20(No Concept) Kylie Jenner: $10,000 A Year On Take-Out, Including A 'Single Carrot'

via: popsugar

Think carefully before you criticize Kylie Jenner's expenditures. In 2019, Kylie defended her "self-made billionaire" status by telling Paper that she'd earned every dime of it herself.

Then again, when you spend $10,000 a year on Postmates takeout and that includes a single carrot, you're kind of on this list for

a reason. "I was making matzo ball soup and had all the ingredients but carrots," Kylie explained. The Daily Mail still thought it was worth a headline. Oh, and that Fendi stroller from "Stormi Strolls?" $12,500, according to People.

Kylie is only 21. She may be a CEO, but this girl grew up comfortable. The concept of "keeping groceries to $30?" Unlikely.

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