12 Cool Facts You Probably Don't Know About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has an angel face and the body of a model, her life is constantly under the microscope of magazines and social media, and she’s often blamed for dating too many boys. But what about the real Tay? There are many cool facts about Taylor Swift that will probably make you see her from a new perspective. Here are 12 cool facts you really should know about Taylor Swift.

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12 She’s Terrified Of Tattoos

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Taylor seems to be terrified at the thought of getting her skin tattooed. In fact, in a recent interview, she confessed that she would almost never, ever, ever get a tattoo, mostly because she believes she couldn’t commit to a quote or symbol for the rest of her life. But she did reveal that she could maybe deal with a tattoo with 13, her lucky number. She even once wrote 13 on her hand during a concert. Who could imagine that such a fashion icon and pop star would be so uninterested in such a popular thing as tattoos?

11 She Is Really Frank

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When you see Tay on glossy magazine covers and in paparazzi pictures, she always looks flawless and it’s not a mystery she’s been considered sometimes too good to be true. But Taylor Swift is really naturally frank and candid. In fact, could you ever imagine another pop star ask for a pause during a concert to blow her nose? No joke, in 2010 Taylor was singing in Nashville in front of 14,000 people with a cold, and before starting to sing "Sparks Fly" she apologized to the audience and asked them to fill a minute of silence with screams, because she needed to blow her nose. I mean, can you ever imagine Beyoncé doing this?

10 She’s Got Thick Glasses

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Bespectacled girls of the world, you’re not alone when you take off your glasses and can’t see your hands anymore: Taylor’s one of us! It seems that, unless she had eye surgery these last years, she’s nearly blind and wears contact lenses when she doesn’t wear thick glasses! If you remember her video for "You Belong With Me", you know she wore big black frames. Well, those frames were just used for the video, but Taylor revealed she actually has got a similar pair of prescription glasses.

9 She Fears Being Secretly Recorded

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Rolling Stone wrote that Taylor Swift is a bit paranoid about being recorded without her knowledge. She said she’s obsessed with the many things about technology she doesn’t know, and that she has to stop herself from thinking about that. In the same interview, Taylor gave an example of a janitor who secretly records to get a paycheck by TMZ and company. If privacy is a such big question mark for normal people these days, we can only imagine how undefined the limit is between real life and gossip for young, famous, and good-looking girls like Taylor Swift.

8 She Wrote Her Own 'SNL' Monologue

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When Tay’s in front of the camera, the audience is clearly amazed by her beauty and her voice. When she went on Saturday Night Live, she was the first host who wrote her own monologue. She threw jabs at Kanye West (what a surprise!) and Joe Jonas, and threw kisses at her then boyfriend Taylor Lautner.

7 She Wrote A Book At 12

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How did you spend your summer vacation when you were 12? Taylor wrote a 350-page novel at that age about a shark. She doesn't know if it will ever be published. If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you can easily see how much she loves writing and how amazing she is at it. Just read her Happy Birthday message to her fellow musician pal Ed Sheeran. She says she keeps note of all the great, crazy things she's doing now because she wants to remember everything. She also thinks she'll write a biography.

6 She Writes Most Of Her Songs

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Despite the fact that gossip magazines mostly write about Taylor thanks to her style and model friends, Taylor is one of the few singers who’s written more than half of her songs. They're also big hits, like "Bad Blood", "Back To December" or "Our Song." She also plays more than four instruments, including a 12-string guitar, and has also co-written some tunes.

5 Her First Job Was About Bugs

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As the main character of a fairy tale, Taylor Swift’s early life obviously involves Christmas. Can you imagine the Christmas Tree farm where she lived with her family? But her first family job wasn't that magical -- in fact Taylor was in charge of bugs, since she was too young to help secure trees to car roofs. Before social media exploded with her pictures and before she became an internally known singer, Tay had to knock praying mantis pods out of the Christmas trees her family delivered.

4 She Was Inspired By Nashville

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Taylor has made it big as a pop star so it's easy to forget that she has country music roots. Her star began to shine in Nashville after she saw LeAnn Rhimes perform and decided that town was where she could realize her dreams. She got major inspiration from country music groups and stars. She was influenced by great female figures like Shania Twain and Faith Hill, but was also deeply influenced by the 13 times award winners Dixie Chicks, who formed the still active country band in Dallas, in 1989, the year when Tay was born!

3 She Responds To Her Critics

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Since Taylor writes most of her songs, they all have a personal meaning behind them. For example, she wrote "Blank Space" as an answer to the many rumors flying about her love life. In an interview she revealed that she really doesn't love to sit at an award show knowing that at some moment a joke about her dates would come up.

2 She’s An Award-Winning Poet

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Taylor has been writing basically her entire life. In the fourth grade, she won a national poetry contest thanks to a poem called "Monster In A Closet," whose verses sounded like her songs today.

1 Her Success Is All About Numbers

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For Taylor Swift, her success is paved with numbers and records. Her lucky number is 13, for example, and her latest album is of course called 1989. That album sold more than one million copies in its first week. It spent ten weeks at number one on the BillBoard 200. Taylor was the only female artist in history to receive a Grammy award for Album Of The Year... twice.

sources: billboard.com, tasteofcountry.com,vulture.com

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