12 Easy Breezy Ways To Glam Up Your Summer Cocktails

As the warm weather approaches and you plan which hot guy you're going to date this summer, we want to cool things down. Did you know that there are a lot of tasty ways to cool off this spring and summer season? They can even involve alcohol! We’re just joking with the hot guy story, but if you want to add a glamorous twist to your romantic summer nights and hang-outs with your best friends, read on. Because you’re going to discover a bunch of very inspiring ways to drink -- we mean, eat -- some stylishly refreshing drinks!

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12 Make Roasted Strawberry Popsicles

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What about serving roasted strawberries and wine... but packed up in a popsicle? If you serve them after dinner, make sure your friends call a cab. Otherwise store them for more passion-themed situations! To get these magic popsicles, you need red wine, strawberries, sugar, and some balsamic vinegar. After you hull and quarter 16 ounces of strawberries, mix them with 1 tbsp of vinegar and 2 tbsp of sugar. Then put the mixture in the hot oven (375 °F) and keep it there for about 20 minutes. Once the baking is done and the mixture gets cold, use a food processor to mix half of the roasted strawberries with 1 cup of red wine and add the other half of the mixture in the popsicle molds. At this point, pour the wine and strawberries mix in the popsicle molds and put them in the freezer. Now you can go try the mini skirt that will make him need a popsicle!

11 Serve Up Some Sour Icepops

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This is one of the most refreshing alcoholic popsicle recipes, with a slightly sour taste and a bit of sparkle. To make the sour and sparkle popsicles you need 1 cup of pomegranate juice, 1 and a half cups of champagne, 4 tbsp sugar, 2 limes, 1 lemon and 1 pomegranate for decoration. In order to create layered looking popsicles, start mixing the juice and half of the sugar, until it’s dissolved and pour it in the molds. Make it freeze for one hour then mix the rest of the sugar with the juice of 1 lime and all the champagne, whisking to dissolve the sugar. Now that the first layer of this glam popsicle is ready, pick the molds from the freezer and add some tiny slices of lemon, lime, and some pomegranate arils. Then pour the champagne mix in the molds to fill them, and take them back in the freezer for the next 10 hours.

10 Try A French Classic

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If champagne is never enough for you, here’s a heartier recipe with champagne and gin. It’s a classic recipe from the 1930s and it’s also known as French 75. Ready? Take 1 and a half cups of champagne, half a cup of gin, and the same amount of syrup, and mix them all in a bowl together with 4 tbsp of fresh lemon juice. Pour the mix in the molds and leave some space for the volume increase due to the freezing process and freeze the popsicles!

9 Enjoy Some Blackberry Granita

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This recipe will please your mouth with a rich round flavor and you won’t need molds or ice cream machines, since it’s a granita made up of cabernet and blackberries. Take 2 cups of cabernet and make it boil and reduce by half. Then put apart and let it cool down. In the meanwhile, mix 6 cups of blackberries and a squirt of lemon in a food processor to make a smoothie, then pour the smoothie through a strainer to filter solids. At this point you only have to mix up the reduced wine with the blackberries and whisk half a cup of sugar until it’s dissolved. Now pour the purple mix in a large baking dish and put in freezer. In order to get a perfect granita you’ll have to stir the mix every now and then to keep ice soft!

8 Enjoy Some Flower Power

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Did you know you can eat flowers? Not any old flower, of course, but there are a bunch of edible flowers that you can use to add a surprising twist to your desserts. As in the case of this popsicle recipe, where some violets will make your mouth literally flourish! Take about 1 and a half cups of prosecco, half a cup of syrup, and the same amount of lemon juice, 2 white peaches and 2 dashes peach bitters. You’ll have to blend and sift through the hulled peaches to get a smooth mix and then add the rest of the ingredients to the smoothie stirring gently. Before pouring liquid in the molds, fill them with some flowers, then put the preparation in the freezer.

7 Go Jelly

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Ever thought about eating your cocktails? One of the coolest ways to glam up your table is making a jello out of a drink, isn’t it? You’ll need 5 tbsp gelatin powder, 4 tbsp vodka, Cointreau, orange juice and soda, 1 cup white wine, 8 tbsp water and super cool lemonade concentrate. Add the fruit to half of the cocktail shaker, whisk a bit, then add the wine and shake for a minute. In a pawn mix the rest of the non-alcoholic ingredients and heat a bit to dissolve the gelatin. At this point, pour Cointreau and vodka in the shaker and mix with the gelatin liquid. Pour the mixture in little molds or in a baking pan and put in the fridge until it’s solid.

6 Make Gummy Bear Pops

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Who doesn’t love gummy bears? When I saw this recipe I thought it must come from the ‘90s because it’s so colored and popping, like the big fleece sweaters we used to wear back in the day. Plus, the gummy bears in these popsicles are so drunk you’ll stop thinking about the past and won’t remember your age anymore! The process is simple, put some colored gummy bears in a pot and drown them in vodka for about 24 hours. When the little bears are drunk and puffed up, throw them in the popsicle molds and add soda, then freeze for 5-6 hours or until the moment you need to relax.

5 Get Romantic With Champagne Hearts

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If you want to surprise your guests and brag right after, follow this recipe and let them wonder how cool you are. Buy pink champagne, Amaretto liqueur, 2 tbsp gelatin, 4 tbsp sugar, red food coloring, heart shaped cutter. Pour 2 cups of champagne in a saucepan and add gelatin and sugar, heat a bit and whisk until gelatin and sugar are dissolved. Then pour 1 cup of champagne and the same amount o f Amaretto in a large bowl, and add a drop of food coloring. Now mix the two preparations and pour the liquid in a large pan, then refrigerate overnight. Once the jello is done, delicately cut the hearts out of the pan with the heart shaped cutter.

4 Eat Some Drunken Watermelon

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The drunken watermelon is a spectacular way to serve fruit. It’s not exactly a popsicle, since you’re technically eating a piece of fruit and it looks very fashionable. To make it you just need to wash the watermelon, and cut it into little triangular slices, leaving it’s skin untouched. Once the triangles are done, put them in a pan and drown with a bottle of rosé wine. Take the wedges out of the wine after 10-15 minutes, and let them dry a bit over some wax paper. Freeze for 24 hours placing some wax paper between each wedge, and you’re done!

3 Shoot The Breeze With Papaya

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This poptail will take you away with its colors and its exotic taste. It’s easy to do and it’s uber recommended if you want to give a good impression on your culinary talent. To make the papaya breeze popsicles you just need a papaya and rosé wine. Once you hull and quarter the fruit, pass it in the food processor until it’s smooth, then add the same amount of rosé. For example, if you have 1 cup of papaya smoothie, add 1 cup or rosé. Stir well to combine the mix, and pour in the mold, then freeze for 5-6 hours.

2 Get Pretty In Pink

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Rosé is all you need at the end of a working day, right? And if the weather is warm it’s great to have a fresh icy pop to nip and sip. If you like this idea, you won’t resist trying the pink granita recipe. You need rosé wine, half cup of sugar, half teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. First things first, make some syrup out of water and sugar. Mix them in a sauce pan and let it boil until the sugar is dissolved and the liquid gets thicker. Then pour the syrup in a large baking dish and pour in the wine and the lemon juice. Stir well, put in the freezer and scrape the mix with a fork every 2-3 hours, until the granita is ready.

1 Get A Strawberry Kiss

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Strawberries and champagne make everything so fashionable and perfect. But if you want to amaze your sophisticated friends, you should definitely try this strawberry and champagne jello. Take 3 tbsp of gelatin and dissolve it in 2 cups of water, heating to make it work better, then add 1 cup of sugar to the mix and make it dissolve too. Now add to the mix 1 and a half cups of cold champagne and the same amount of ginger ale. Put the mixture in the fridge to make it thicken a bit, then delicately add 1 cup of sliced strawberries and scoop the mix in jello molds or in a square bigger mold. Refrigerate until the jello is ready and serve!

sources: laurenconrad, pure wow, elite daily, buzzfeed 

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