12 Gift Ideas For Your GALentine

Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? No problem. There’s good news. You don’t have to have a significant other to celebrate the most romantic time of the year - phew! The thing is, you have plenty of special people in your life that you can celebrate! Instead of dwelling on the love you don’t have, honor the love you do, like that found in your totally stellar girlfriends. Show your Galentine some love by giving them something special this Valentine’s Day. Go all out with something big or keep things small, but whatever you decide you can rest assure that your bestie will appreciate whatever you do - how many times can you say a lover will do that? Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with these 12 awesome gift ideas perfect for your GALentine.

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12 Valentine's Day Card

Whether you’re young or old, everyone likes getting a Valentine’s Day card. It’s a cute and easy way to show someone you care, and it’s guaranteed your friend will appreciate it. Choose from one of the many found in stores or opt for getting crafty and making your own. This way you can personalize it with silly sayings only the two of you know, or with photos you’ve taken together over the years. You’ll be able to say just how you feel about your best friend without using many words at all. The memories you shared together say enough.

11 Festive Mug

If your friend is a huge coffee or tea drinker, chances are she’s big into her mugs. There’s something amazing about holding a nice mug in your hands during the chilly months when you are trying to warm up with a hot cup of coffee - or cocoa. Get your friend a festive Valentine’s Day mug with a heart on it or cute saying (“you’re my b!t(H” never fails), and she’ll be delighted to have a new cup to put her much-needed caffeine into every morning. Bonus points for you if you fill the mug up with her favorite coffee or beans she’s been dying to try.

10 Decadent Truffles

Just like cards, almost every girl wants to get chocolate on Valentine’s Day. It’s sort of protocol even if you're watching your weight - you still want something sweet, duh! So sweeten your friend’s day with a decadent box of truffles she can’t refuse - even if she is on that crazy new diet. And don’t skimp on the packaging. During Valentine’s Day, truffles are all decked out in gorgeous wrapping, making for an even sweeter treat. And the best part is, unlike a guy, your girlfriend will actually appreciate just how pretty the truffles look before even opening the box.

9 Candy-Colored Lip Gloss

Girls love their lip glosses, that’s a fact. There’s something so magical when dabbing lips with a pretty shade of pink and making them shine. So make your friend’s lips happy by getting her the new gloss she’s been wanting, or one you think would look great on her. Pinks and reds are perfect for Valentine’s Day, especially when equipped with a wicked name like Vixen Crimson. She’ll feel like a sexy seductress the next time she goes out, and you’ll feel like a rockstar for getting her something she’ll actually use.

8 Pretty PJs

There’s nothing like stripping down from your confining work clothes and putting on comfy cozy PJs before bed. You know how amazing that feeling is so why not give it to your best friend by buying her a pair of super soft pajamas? Choose from getting something traditional like a simple jersey set that she can wear all the time or opt for something more festive with printed hearts or lips dotted on the fabric. There’s no way she won’t be pleasantly surprised with a pair of pretty PJs this Valentine’s Day.

7 Heart-Shaped Jewelry

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Jewelry is another standard for Valentine’s Day. Men put a lot of pressure on themselves to get the right necklace or the perfect bracelet, but you don’t have to when it comes to your friend. Just a simple, dainty heart necklace is enough to suffice. She’ll love wearing it with just about anything while appreciating the sentiment behind it. If hearts aren’t your thing - or your best friend’s - you can stick to something else like stylish love knot earrings or a charm bracelet dangling with her initials or full name.

6 Decorative Soap

Girls totally enjoy bath products. Most of us could be considered borderline obsessed with bath washes, bubble baths, and body lotions. So why not feed into your best friend’s addiction by getting her decorative soap for Valentine’s Day? You can get her pretty heart-shaped soaps that are ideal for display in the bathroom or deliciously smelling soaps that are perfect to put in her lingerie drawer. And there’s always soaps or body washes that come in adorable kits that are perfect for every day use in the shower or the the tub that she’ll surely enjoy.

5 Cozy Socks

Say what you want about giving socks as a gift, but most women truly enjoy getting them, especially if they’re cute and cozy. We love the way they make us feel when we slip our cold, tired feet into their soft, snuggly warmth. And if they are splashed with adorable prints or stylish in a lovely color? Forget it, we’re in love. So much in fact, we are snapping pictures and putting them all over our Instagram feed. So what was that about being worried whether your friend won’t like socks for Valentine’s Day? Trust us, she will.

4 Candy Hearts

It seems like everywhere you go, you see these beautiful candy heart displays to buy for your Valentine. The only problem is, for us girls buying that for guys is sort of a no-no since what man is really going to appreciate the intricate design of these candy hearts? However, if you buy something like this for your gal pal, she’s bound to appreciate it. She might not even want to eat them because they are so pretty - well, maybe not, but regardless, you know she’ll love these sweet treats.

3 Blushing Bubbly

Since you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your best friend and not your boyfriend, you can pull out all the girly stops, including buying pink bubbly. While your guy might not think it’s manly to drink pink bubbles, your friend won’t care - wait, she’ll actually encourage it! Buy her a bottle of the cheap stuff or go all out with something pricier (Krug, anyone?), and dress it up in a nice holiday-themed bag or pretty pink bow. She’ll love whatever bottle you get, as long as it’s pink, bubbly, and boozy.

2 Pink Flowers

Okay, you don’t have to get your friend pink flowers but why wouldn’t you want to? Pink flowers possess the perfect amount of femininity that instantly make the receiver feel pretty and girly. What woman doesn’t like that? And she doesn’t need to get them from a man either. Getting pink roses from her best friend is just as pleasing as if she got them from Ryan Gosling himself - well, almost but you catch the drift. So pick up a bouquet at the supermarket or order a dozen at the local florist, and give them to the girl in your life that deserves them the most: your BFF.

1 Night Out

Okay, so there are some awesome gift ideas out there for your GALentine. But if all else fails, there’s nothing like celebrating your best friend on Valentine’s Day than a night out on the town together. Instead of staying in and drinking your bubbly while watching Sex and the City (although that does sound tempting), go out and rip it up. Get dressed up in your finest V-Day gear (red dress, gold heels, glossy lips) and head to your favorite cocktail bar for a night of drinking, dancing, and possibly even mingling.

sources: huffingtonpost.com

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