13 Celebs Who Were Rude To Their Fans

Celebrities live pretty demanding lives: they hit red carpets, can be found usually on movie sets or on stage performing and have to deal with the dreaded paparazzi following their every move. Because of this, they may be a little over being asked for their autograph all the time or being spotted while out grocery shopping, so much so that they can be downright rude to their fans.

Maybe fans caught them on a bad day or they simply couldn’t care less about how they treat those who essentially fuel their hefty pay checks, but the following thirteen celebs are known for being downright rude to their fans.

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13 Avril Lavigne


The Canadian singer is another celebrity notorious for being rude to fans. The evidence was pretty evident from the awkward photos that surfaced from her meet-and-greets. According to reports, Brazilian fans paid $400 just to awkwardly stand inches apart from her. She tried to clear up the debacle by saying that she does touch her fans, but past security breaches have made it so she keeps her distance.

12 Gwyneth Paltrow


Actress Gwyneth Paltow is often paired with the word, “pretentious.” Just last year, in an attempt to feel like the rest of us poor souls, she took the #FoodBankNYCChallenge by living off nothing but food stamps for one week, only to fail…four days in.

On top of that, she is known for bringing this pretentious attitude through her many infamous quotes. It all began in high school where radaronline revealed that she was known as a mean girl, the kind that other kids were afraid of. Now, as a famous, rich Hollywood actress, she continuously shows that she doesn’t care for her fans, especially through quotes like these: “I am who I am. I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year,” and declaring that movie star moms work harder than “regular moms.”

11 Christina Aguilera


Like Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera is another singer notorious for being quite the diva. This, of course, results in rude behavior being given towards her fans. It was reported that she hates shopping in public with fans around, so much that she had a gag gift store on Sunset Boulevard lock its doors. When she left, she refused to stop and sign autographs with her fans, even allegedly laughing at them as she walked by.

10 Jared Leto


The gorgeous actor and singer with luscious hair has some work to do when interacting with his fans. It was reported that he was publically rude to one of his fans while at one of his concerts. The Brazilian fan had been there with her mother, celebrating her birthday and didn't know English very well. He pointed to the fan and her mother and gave them the middle finger because they weren’t singing along to the lyrics of his song. It was also reported that he splashed water on their faces and called them "motherf*ckers."

9 Kristin Cavallari


She was a notorious “mean girl” on Laguna Beach and The Hills, and apparently so in real-life to, to her fans no less. A witness told Star magazine that, during an event, a fan told Kristin: “I love you so much. Can you sign something for me?” The star responded rudely as she rolled her eyes, made a mocking face and snickered. Guess old habits die hard.

8 Kayne West


It’s not surprising that Kayne West is known for being rude to fans. He is Kayne West after all, the person who interrupted a young Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA’s to say that his pal Beyoncé deserved the “Best Female Video” award instead of her.

When it comes to his fans, he’s pretty much how you would expect. At a concert last year, a video surfaced of him stopping a concert and refusing to keep performing unless a fan got up and danced. He said, “unless you got a handicap pass and get special parking and sh**t.” Turns out, though, that the fan was unable to stand up and do as Kayne said as she in a wheelchair. She waved her prosthetic leg and only did then West say that it was “fine.”

7 Kim Kardashian


Much like her husband, Kayne West, Kim Kardashian has also had instances in which she was rude to her fans. She’s one of the most publicized stars in Hollywood today, with paparazzi following and snapping her every move, yet when it comes to fans, she treats them similar to the frustration she gives to these photographers. Since marrying Kayne West, she puts up restrictions to who she takes photographs with at events and often refuses selfies with fans while out and about, despite being a self-professed selfie queen.

6 Ariana Grande


When you think of celebs behaving badly to their fans, Ariana Grande is sure to be a top contender. She rose to stardom from being a co-star on the show Victorious to being one of the most well-known and talented young singers in showbiz today.

Often compared to the infamous diva, Mariah Carey, it has been speculated that Ariana is becoming quite the diva herself. It was reported that she wished for her fans to die and is extremely rude when taking photographs with fans or signing autographs. This sort of behavior was caught on video when she was at a donut shop with her back-up dancer and licked donuts before saying “I hate America.”

Ariana released a statement about the incident, saying that she loves America and that she was more so expressing frustration over the country's unhealthy eating habits.

5 Cameron Diaz


The blonde bombshell has her share of bad days. Unfortunately for fans, this means that she can be downright mean. According to Star magazine, she berated a fan who asked for her autograph. She reportedly not only refused to sign anything for them, but then proceeded to lecture the poor fan about how dumb autographs are and saying that the fan let down someone who looked up to her. Diaz was also named the worst Hollywood signer by Autograph Collector Magazine in 2006. Yikes.

4 Sandra Bullock


America’s sweetheart may not be so sweet, after all. The veteran actress was reported to have screamed at a wheelchair-bound fan in 2012. The fan had asked for an autograph while on the set of Sandra’s movie, “The Heat.” She also was caught berating a reporter in front of many people when they asked what she was wearing. She responded back with, “How could you ask such a stupid question?”

3 Britney Spears


Britney Spears may have been in the Hollywood spotlight since she was a kid, but apparently that hasn’t taught her anything about fan etiquette. There have been numerous cases of her yelling at fans and being downright mean to them. The allegations of this have included her not letting fans get close to her, calling an eight-year-old a “skank,” refusing gifts from fans, refusing to sign autographs and cancelling concerts if she deems it a waste of her time or if she stage she was supposed to perform on was too big.

2 Justin Bieber


Hollywood’s bad boy has built up quite the not-so-appealing rep of being rude to his adoring fans. From peeing in buckets to calling a fan a “beached whale,” while at a hotel in Australia, nothing takes the cake quite like him reportedly spitting on his fans. Soon, his Beleibers may not be so believing in him anymore.

1 Kylie Jenner


Following in her big sister's footsteps? Kylie, another Kardashian highly-publicized in the media, was reportedly rude to her fans at the birthday bash she held in Quebec at Beachclub. She was reportedly given up to $200,000 for attending yet refused to change in the VIP bathroom, among other "diva-like" demands. Despite fans paying hundreds of dollars to attend, it was reported that she didn't spend practically any time with her fans, instead choosing to stay in the private area. Her friends also destroyed the $3,000 cake that had been made for her by throwing it into the crowd.

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