12 Epic Ad Placement Fails

Advertising is the soul of commerce and in recent years, marketers are becoming more conscious of how their creativity influences a customer’s choices. That’s why, generation after generation, marketers study the impact of different colors on the sales of their products and attentively plan every campaign to make companies grow. It's for this reason that you won’t believe how weird some ads can be, and how fast they can flush a brand's clout down the toilet. Here’s a list of 12 unbelievably funny cases of ads gone wrong, thanks to their placement.

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12 Baby Needs What?

via: boredpanda.com

Okay, it’s true that babies these days are beyond brilliant, but just because a baby can help grandpa send e-mails doesn’t mean they’re ready to taste a Cabernet Sauvignon with him yet, right? Well, at this market, they’re clearly thinking differently, and they needed to make it clear to their clients and state it on a big banner: “Baby needs beers & wines.” If you’re one of those old-fashioned moms who only buy milk and fresh fruits for their kids, please stay away from this shop!

11 Close That Door!

via:: huffingtonpost.com

Minivans are a tremendous way to spread the word about your product, and the most famous café in the world knows it well, even if they might not have truly thought about how to place the Starbucks trademark on their van. Those sliding truck doors are always a mystery when it comes to placing names on them, because when you open the doors, they just shrink the original message. When the brand is as famous and recognizable as Starbucks and becomes “Sucks” that's not a great thing.

10 OMG, I Don’t Even Know What He Looks Like!

via: twitter.com

Oh, I love this one, because in my opinion everybody on this page is literally shocked about those drawers. But the girl I like the most is the one covering up her mouth -- she’s clearly thinking "OMG, I don’t even know you, why are you placing your privates next to my face?” But the other ladies are amazing too. The one playing golf is wondering how her golf ball ended up in those undies, while the other two are waiting to see the real him, as sponsored!

9 Oops

via: bored.com

Another tragedy takes place, and how could it be more darkly funny? If the reasonably sad girl on the left is spreading the word about skin cancer, the one on the right is clearly embarrassed about the hair she dyed at home. But you know, we have eyes, and our brain works too fast, so you can’t help laughing when you see such a statement as “my sister accidentally killed herself” followed by the big “…oops” of the girl in the next page. Things happen, your brain just processes it, and it’s not your fault if you’ll feel like a bad person afterward.

8 The Post Workout Power Move!

via: express.co.uk

How in the world can you place these two pictures so close together that it seems like a big, giant, terrific case of super-duper extra liquid diarrhea? What’s more, the girl on the right page really has a cold. Here’s the caption: “ Don’t let a cold take away.” Take away what? Your life? Your home? Your hometown? Seriously, how can you publish two pages like these? And if you’re not convinced enough yet, tell me more about this “No-stress Rx” and “post-workout power move”. Powerful enough, that’s guaranteed!

7 Sweat Zone

via: boredpanda.com

Some ads are not that bad if you look at them alone, but the problem gets huge when you put two ads together because the combination doesn't make any sense at all and is totally ridiculous. Take these billboards, for example, and imagine that you see them while driving by in your car. Do you even realize it’s about a jumbo juicer and a fitness center? Well, if the marketers of the fitness studio didn’t think twice before making these subtly sexual references with their billboard, do you think they could ever imagine that something like that monstrous carrot would be placed next to the butt of that innocent lady?

6 New Customers Wanted

via: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Marketers around the world know that in order to boost your business, you need to target clients. So what’s better than publishing an ad that tells that loud and clear? Guys, Trudy is searching for new clients. If you're in town and think you've got not that much time left to live, you better call her salon and make an appointment before it's too late. But don’t worry about the time or day you want to get your haircut, there will always be a place for you on Trudy's chairs, since all her clients are already gone… to heaven!

5 Come Join!

via: pinterest.com

C’mon, aren’t you tired of your working weeks? Haven’t you lived enough yet? Then you should join the fun! When I saw this picture I spent about 10 minutes laughing out loud. I mean, they did it consciously, right? Anyway, there’s something cool about this picture... maybe this is the cemetery where Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video was shot, or it has something to do with the Ghost Whisperer. Certainly, it’s a cool place to stay when you pass away: parties every night and free drinks for everyone. What are you waiting for, come join the fun!

4 Let’s Fly… Or not?

via: pinterest.com

How can you think to place a plane pointing right on the floor in a picture? The greatest fear of people who takes flights is to crash to the ground at 567 mph, so how in the world would you expect to encourage people to buy your tickets with such an ad? It’s like promoting a cruise trip using the picture of a cruise ship underwater. Cool, let’s get those tickets so we can talk to those sharks face to face!

3 Die Fast

via: thesun.co.uk

Another case of a tragic billboard combination that ends up sounding miserably ridiculous. If one in three people in Lousiana die from heart disease, why wouldn’t they want to buy and eat two sandwiches for 3 dollars? That’s math guys, and we’re not talking about those tasteless vegetarian sandwiches that nobody would buy! We’re talking about a “croissan’wich” with a big croissant stuffed with omelette, fried bacon, and cheese. And you can have two! So your liver will thank you and you’ll become one of those extremely fortunate people on the billboard to the left.

2 Game Of Hospice

via: express.co.uk

Yes, we already know our time will come, and what about men? Men must die! And they can comfortably do it in the Santa Monica residential care for the elderly! What a funny way to switch from Game of Thrones to Game of Hospice, and men don’t even need to get there with a taxi. Chances are this magnificent black eagle will pass by and grab them by their shoulder, leaving them at the residential care for the elderly. What fun, what glam, what a sumptuous way to leave the world behind and say hello to a better place!

1 The Co-Operative Dead

via: huffingtonpost.com

If there’s a wrong spot to place The Walking Dead billboard, it’s right next to a funeral home. But if the funeral home is named  The Co-Operative Funeral Care, things get even funnier. I can't imagine how someone who has just lost a beloved relative feels when walking by, but on the other hand, it’s pretty hilarious to place that ad there.

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