12 Divas We Didn’t Know Are Dating (+ 6 WWE Stars That Are Single)

The dating life of a WWE star can be very difficult to maintain. Not only is the world of social media watching their every move but the road life can make it that much harder to sustain any type of relationship.

For that reason, most WWE stars opt to date someone in the business. In a lot of cases, when wrestlers date someone outside of the company, time is very limited. They're spending two or three days tops with a partner and then life is back on the road.

Some Divas are also better at it than others when it comes to keeping partners hidden. In this article, we’ll take a look at new relationships that are developing behind the scenes along with relationships that kind of flew under the radar–something that is really hard to do in this day and age thanks to social media documenting everything.

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at some WWE stars who are now single. Some quietly ended a relationship recently while a couple of others chose to stay single for whatever reason.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are twelve Divas we didn’t know are dating, along with six WWE stars that are now single. Let’s get started.

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18 Dating – Becky Lynch (Jeff Dye)

via IG

It seems like Becky Lynch has it all at the moment. Not only is she the face of WWE but her personal life seems to be just as good. A couple of months back, Lynch started dating comedian Jeff Dye, who also hosts his own podcast. Lynch was previously dating UFC star Luke Sanders, though the two quietly separated while Lynch also deleted all the photos the two had together on social media.

Dye appears to be very supportive of Lynch’s WWE fame, even tweeting out a photo of Becky in the ring. Lynch appears to be in a very good spot at the moment.

17 Single – Seth Rollins

via IG

For over a year, WWE star Seth Rollins was dating Sarah Alessandrelli. However, just a couple of weeks back, the two called it quits. The way they separated was on amicable terms, something that is quite refreshing given that we rarely see couples break up under such circumstances. Sarah took to Twitter announcing that the two had separated;

“We have ended our journey together @WWERollins & I. We have nothing but mutual respect & love for one another. More than anything what we have taken from one another will guide us on our journey in life. Here’s to living life & happiness. All the best my dear.”

16 Dating – Charlotte (Andrade Almas)

via IG

WWE might have a new power couple behind the scenes. In late February, it was reported that Charlotte and Almas were officially dating behind the scenes. Both were asked about the relationship via Twitter, but they both downplayed it. Charlotte responded to the question by saying it must be a slow news day if that’s what’s making the headlines.

But this isn’t the first time that Charlotte dated a WWE star. She was also said to have been dating Alberto Del Rio. Right after the two called it quits, Del Rio started dating Diva Paige. Then again, that didn't last long...

15 Dating - Paige (Ronnie Radke)

via IG

Since splitting from Alberto Del Rio, Paige has entered a couple of relationships, though never anything serious. Nowadays, she has a new boyfriend, singer and songwriter Ronnie Radke. Given Paige’s past, she definitely has a thing for musicians.

We saw Radke with Paige during several of her promotional appearances for Fighting With My Family, her new film. The two seem really happy together–posting various photos to their IG accounts. In terms of Paige’s in-ring biz, it remains to be seen what the future has in store for the former Divas Champion. Given her profession-ending injury, it won’t be anything in-ring related.

14 Single – Finn Balor

via IG

The WWE universe started to stir when Balor and WWE personality Cathy Kelley were spotted sitting together at the WWE Hall of Fame. They were also photographed holding hands back in New York, Balor’s current home.

However, given the recent speculation, it seems that two have called it quits. Photos of the two alongside one another no longer exist. Both also posted peculiar and cryptic messages to their Twitter accounts which may signify that they did, in fact, go their separate ways. This is definitely a bummer given that their fans thought that the two were a perfect match together.

13 Dating - Alicia Fox (Fitz)

via IG

Alicia Fox also has a new boyfriend. She recently started dating a musician with the band Dark Horse Saloon. He goes by Fitz via IG. The musician has a lot of photos on his social media account alongside Fox, so I guess you can say things are pretty serious.

Things aren’t as smooth in the ring for Alicia, though. Fox hasn’t been backstage in quite some time. She entered the ring while under the influence at a live event, which is a big-time no-no. It also cost a WWE agent his job as he actually let her step inside the squared circle. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Alicia Fox.

12 Dating – Zelina Vega (Aleister Black)

via IG

Vega pulled a fast one on all of us. Many thought that she was dating Cien Almas, though she confirmed in an interview that the two are strictly just friends. She said that she views Almas like an older brother.

What fans didn’t realize is that Vega is dating NXT and now main roster star Aleister Black. Not only did the two date behind the scenes, but they’re now happily married, recently tying the knot in a private outdoor ceremony. It must be such a thrill for the two traveling together nowadays both on the main roster. Surely, Vega hopes Black gets to stay on SmackDown Live permanently.

11 Single - Nia Jax

via IG

As seen on Total Divas, Nia has tried to find love, going on several dates that were filmed. She even dated a former wrestler down in NXT during her earlier days. However, despite all the dates, Nia remains single and she’s totally happy about it. No need to rush when it comes to finding love.

In terms of her in-ring work, Jax seems to be doing just fine. She’s currently slated to rival WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and Natalya. It seems that the plan with Nia is to promote her as a tag team act for the time being, alongside Tamina.

10 Dating - Dana Brooke (Enes Kanter)

via IG

Brooke might be making more headlines out of the ring that in it. She’s underutilized today, hardly making appearances on RAW. A lot of that has to do with her premature call up to the main roster. Dana needed more time with NXT; she was rushed far too quickly.

Out of the ring, she’s making headlines for dating a certain NBA star, Enes Kanter. The two have been spotted out and about, even at Vegas hot-spot Andiamo Steakhouse. Brooke isn’t shy when it comes to posting photos of the two either; most recently Brooke attended one of Kanter’s NBA games at Madison Square Garden. He also recently visited a WWE show backstage.

9 Dating - Ruby Riott (Jake “Something”)

via IG

Given the lifestyle, it is only normal that wrestlers date one another. They’re on the road more than they’re at home–it is hard to maintain a relationship with someone that is outside of the business.

WWE star Ruby Riott seems to know that pretty well. However, she isn’t dating a WWE star but instead a wrestler outside of the company currently working for Ring of Honor–he goes by the name of Jake Something. Despite the fact that they work for different companies, that two seemed to hit it off and still manage to find plenty of time to spend together outside of the ring.

8 Single - Corey Graves

via IG

The last couple of months have been a bit of a mess for the WWE commentator Corey Graves. Although his relationship with Carmella was well documented by his ex-wife, it should be noted that the two had separated a while back. What made the relationship coming to an end that much tougher was the fact that the couple has three children together.

Clearly, Corey’s trying to keep a low profile in the recent weeks since the tweets were released by his ex-wife. In all likelihood, he’ll stay single for a little while before entering another relationship. The last thing he needs is more press at this point.

7 Dating - Billie Kay

via IG

Although Billie Kay is still only in her late 20s, she’s been in the wrestling business for over a decade already–getting her start way back in 2007 as an 18-year-old. She definitely earned her stripes on route to a WWE deal. She was wrestling outside of the WWE for almost a decade.

What went under the radar is the fact that Kay is also happily married behind the scenes. Most fans didn’t even know she has a partner, to begin with, of course, besides her WWE partner in crime Peyton Royce. However, as evidenced by Twitter, Kay is in fact happily married with various wedding photos making the rounds.

6 Single – Carmella

via IG

It was recently confirmed that Carmella is, in fact, single, amid all the Corey Graves speculation. Carmella once dated WWE star Big Cass, though the two ultimately went their separate ways. Cass is now out of the WWE working the indie scene, though he hopes to return given his comments on Booker T’s podcast show.

As for Carmella, like Corey Graves, she seems to be keeping a low profile nowadays. It is best that her name stays out of the headlines for the time being. It’ll be interesting to see if Carmella finds love in the wrestling once again, or if she’ll finally date outside of the wrestling business.

5 Dating - Mandy Rose

via IG

Rose and Sabatelli have kept things so low key that fans aren’t even sure if they're still together. However, the couple was spotted together at the WWE Hall of Fame last year, which was quite surprising as most fans and media didn’t have a clue.

Rose was actually engaged, as shown on Total Divas. Though ultimately the relationship didn’t work out and the engagement was called off. A lot of that might have to do with Rose’s WWE success and crazy schedule. Maintaining a personal life while on the road really isn’t the easiest to manage. Here's hoping Rose and Sabatelli make it work!

4 Dating - Peyton Royce (Tye Dillinger)

via IG

This is another wrestling couple that has kept things on the down low, despite the fact that they got engaged. Peyton Royce and former WWE star Tye Dillinger are in fact a couple, though unfortunately Dillinger was recently released by the WWE. It was likely for the best as we rarely saw the “Perfect 10” on WWE programming.

Royce recently took to IG, finally posting a photo of the two as a couple. She sent out a heartwarming birthday message to her beau, and here’s what she had to say; “My biggest supporter. The love of my life. Happy birthday handsome!”

3 Dating - Sarah Logan (Raymond Rowe)

via IG

When Logan got her start in the wrestling business, her current partner Raymond Rowe was almost a decade into his professional life. Yes, there is a pretty substantial experience gap between these two. Nonetheless, they found love and got married with a unique wedding setup.

Both are signed to WWE deals, though they’re on different brands–meaning they aren’t traveling together. Logan is currently with the Riott Squad on RAW while Rowe works his craft with NXT as one half of the War Raiders. Rowe currently holds the NXT Tag Team Championships alongside partner Hanson. Of course, the pair must spend enough time together for their relationship to flourish.

2 Dating - Nikki Bella (Artem Chigvintsev)

via Pop Sugar

Nikki has been dating a lot, as shown on the likes of Total Bellas and TMZ. However, it seemed as though the dates were kind of flings and nothing really serious. That all changed just a couple of days ago when TMZ, Extra, E! and Daily Mail all spotted some intimate PDA between Nikki Bella and her Dancing with the Stars partner Artem.

The two were also shown having breakfast together. It seems pretty clear that Nikki is over the John Cena relationship and pretty much moved on with someone else at the moment. Of course, we'll have to see what happens next to determine whether things are serious with Artem.

1 Single – John Cena

via NBC

Despite Nikki’s new relationship, John Cena remains single. He might be too busy for any type of serious bond at the moment–John is taking part in several gigs. He doesn’t even have the time for WWE, and that’s a big surprise considering WrestleMania is just around the corner.

Don’t feel too bad for Cena, though; we’re sure he’ll find love again at some point. It is more likely that at this point in his life, the former WWE Champion has a lot of other things to worry about. When the time is right, he’ll likely embark on another relationship. Given recent developments, though, it won’t be with Nikki.

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