12 Celebs Who Seem To Have No Concept Of Money (+ 8 Who Stay Humble)

"I was making matzo ball soup and had all the ingredients but carrots." When Kylie Jenner made headlines for spending $10,000 a year on takeout, she had to explain herself– ordering a single carrot from Bristol Farms was, apparently, necessary.

$1 billion. That's quite a net worth. In 2018, Kylie Jenner was fronting Forbes magazine. Everyone was surprised at the $900 million figure, but 2019 brought a fresh update. As BBC reports, Kylie Jenner is now the world's youngest billionaire.

$1.4 million on a Ferrari. Lamborghinis that start at $400,000. Celebs are spending it like they earn it these days. Ariana Grande even weaves it into her lyrics. "Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines" are her "favorite things."

There's a limit, though. When a celebrity is so rich that they can literally afford anything, that net worth can go to their heads. It's called having no concept of money. Christina Aguilera employs someone purely to massage her feet. If no massage is needed, the employee still gets paid.

There are two halves, though. While Mariah Carey's MC Box interview showed her thinking that electricity is "free in America," other celebs are living the humblest lives ever– despite their millions. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher don't seem to own a designer hoodie between them. The Rock's memories of being broke are so strong, he named his production company after them.

Money. It's real, but it's also a concept. Here are 12 celebs who seem to have zero concept of it (plus eight who are as humble as they come).

20 (No Concept) Kylie Jenner: $10,000 A Year On Take-Out, Including A 'Single Carrot'

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Think carefully before you criticize Kylie Jenner's expenditures. In 2019, Kylie defended her "self-made billionaire" status by telling Paper that she'd earned every dime of it herself.

Then again, when you spend $10,000 a year on Postmates takeout and that includes a single carrot, you're kind of on this list for a reason. "I was making matzo ball soup and had all the ingredients but carrots," Kylie explained. The Daily Mail still thought it was worth a headline. Oh, and that Fendi stroller from "Stormi Strolls?" $12,500, according to People.

Kylie is only 21. She may be a CEO, but this girl grew up comfortable. The concept of "keeping groceries to $30?" Unlikely.

Also, what should Kylie be buying for Stormi?

19 (Humble) Mila Kunis: Moved To The US With $250, Never Forgot It

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A glittering Hollywood career can spoil a girl. Not this one. Mila Kunis is the Family Guy and Friends With Benefits actress who knows the meaning of family (and what a real benefit is). As The Daily Mail reports, Mila's family moved from Ukraine to the US with just $250.

"I grew up poor. My husband and I both did,"

Mila told Today. This girl does her own groceries. Mila doesn't want to "raise brats," Baby Gaga reports. Less of the Versace and more of the Volvo put this girl on the real side of this list. Mila even remembers "ketchup soup."

18 (No Concept) Ariana Grande: Heart Of Gold, Still Drops $16 Million On An Apartment

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"Yeah, my receipts be lookin' like phone numbers." Ariana Grande came in a new package in 2019. "7 Rings" dropped as the fur-filled, diamond-encrusted music video that saw Ari glammed up, and this girl knows how to spend it.

Ariana is likely raking in more than ever. "Thank U, Next" has broken records made by The Beatles. Merch is flying off shelves. Speaking of shelves.

Back when Ari was dating Pete Davidson, she splashed out $16 million on an apartment for the two of them, Glamour reports. It came with a "wellness level", an IMAX theater, and it somewhat outdid the $10,000-a-night Airbnb that Ari has also stayed in, as In Style reports. #Losingtheconcept?

17 (No Concept) Katy Perry: Bought Her Husband A $200,000 Ticket To Space

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This one does involve a bit of work on your part– namely, remembering that 2010 was the year that Katy Perry was a married woman. Nowhere near as rich as she is now, Katy nonetheless had enough money then to buy Russell Brand a ticket to outer space.

It's $200,000 for one ticket. As E! reports, Katy spent what would be most people's dream salary for a flight to nowhere. "It is true," Virgin Galactic rep Louella Faria confirmed to E! News. "We are very excited to have him on board."

While Perry doesn't come with a Lambo to match her hair, she nonetheless lands on the "no concept" side of this list. $200,000 for a vacation? We'd rent out a Carribean island.

16 (No Concept) Kim Kardashian: $1 Million On A Swarovski-Encrusted Fridge

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Kim Kardashian works hard to earn her cash. KUWTK doesn't film itself, KKW Beauty doesn't run itself, and that empire Kim has is 100% her own making. When you're spending $20 million to refurbish your $20 million mansion though, the question of concepts does come in. IG shows similar.

"Had to get a neon-green Lambo to match my hair!!!" Even Kim's social media captions have no concept of reality.

The Daily Mail also reports that Kim and Kanye splashed out on a $1 million Swarovski-encrusted fridge for their luxury home. Oh, and it was gold-plated. Kim might give back to charity, but we're wondering if this girl can picture living on the breadline.

15 (Humble) Eminem: Backstage Demands Are 'Bread, Water, Lunchables'

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Eminem grew up on the unsafe, gritty streets of Detroit. 8 Mile showed us the reality of this after Eminem had become an international star, but this guy never forgot the trailer park. "Livin' in this house with no furnace, unfurnished" are the lyrics. The backstage demands? You be the judge.

"One loaf white bread, one loaf wheat bread, turkey and cheese Lunchables, water, plus Diet Coke."

As Business Insider reports, Em's backstage requests aren't far from the "mom's spaghetti" he grew up with. The man is the bestselling artist of the 2000s. He doesn't seem to own a single Versace item. Biggest #humble ever.

14 (No Concept) Paris Hilton: $325,000 On A Villa For Her Pooches

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Being "famous for being famous" is going to come with money. Paris Hilton may have brought us The Simple Life, but the whole point was a step down from a lifestyle that came with #Luxury as the norm. Paris now earns her cash (and big time).

In 2015, Curbed LA showed Paris giving fans a tour of a $325,000 villa. Not hers, per se. It's for her dogs. With a life that started in high-end zip codes, this hotel heiress may have had her troubles, but they haven't been with money.

As TMZ reports, Paris is also refusing to return the $2 million engagement ring following her split from Chis Zylka. "It's mine." Yeah...

13 (No Concept) Khloe Kardashian: Treating The Hospital 'Like A Hotel'

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When you're a Kardashian, you get to act like one. Khloe Kardashian isn't enjoying the easiest time right now. With Jordyn Woods making headlines as Khloe officially splits from Tristan Thompson, we're looking at a single mother who's hurting. That baby arrived in style, though.

"They're acting like it's a hotel, not a hospital." Khloe required both a "tub suitable for an underwater birth" and "1,000-thread-count sheets in light gray."

As Gossip Cop reports, the delivery room demands from this Kardashian weren't exactly low key. Khloe recently found herself in trouble on IG for posting pics of True amid a sea of designer bags worth over $160,000, People reports.

12 (Humble) Chris Pratt: Worth $50 Million, Still Enjoys This

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"Twenty years ago I was a waiter at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Every time I go back I’m reminded of the thousands of shrimp I ate off of people’s plates on the way back to the kitchen." When Chris Pratt updated his IG with a reminder to his past, fans knew there was more to it.

Chris Pratt was homeless prior to becoming a Parks and Recreation sitcom star. With a Forbes-listed net worth of $50 million, this Marvel icon can afford all the shrimp in the world.

"Please tip your server. Leave at least 20%. Also leave some shrimp," he added. The rest of his IG? Fishing with his son and the great outdoors.

11 (Humble) Selena Gomez: Does What It Says On The Tin

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Selena Gomez is rich. There's no point sugar-coating it. Only recently overtaken by Ariana Grande as the most-followed person on IG, Selena has made millions from her music, acting, and endorsements. She remembers the tough times, though. As Hollywood Life quotes her:

"We did have to walk to the dollar store to get dollar spaghetti and make it ..."

Speaking about being raised by a teen mother, Selena added, “I remember my mom would run out of gas all of the time and we’d sit there and have to go through the car and get quarters and help her get gas." Yeah, this girl didn't forget it.

10 (No Concept) Mariah Carey: Thinks Electricity Is 'Free' In America

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Mariah Carey might not be hanging with the 20-somethings, but she's worth more than most of them put together. Forbes lists this singer's net worth at $535 million, making her closer to a billionaire than a millionaire. Mariah grew up poor, but an MC Box video on YouTube shows this:

"Pay Bill...What? Bill, who?" Mariah actually thought that electricity is "free in America" during an interview.

It doesn't stop there. The Daily Mail reports Mariah's hotel arrival requests include 20 kittens, 100 doves, and "confetti-shaped butterflies." Somehow, we're struggling to see how this lady could ever check the "humble" box.

9 (No Concept) Beyonce: $900 On Titanium Straws

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Beyonce needs to watch out. That IG following is stagnating– well, compared to Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez. These girls just keep shooting up. While this singer will forever be our "Independent Woman," there's a slight diva vibe that can be a touch alienating.

$900 titanium straws and hand-carved ice balls to "soothe her throat." These are backstage demands that Eat Your Books have noted, as did Sandra Rose.

Bey and Jay have a joint net worth of $1.16 billion, as per Forbes. A million here or there literally makes no difference to them. Difficult as it is to criticize Beyonce, we can't help but raise an eyebrow here. Straws shouldn't cost $900.

8 (Humble) Ellen DeGeneres: Earns $77 Million A Year, Not #Pretentious

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Ellen DeGeneres doesn't roll around in a Ferrari. She doesn't post IG pics of multiple Versace outfits in one night. Cozying up to her pooches with her wife, Portia de Rossi, is more how Ellen rolls.

Ellen's salary for The Ellen Show is a staggering $77 million a year, Forbes states. Up there with Judge Judy and Dr. Phil, Ellen is one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. The vibe? Couldn't be more normie.

Ellen's pantsuits are smart, for sure. The sneakers are fresh (and likely a new pair for every appearance). Somehow though, Ellen stays super-humble. It's never pretentious (and it likely never will be).

7 (No Concept) Kanye West: 'Yeezy Will Hit A Billion Dollars This Year'

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When GQ sat down to debunk a string of claims from Kanye West, their analysts had a hard time. The self-proclaimed "God" and "genius" is known for his statements, and some of them can be a touch tricky to relate to.

"Yeezy will hit a billion dollars this year," Kanye said regarding his best-selling shoe line. While Footwear News does report that Yeezy Boost sneakers were the most "searched-for" online sneaker of 2018, GQ just couldn't put a "yes" to Kanye's claim.

Kanye also claims to be the "highest-paid" person in footwear. This is from someone who has tweeted about debt. Kanye doesn't seem to have the best grip on reality (and it kind of applies to money, too).

6 (Humble) The Rock: Called His Production Company 'Seven Bucks' Because He Remembers What It's Like

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson now has enough money to gift people cars as surprise gestures. The strongest man in Hollywood fronts Under Armour, and his acting career is paying big bucks. There's a twist with The Rock, though, and it's touching.

"Dreams shattered, sent home with seven bucks in my pocket. I was like: Wait no, I gotta play in the NFL eventually. Those are my big goals. That’s my dream."

As USA Today reports, The Rock's production company is called Seven Bucks Productions. He named it because having nothing more than seven bucks is something this guy remembers. Fast cars? Yes. Remembering the past? Always.

5 (No Concept) Kendall Jenner: Mansion Being Refurbished, Calls Herself 'Homeless'

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You can't blame someone for being born into money. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga all grew up comfortable. It doesn't make them bad people. Kendall Jenner was born into wealth. She grew up in the KUWTK mansion, but with 2017-2018 earnings of $22.5 million as per Forbes, Kendall now earns her cash.

Season 15 of KUWTK showed Kendall apparently "homeless." From someone who watched it, trust us– it didn't exactly fall in line with what most people consider to be "homeless."

Kendall pointed out that her Californian mansion was in the process of undergoing major refurbishments. She exclaimed, "I'm homeless!" Fortunately, as The Daily Mail reports, Kendall hands out food to the homeless on Thanksgiving.

4 (No Concept) Christina Aguilera: Actually Has 'Vehicles Cannot Encounter Traffic' As A Demand

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Christina Aguilera is the "diva" that Ariana Grande herself admits looking up to. Ari told Carpool Karaoke's James Corden that she grew up listening to "the divas." Case in point. As The Sun reports, Christina Aguilera's demands come with, well, no concept of anything.

"Under no circumstances are the vehicles to encounter any delays due to traffic."

Xtina's backstage demands also include: "full-fat milk (that cannot contain canola oil, barley, oats, or malt of any kind), 12 bottles of cold water, 8 cans of Red Bull, 10 bars Ivory soap, plus strictly no Evian water." Not quite "regular" with those demands.

3 (Humble) Ed Sheeran: Homeless For Two Years, Sleeping On Trains 'Wasn't That Bad'

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Ed Sheeran is one of the few music stars who has managed to basically stay a total normie. That might have something to do with starting out with nothing. As Her reports, Ed recalls his homeless years with an inspiring sense of positivity.

“I spent a week catching up on sleep on Circle Line trains. I’d go out and play a gig, wait until 5 a.m. when the Underground opened, sleep on the Circle Line until 12, go to a session – and then repeat. It wasn’t that bad.”

Ed Sheeran's 2018 tour outsold every other artist with $432 million in sales, The Independent reports. Still, the guy looks like this.

2 (Humble) Kaley Cuoco: $1 Million Per Episode, Still Does Her Own Groceries

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Cardi B makes IG videos of herself eating seafood on a private jet. It is, admittedly, the best silent video we've ever seen. Kaley Cuoco's day starts with the "same little bit of peanut butter on toast," as she told Women's Health Mag. With $1 million per episode on The Big Bang Theory (and a billionaire for a husband) though, money hasn't gone to Kaley's head.

The Metro did report that the $1 million has dropped to $900,000 an episode to allow other cast members to take a raise. It's neither here nor there for Kaley.

The wardrobe? Yoga pants and flip-flops. The grocery run? Kaley does it herself. This girl has stayed humble– there's no denying that one.

1 (No Concept) Stormi Webster: Mommy Is A Billionaire, Unlikely To Ever Recognize A Dollar Bill

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Stormi is playing with $1,100 there. The Louis Vuitton bags that Kim gifted her family as a Japan "souvenir" quickly turned into toys for little Stormi Webster. Mommy is the world's youngest billionaire. She also spends $10,000 a year on takeout.

While this video was the cutest thing ever, it did kind of show us how Stormi lives. Fendi hats and strollers. A birthday party that The Daily Mail reported was Kylie "splurging" her millions.

Stormi lives in a gated community. She vacations in IG videos that seem to rent out entire resorts (or islands?). Whether she'll ever recognize a dollar bill is left to be seen.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Her, The Metro, GQ, USA Today, Footwear News, Hollywood Life, Forbes, Eat Your Books

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