12 Guilty Pleasures All Men Have

Men like to think they are simple creatures, and the truth is they actually are! They do like the simple things in life. Shoes, cars and gadgets. But if you look beneath the surface, however, you'll find that they harbor their own fair share of guilty pleasures that they might not like to admit. They love to keep those a secret, but in all honesty, they really shouldn't. It might turn out to be a very hot quality in the guy! We made a list of 12 guilty pleasures all men have whether they like to admit it or not. Some may be obvious and some may come as a complete shock.

12  Getting Dressed Up

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Men are sometimes shy to share that they actually love taking their time to look good. A big reason they love it is because most of the time they don't have to dress up, so when they get the chance to, they make sure they do it right. They iron their shirts, dry clean their suits, wear the right cologne and take their time to pick the right shoes. We can't complain that we don't like it either. There's nothing wrong with a guy putting in a little effort into looking handsome for us. This is one guilty pleasure a guy shouldn't be ashamed of.

11 Getting Their Dance On

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Guys don't like to admit it, but they actually do love to dance. They love any excuse to get closer to a woman. If they aren't good, it most likely won't help them with women, but that doesn't stop guys from secretly liking to dance. Dancing is always fun to do whether you are good at it or not. Ladies, we have to admit that if a guy is a confident and capable of dancing, then it does attract you to them. So go grab your dancing shoes because your soulmate might be waiting for you on the dance floor!

10 Their Love For Cooking

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Men love to cook! If you've noticed, guys have taken over a lot of Food Network shows. There is something about their presence in the kitchen that is really hot. Plus, most women see a man that can cook as pretty sexy. In this day and age, there's nothing wrong with a guy stepping into the kitchen and making a meal for themselves, your friends or you. That's why they love it.

9  Their Secret Love For Girly Music

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This is one of those guilty pleasures that men might not like to admit. They love female vocalists. From Beyonce, Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady Gaga or even Barbara Streisand! They have these songs bumpin up in their car because they understand the greatness of these artists like we do. So guys, just because you enjoy a little "Drunk In Love" or  "Oops! I Did It Again," once in a while, doesn't mean you have to hang your head in shame. Good music is good music, and we understand that. Right, ladies?

8 Shopping Til They Drop Online

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I mean, who doesn't love to shop?! Yeah, some guys think of shopping like the bane of their existence, so they avoid malls at all costs. That is why when online shopping came into existence, it was like their prayers were answered. There are men out there who love to look good, and when guys are done shuddering at the prospect of looking for parking at the mall, they remember their best friend, the Internet. Now, men can focus on the items they want without the hassle of going somewhere to get it.

7 Wearing A Little Bling

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Diamonds aren't only a girls best friend. They can be guys best friend too. It truly does take a real man to wear jewelry confidently. Look at all those guys wearing bling on their necks and in their teeth. They also love shiny things too, ladies! Sometimes the thing about jewelry for men is that it needs to be manly for them. In other words, they don't buy what they would buy for their special lady. It also needs to be limited for them, like not showing that they went on a jewelry spending spree unless it's for you.

6 Their Obsession With Gadgets

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You can never come between a guy and their gadgets. All guys are secretly tech nerds. Some guys just have to have the latest Apple watch, even if they don't actually need it. There is something they love about exploring new technology because guys truly appreciate what mankind can create in their mind. Or it can go another route, and he could be seeking social acceptance and just feel more comfortable when following the crowd. This is a guys way of following the "trends," like we do with fashion.

5 Pampering Themselves

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A man who loves getting pampered with a massage may seem high-maintenance, but don't be too quick to judge! Guys are sometimes just really self-aware about knowing when he needs to give himself a break. Next time your man is having a bad day, give him a little massage. It might be good for the both of you! A guy who knows that it's okay to receive good things in life might be less likely to ruin something great.

4 Everything That Has To Do With Cars

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Men love cars. Talking about cars, looking at cars, driving cars, doing anything to do with cars. Have you noticed their eyes light up during every single car commercial?! Does your man like working on his car? Cars are like gold for guys. They love anything fast, shiny, sleek and beautiful. Maybe that's why they also love women!

3 Their Online Games & Video Games Addiction

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I think every woman that has had a boyfriend knows that men loves their video games. Whether it's games on their X-box, Playstation 4, or online games like Angry Birds or World of Warcraft. They go to these games because it provides them a means of mental escape. But, you know if your guy is putting his hands on his controller more than he is on you, this is definitely a problem. This also might be the one unhealthy guilty pleasure a guy could have.

2 Their Love For Whiskey

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Guys love their whiskey. If your guy likes to unwind with a glass of scotch, this shows that he's the type of person who appreciates the finer things in life, particular those made with care and effort. Yeah, it might not be the first thing women think of drinking to unwind, but it is the man's ultimate choice of drink. This guilty pleasure shows someone who takes pride in himself and the luxuries life can offer. Cheers!

1 Their Shoe Investment

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I think this is the obvious guilty pleasure a man has. Shoes are one thing a guy doesn't have a problem investing in. Whether it's a pair of Versace loafers or a slick set of Jordans, men love to accessorize with shoes. A guy's first set of Nikes made them feel faster than the speed of light and their first set of designer dress shoes convinced them they could take over the world. We also find that a man's shoes can tell a lot about their personality. Shoes always have the answer, and don't we know that ourselves.

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