12 Good Reasons Why You're So Obsessed With The Kardashians

The Kardashians are an enduring phenomenon and they’re definitely starting to separate from each other and having individual success and money. As is often the case, you either love or hate them, but you probably have a very strong opinion about this famous family. Considering the amount of socialites, millionaires, and TV stars we have these days, we thought it would be cool to decide what really makes the Kardashians so special. If they've been riding a wave of reality fame since the early 2000s, they're more than just a reality show. The fact that they're a family isn't even the strongest thing about them. Here are 12 reasons you're so obsessed with the Kardashians.

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12 Because They Have A Selfie School

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Duck face, contour, naked shots, changing hair color as the weather changes, showing booty and boobs every chance you get. That’s the Kardashian selfie school. But if you think they get bored, you’re totally wrong. As Kim explained on her blog, she feels empowered by her body and her sexuality. She also says that feeling confident with herself has empowered her, even when she shows her flaws (not on Instagram though!).

11 Because They’re Daughters Of Our Time

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Let’s be frank, the Kardashians are really products of our age and time. They’re tech savvy, know how to handle the media and they have a clear vision of how to balance their private and their public life. One thing we can certainly say about them is that they know the importance of fandom, so they don’t get nervous in front of the paparazzi. Plus, since most of the Kardashians are women, they’re basically Sex and the City but in real life. You have different characters to follow, and you can see how relationships work in the life of millionaires. Plus, the girls are so into Louboutin and Jimmy Choo too!

10 Because They’re Funny

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When you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you can’t help smiling or laughing, at least a bit. If the Kardashians are often seen as not-so-bright examples of women in business, because in the end we all think they’re not serious enough to be considered business women, maybe we should rethink that. Just because they're focused on their image doesn't mean they're not worth the money they've made. Being so polarizing is definitely not fore everyone. Surely they have paths to follow, but they're also naturally funny, and we definitely appreciate that.

9 Because They Speak Their Minds

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The way that this family talks to each other is the way that communication should always be: super direct. When the sisters have something to say, they always speak their mind and they never hesitate. If it sometimes seems like they're way too involved in each other's lives, they don't think that's a problem at all. This habit the Kardashians have of saying what they think makes them seem sincere and relatable.

8 Because You're Addicted To Their Relationships

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Kourtney, are you forgiving Scott once again? Khloé, we know you still love Lamar, and Kris, why are you always worrying about your kids? If these are the questions that come to your mind when you see the Kardashians, it’s because they don’t keep their problems or relationships a secret. They are super real and in the end, you'll look at them as if they're your closest friends. You know when one of the sisters makes a mistake and you want to tell them how to fix it, or maybe you just can relate and be inspired by how they deal with what they go through.

7 Because They’re Somewhat Progressive

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Even if female entrepreneurs won't openly admit it, since the Kardashians are basically all female, they’re inspiring girls and young women to chase their dreams. On the other hand, Caitlyn Jenner has also thrown a seriously positive light on the transgender world, and that's a positive way to spread awareness.

6 Because They’ve Taken Over Your TV

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The Kardashians are a big family. From momager Kris Jenner, who named all her daughters something that started with a K, the family has basically been a brand from its earliest days. Kris married Robert Kardashian, O.J. Simpson's friend and lawyer, and gave birth to  Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloé, and Rob. Kris then married her second husband, Bruce Jenner, and had Kendall and Kylie. And the rest is TV history. With eleven seasons of KUWTK under their belt and nothing really being kept private about their real life, you probably know better this family than your own!

5  Because They're #SisterhoodGoals

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One thing the Kardashian sisters have taught us is family is the most important thing in the world. If on one hand they get harshly criticized for their fashion obsessions, the duck faces and the stupid jokes, on the other hand they’ve always shown that they love each other. For example, do you remember that time Kim almost obliged Kendall to go to her first model casting? The girl was exhausted and didn't want to walk the runway, but now Kendall is a supermodel. These sisters would literally do anything to support each other, and they actually speak their minds to each other, even when they're hurt, for the good of their sisters. It’s when you watch them talking that you start asking yourself, how freakin' cool would it be if Kim were my sis?

4 Because They're Life Is #Goals

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Even if you can't stand these women because there's definitely a trashy side to the reality show, when you turn on the TV or scroll Instagram, you can't help but be sucked into their fabulous lives. They basically reprint something that marketers use one word to define: they're aspirational. At a certain point, no matter what they say or do, their lives of luxury, their popularity, and how united they are as a family makes you want to be one of them. That's when you wonder if you should contour your face or plump your lips before painting them in nude hues.

3 Because They Look Perfect But They Show They’re Not

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If you only see the Kardashians on magazine covers or read gossip news stories about them, you’re missing the truth. This family is often misunderstood because they only look polished and perfect. Without that, they'd be boring. What makes you fall in love with the Kardashian family is that they're flawed, angry, crazy, and always emotional, which you can relate to. Where would Kim be today without her famous engagement ring drama face?

2 Because They’re Rich Women

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When it comes to money, these pretty little chicks in super high heels can make many people in Hollywood look broke. If you’ve ever seen a single episode of the show, you know mom Kris knows how to monetize the heck out of everything. I remember one episode when she had the typical mature woman issue of leaking bladder. What did she do? She called a diaper company to get samples and offered herself up as a testimonial. She basically turned her issues into a business, where every other women would probably go hide. The business skills of this momager have certainly helped the family getting yearly incomes that many A-list Hollywood stars can only dream of.

1 Because They’re A Brand

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If you aren't convinced yet, well, go tell it to their $80 million worth. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Kardashian’s brand history started with Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney's dad Robert Kardashian, who passed away left a rumored $100 million estate to his family. When Kris married Bruce, who was worth another $100 million, the reality TV adventure started. At that point, the family made themselves known for their opulent life, and this brought them even more contracts and popularity.

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