need to be the reason that someone wakes up and eats their cheerie-o’s in the morning.) Sunshine stealers start to blossom in college.

10 “Nice Guy”

Let’s get this straight, there is nothing wrong with being a gentleman and having respect. There is something fundamentally wrong with putting someone on a pedestal in a way that is bizarre or undeserving. This person can be taken advantage of, manipulated, and hurt. “Nice guys” constantly put themselves second to someone else’s needs. Relationships are supposed to be equal (sort of).

“But he’s suuuuch a nice guy.”

9 Mr. Nothing

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This guy’s not Mr. Right, he’s not Mr. Wrong, so you’re not really sure. Why break up with this person if they have done nothing wrong? Well, they make you feel like you aren’t worth much. The end. If he isn’t showing emotion, isn’t going out of his way to tell you, let alone show you, that he wants to spend time with you, cut it. Those who surround you should understand your worth and admire you in a healthy way. These relationships often get dragged on the longest. Why? Comfort.

8 Frat Bro

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Don’t freak out yet, this doesn’t mean that you can't date any guy in a frat. It does mean that you can’t date that complete airhead who equates his existence to his position in a fraternity. Frat guys never graduate college. A frat guy is also a guy who is prone to excessiveness and violence, with a bunch of dudes flexing muscles at each other while watching football and smearing wing sauce all over their faces.

7 Cheater

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No time-outs for cheaters. Once a cheater, always a cheater, right? Regardless of the circumstances, a cheating boyfriend will always make you feel a little bit crappy about your relationship. Don’t be fooled by the wooing that happens after you find out about the affair (or multiple incidents). The enthusiasm to get you back will fade, I promise.

6 Just a Friend

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If he’s just a friend, keep it that way. Sometimes people grow a part from each other romantically, but remain in a close relationship. We truly love these people, and are therefore afraid to break up with the friend boyfriend. W almost wish he would break-up with us. Trust me, the sooner you break it, the better the chances are of salvaging your friendship and avoiding hurting him down the line.

5 Mean to Mom Syndrome

If you make it to the phase where you meet the parents, pay close attention to how your boyfriend treats his Mom. Momma’s boy is odd enough in itself, but is exponentially better than the heartless mean to mom villain. His mom is the other woman in his life as close to him as you, let that be an indicator.

4 He has a Thing for Your Friend

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This sucks, but it happens. He’s totally in love with your best friend, and she kind of knows it too. This situation happens all the time, and in the case of a particularly horrible friend and boyfriend, the two will end up dating. If the problem worsens make sure to end the relationship so that it doesn’t end on you first.

3 He has no Friends

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Ever seen “I Love You, Man?" This legendary movie illustrates the hidden danger behind a boyfriend with no friends. You can't help but think about what has this person done in his past that he has no bro time. You are at serious risk at pissing off your friends when bringing him around to ladies night, with hopes of playing Tinder and chill with a glass of wine.

2 Bad in Bed

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This one is pretty straightforward. Sex is a two-way street, and needs to be treated as one. Thankfully, women’s movements have shed light on equality in more ways than just voting rights and equal pay. If he’s not trying to enhance your experience in the bedroom, he won’t do the same in every day life. Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason behind the issue, and sparks just don’t fly. Zip it up and move along.

1 “The Great Guy”

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Well, this guy is great. Please don’t break up with him. He’s not perfect. How boring would that be? The great guy is different for everyone, and there’s more than one out there. Never settle. You’re worth it.

In the end, relationships are complicated but fun as hell. We’re constantly changing, sometimes not so gradually. We grow together, a part, and back again. In a world where we’re so tied to our digital lives, it’s essential to evaluate our psychical relationships and their influence on our tangible well-being. I’ve traveled far, in exciting places (that make great Instagrams) around the world. I can confidently assert you that it’s all about who you’re with, well above the where and why. Choose wisely, girls.

sources: cosmopolitan.com, yourtango.com

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