12 Chick Flicks To Watch After A Break Up

One of the things you should never skip after a break up? Watching a movie. If it's a cheesy movie, even better. The best movie would be a chick flick so you can go through the various stages of your love story which is now over, and find out why. The following chick flicks will make you think about what you did right, what you did wrong, how life is so unpredictable, and finally, that things just happen. Just make sure you have your box of popcorn and your kleenex ready!

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12 The Sweetest Thing

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A thousand thoughts float into your mind when you've just gone through a break up, and one of them could be, "Am I a relationship saboteur?" If you're in doubt, just watch this chick flick and find out if you're making the same mistakes in love as Cameron Diaz! You might find yourself doing crazy things with your girlfriends, but what if you've actually found the right guy and you let him go? It might mean you're a commitment-phobe and not ready to grow up yet, but it also might be that you have great friends. The Sweetest Thing is a must-watch if you want to analyze yourself a bit, without getting too depressed!

11 Bridget Jones’s Diary

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Bridget is so genuine that she never goes out of style. Who doesn't see a bit of herself while watching Bridget struggling with some ridiculous knickers and dealing with the stinging delusions that only love affairs can give you? So, if you need a reality check, Bridget's there waiting for you, helping you to take on your daily struggles with a bit of irony and a bunch of pragmatism. It doesn't matter at what break up stage you're at, this movie will help you remember that you can do it, and smile again!

10 A Lot Like Love

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If your relationship has just come to an end, but you're not so sure about it, this movie's for you. And if your ex-boyfriend is just as attractive as Ashton Kutcher, you must be crazy not to call him now! Just joking, but the point is, some relationships are off and on for years, at the point that you don't know anymore if you're a friend, a friend with benefits, or more. The fact is that every couple is special and everyone lives love stories at his/her own pace, so don't worry if you're still thinking about your ex. Never say never.

9 Sex and the City

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Carrie has a destiny and it isn’t necessarily the same as yours. But if you love, love, love the Big Apple, and your major painkiller is going shopping, then you'll recognize yourself in Carrie's character. In the end, your break up will seem like a slip-up compared to Carrie's bridal gown and her never-ending love story with Mr. Big. Fortunately, girlfriends are always by your side to help you, but watching this movie will make you wonder if they're really making Carrie happy. Sometimes you just need a little corner to stay alone on your sofa, and cry extremely glamorous tears.

8 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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If you've just broke up with your boyfriend and you're committed to not giving a damn about guys anymore, watch this movie. It will make you understand that sometimes friendships are just as precious as romantic relationships. And if you're one of those tireless Gilmore Girls fans, you'll be delighted to pass an evening watching the lovely Alexis Bledel playing the character of Lena, even if she'll always be Rory to you! Not to mention the great idea of passing a pair of jeans around in your circle of female friends.

7 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

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Need a list of all the things you must have done wrong for things to end this way? If you are living one of those self-questioning nights after a break up, this is the movie to watch. You'll see someone worse than you at managing a love story and you'll also have a clear reminder of what you shouldn’t have done. Seriously! How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is a funny movie all about analyzing the do's and don’ts of a relationship. Its exaggerations will make you laugh but also teach you the importance of respect and listening to the other person in any relationship.

6 Love Actually

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Do you still need to believe in love? If yes, then you need to watch this movie. If you're disappointed by how your love story ended or if you just don't believe in love anymore, this movie will make you change your mind. If Love Actually is considered by critics to be one of the last really romantic movies, no doubt it make you think twice before shutting the door in the face of love. While you're experiencing heartbreak, it's difficult to see the silver lining of love, but Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, and Keira Knightley will melt any resistance you're feeling and convince that love actually exists!

5 Sliding Doors

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This movie is one of those experiences that really pushes you through an infinite analysis of everything going on around you. If you're in the regret-stage of your break up, chances are this movie will help you stay awake all night! You'll start to mentally dissect the many possibilities that you've now lost along with your ex-boyfriend. But, as you'll see the first ray of light the next morning, you'll finally realize that things just happen. And for every door that closes, there is another door that opens!

4 High Fidelity

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Would you describe your failed love story with a song? This movie is for heartbroken music lovers, and just like another movie with Jack Black (School Of Rock), it’s about music and feelings. If it’s true that every love story has a song, it will also most likely remind you of how things were before the break up. That’s why, after you watch High Fidelity, you’ll be tempted to upload said soundtrack on your iPod and listen to every song carefully. Why? To review of the repeated mistakes you made and that you want to change the next time you fall in love.

3 He's Just Not That Into You

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If your relationship ended because you just felt he really wasn’t that into you, you might want to watch this movie. Whether or not you have a friend by your side to share this tragic moment, you’ll surely feel in good company with Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Ginnifer Goodwin. This movie will make you think about what real life actually looks like, and how relationships really can’t be planned. The theme of self-respect comes back in fashion and this time you’ll understand how useless it is trying to learn about the opposite sex!

2 Amélie

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Watching Amélie will immediately put you into a state of grace. Maybe it's the soundtrack, maybe it's the photography, and surely it's because of the story. You'll be enchanted by this fantastically French world. Amélie lives a bit isolated from others until she gets a job. That's the moment her life changes and she becomes absorbed by the world around her. She brings joy and freshness to her life when she has someone to love. In your tragic post-break up moment, Amélie will show you that life is what you make it, and that you have the power to change everything.

1 Titanic

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If the moment is really sad and you feel you need to cry some tears to feel better and calm down, don’t think twice: Titanic is the right choice. You’ll watch the most romantic love story of two amazingly beautiful people whose blooming relationship is violently stopped by a tragedy. At the end of the movie, guaranteed, you won’t have enough Kleenex to dry your tears, and your sofa will be just as soaked as the raft Kate Winslet holds onto. Sometimes crying is the best cure. You get rid of a bunch of toxins and then you feel better.

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