12 Cocktails Inspired By Our Favorite TV Shows

Calling all TV addicts: it's pretty hilarious when alcohol and your favorite TV characters are involved. Some characters are classier than others, of course, so while some are happy to kick back with some cold beers, others are into making much fancier cocktails. We say it's all good. Storylines always seem much more interesting when alcohol is part of them, if only because as we all know, that stuff makes people act pretty crazy and unlike themselves. Of course, it's pretty fun to play drinking games based on your fave TV shows -- like when you watch The O.C. and drink whenever Marissa is whiney or Seth says "that's awesome." But why not play a drinking game of your own and try some cocktails that your favorite TV shows made famous?  Here are 12 cocktails inspired by your favorite shows, from sitcoms to dramas.

12 The Cosmo: Sex and The City

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Of course, right? The fun show about love, dating, and friendship (and shoes) in NYC made The Cosmopolitan a celebrity in its own right. Literally everyone who was a fan of this show started drinking these cocktails in honor of it. If you've never had one, well, what are you waiting for? Sarah Jessica Parker confessed that they weren't actually drinking them during the scenes, but a version with soda and juice. If you want to make your own, you can follow Jamie Oliver's easy recipe and mix lime and cranberry juice with liqueur and vodka. Now sit back, smile and pretend you're Carrie Bradshaw (you know you want to be her).

11 Beer: Friends

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If you had to think of one alcoholic beverage that summed up this popular sitcom from the 90s, it would be beer, right? It's simple, chill, convenient. Can't you see the gang hanging around Monica's kitchen table, eating pizza, and drinking beer. In one particularly hilarious episode, Monica and Rachel try on wedding dresses and then kick back on the couch with some cold beers.

10 Hard Liquor: Mad Men

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Pick your poison: whiskey, straight-up vodka, literally any hard liquor you can imagine. The gang at Sterling Cooper (and Sterling Cooper Draper Price, later on) all drank tons of alcohol, all day long. Seriously, from morning 'till night. It was a wonder they got any work done... or maybe alcohol really does help move the creative process along? If you want to pretend you're Peggy or Betty (you probably want to be Peggy because she's a career woman), then just put on a swingy dress and drink a shot.

9 Red Wine: Pretty Little Liars

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The liars are all grown-up now, and that means, bring on the wine. This is definitely the signature drink of the creepy/fun/soap opera series because even the girls' moms get into the wine when they're discussing the weird situations their kids are in. Spencer's go-to drink is obviously red wine because it's as adult and sophisticated as she's always been. It's funny to see the four girls hanging out at The Radley (now a fancy hotel and bar/restaurant, but still super creepy), drinking wine. It's just so hard to believe that they really are old enough, since we were so used to seeing them in high school. Grab your friends, a bottle of wine or two, and binge the series. That's basically our idea of girls' night heaven.

8 Whiskey: Nashville

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Whiskey is basically the unofficial drink of this southern city, and the musical characters are often seen drinking whiskey (although they can't stay away from beer, either). They're pretty big drinkers, and oh yeah, there's the fact that they often perform in bars. They also like to get a little inspiration from alcohol when they're writing songs. Whiskey and country music: they go together like peanut butter and jelly, basically.

7 Long Island Iced Tea: Gilmore Girls

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Who could forget when Lorelai goes absolutely crazy and drinks way too many Long Island Iced Teas? The next day she's super sorry, as this drink should basically be illegal. It has a bunch of different types of alcohol in it: we're talking tequila, vodka, rum, Triple Sec, and nope that's not enough apparently, because there's also gin. Yeah, we know. It's a little ridiculous. It's okay if you want to skip this one, because you probably don't have time for a killer hangover.

6 Tequila: Grey's Anatomy

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This hard stuff is basically the official mascot of this Shonda Rhimes drama. Back in season two (let's have a moment of silence for the good old days), Meredith says, "My problem is tequila," so we rest our case. Meredith pretty much drinks the stuff whenever anything goes wrong in her romantic or professional life, and she of course was tequila drinking buddies with Cristina (R.IP. -- okay, she's not dead but she's not on the show anymore so that doesn't really help us much).

5 Vodka: How To Get Away With Murder

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Another strong liquor, another Shonda Rhimes show. The main character Annalise (played by the brilliant Viola Davis) is pretty into vodka. Apparently the brand of vodka that she drinks on a regular basis isn't even real -- it was created for the series -- so that's pretty awesome when you think about it. Annalise has had a pretty rough time of it, and yeah, like the show title suggests, she and everyone around her has basically gotten away with murder. They seem to get away with it ever single day. You would drink vodka, too.

4 Champagne: The Real Housewives Of Orange County

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Sure, the housewives on each spin-off drink champagne from time to time, but here's a shout-out to Orange County because as we all know, Heather DuBrow loves her champagne. Or her champs, as she would say. She literally drinks champagne at any possible occasion you could think of. Hey, the girl loves to celebrate, nothing wrong with that. Some gems/quotes about how much she loves the stuff: "Champs is important at all times," "I love my bubbles" and "Nothing equals the champs."

3 Pinot Grigio: The Real Housewives Of New York

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If Heather loves her champagne, then Ramona really, really loves her Pinot Grigio. She probably drinks more of this type of white wine than anyone else on the planet. Seriously. She'll arrive at a party and within a second, she'll be requesting (or, um, demanding, let's be honest here) that she gets some of her favorite drink and fast. She won't take any kind of white wine -- no Chardonnay here -- it absolutely has to be Pinot. She's such a huge fan that she even created her own brand. Makes sense.

2 Bourbon: The Vampire Diaries

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Are you still watching this supernatural show? Even if you've long given up, which totally makes sense since there's only so much TV you can keep up with (#firstworldproblem), you still probably remember that one of the hot vampire brothers, Damon, loves his bourbon. He looks even more dark and handsome and fascinating when he drinks it, so it totally works for him.

1 Martinis: Gossip Girl

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Blair Waldorf, aka the character you love and are kind of terrified of, was a huge fan of martinis. She probably thought they made her seem as sophisticated as she was pretending to be, and to be honest, it definitely worked. Everyone on the show drank tons of cocktails, whether they were girly cocktails being ordered by, well, the girls, or manlier drinks which Chuck Bass always ordered. The characters were young, fun, beautiful, and wealthy, and living in NYC aka the best city in the world, so of course they went a little alcohol crazy. All the better to scheme with.

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