12 Celebs Who Look Amazing Without Their Signature Hair (& 8 Who Stayed Basic)

Let's just put "signature haircut" into perspective, here. In 2018, BBC wrote an entire article on the history of the ponytail. We estimate three seconds before you make the Ariana Grande connection.

Famous faces have famous hairstyles. Rachel Green was on Friends for all of five minutes before every salon around woke up to the same request: "The Rachel Cut." Blake Lively? It's tousled, beachy waves. Ellen DeGeneres? It's the pixie crop with the perfect amount of highlights. Victoria Beckham? Always some variation of the "Pob" - posh bob.

Celebs either wear their hair on a literal "lather, rinse, repeat" for decades or they do the exact opposite. Katy Perry used to come with long, wavy, raven locks. Now, it's #Pixie. Kate Hudson had beachy waves for years. Now it's a razor-sharp edge. Even Whitney Port has gone choppier.

The reasons for a change? It can be a breakup. It can be a new career. Sometimes, a girl just fancies a change. Ultimately though, there's always a verdict. The minute Kim Kardashian reveals the week's latest look, the comments come pouring in. Rihanna's dreads? They didn't go unnoticed. Question is, who is rocking the new do (and who ended up looking kind of basic)?

Here are 20 celebs who all decided it was time for a #Change. The haircut didn't affect the beauty, but let's face it, how we style our hair goes a long way to the overall finish. Here are 12 celebs who slayed the new do, and eight who might want to consider something else.

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20 Ariana Grande: Lowers The Ponytail 45 Degrees, Breaks Global Records

via: celebmafia

The super-high ponytail is just part of the Ariana Grande "look." Alongside bubblegum pastels and cat-wing eyeliner, the ponytail was part of Kourtney Kardashian's Ariana Halloween costume, and yes, Kourt aced it.

Ariana has admitted that the high ponytail leaves her in "constant pain,"

as Cosmopolitan reports. This year brought us a ton from Ariana. Her engagement to Pete Davidson came and went, blonde arrived, and the signature ponytail was finally lowered 45 degrees for Sweetener. Ariana's 8.19 million Spotify streams for "Thank You, Next" have broken global records, as E Online reports.

19 Obviously, Kim K's Cue To Become Ariana Grande

via: baomoi

Kim Kardashian surrounds herself with relevant people. Before you judge her too soon though, watch any episode of KUWTK. This woman is smart, sassy, the ultimate #GirlBoss, plus she's got three kids under the age of five. Kim K rolls with a glam squad at hand. Her 2018 inspiration? Apparently, Ariana Grande.

#Athleisurewear is in. Time for Kim to strap on the Adidas and jump into sweatpants. 2018 is #ArianaGrandeYear. Time for Kim to test those waters.

This hairstyle wasn't the most adventurous we've seen from Kim, but the pulled-back tresses left the "wear it down" behind. Overall, a pretty decent look. A touch less makeup wouldn't have gone amiss, but it is Kim K.

18 Until #SilverHairedFox Arrived, At Least

via: instagram

This show isn't called Keeping Up With The Kardashians for nothing. One episode can easily showcase four or five different hairstyles from just one sister. Here is Kim with her grandmother, Mary Jo.

Whether or not Kim turned to her grandma for this hair inspiration isn't known. Kim switched her signature dark locks for a blonde that edged its way towards gray– a silver-haired fox doesn't seem a million miles off.

Admittedly, Kim rarely looks basic. The Yeezy wardrobe may be pared-down, but the glam is still 100% there. Kim does, however, seem to look her most glamorous with chocolate-brown waves or poker-straight locks.

17 Kaley Cuoco: Even Sheldon's Reaction Was "I Can't Take This, I'm Out"

via: imdb

Kaley Cuoco's 2014 pixie crop literally made a Big Bang. We were used to Penny with her beachy blonde waves, casual ponytails or bangs. Nobody was prepared for this (including Sheldon).

"You changed your hair. Your hair is different. I can't take it." Sheldon never was one to hold back.

Kaley actually revealed her own reasons for the drastic new hairstyle. It didn't have anything to do with the show. Rather, as Glamour reports, she cut her hair for a movie she was filming– Kaley even offered to wear extensions on BBT. The producers were reportedly "on her side" and voilà! Penny had short hair.

16 Jennifer Aniston: Chops It Off, Former Sorority Sisters Remember "That Thing In College"

via: imdb

We could gaze at Jennifer Aniston forever. If anyone on TV had #SignatureHair, it was Rachel Green. The heavily layered "Rachel Cut" basically defined 90s hair, although Rach didn't keep it that way throughout Friends.

Season 7 of Friends marked the big change from Rachel's long hair, and it was bye-bye layers. The sleek bob was an instant success, as were the choppy highlights that gave Jen's facial features some pizzazz.

If you're a fan, you'll remember Winona Ryder's guest appearance. If you're a huge fan, you'll remember how badly Rach wanted her former sorority sister to remember their "college moment". Which, eventually, did happen.

15 Emilia Clarke: Gave Khaleesi A #2018 (And Blew Us Away)

via: instagram

Game of Thrones is ending, but Khaleesi will live on. Emilia Clarke spent years donning the flowing silver locks on-set (while fans saw her dark-haired looks on social media). Now the face of Dolce & Gabbana, Emilia is a fully-fledged style icon.

Embrace the mother of dragons, right? Emilia debuted her platinum blonde hair on Instagram in 2017. "I done did it," Allure reported on Emilia's hair announcement. "Mother of dragons, meet Emilia. Emilia, meet mother of dragons. If you squint just so you might never know."

Emilia continues to wow us with her extraordinary bone structure, piercing stare and yes, a hairstyle that is beyond owning it.

14 Julianne Hough: Proving Redheads Need More Recognition

via: instagram

Julianne Hough is a face that we were used to seeing with a lot of blonde hair around it (and a few dark roots). The Dancing With The Stars beauty isn't just experimental with her moves, though. 2018 marked a major change for Julianne's look, and she didn't hold back on wowing us.

"It was sort of like, everybody kind of knows me as the blonde American girl," Julianne said, as People reports. Red made her feel "feminine and free."

"I'm almost 30," People reported Julianne as stating. "There's just something about a redhead," she said after dyeing her hair. Julianne added that her husband loves it and it "makes me feel just connected."

13 Gigi Hadid: Proving #WhipMyHair Is Still Cool

via: instagram

Gigi Hadid has "make every look work" as her job. This supermodel does have her signature finish, though. Long, tousled, fuss-free or scraped back is Gigi's standard getup, although it was full-on #WhipMyHair back in 2017.

This tie-dye unicorn look has become a bit of a trend– especially in pink. Kim Kardashian did it in 2018. Ariana Grande has worked powder pink into her dye.

With no caption (and none needed), Gigi took to Instagram to debut this look with a retro Star Wars tee (and what looks like irritatingly little makeup).

12 Rihanna: Dreadlocks Kind Of Hid The Beauty

via: dailymail

Running the Fenty Beauty empire has put a sharp media lens on RiRi, although this girl's beauty has an irony– it doesn't need a scrap of makeup.

Full-on dreads were the look for RiRi in Ocean's 8, but there were deeper links. "We thought it would be strong. Her locs [sic] would maintain that tie to Africa. She'd keep her accent," Refinery29 reported Ri's hairstylist as saying.

While the cultural link is awesome, something about Rihanna's dreads didn't add to her beauty. Maybe it distracted from it? We prefer the traditional Rihanna look.

11 Selena Gomez: Somehow, Blonde Just Isn't The Selena We Know

via: pinterest

"Nirvana Blonde" is how Selena described her hair here. As the most-followed woman on Instagram, Selena isn't just going to get a few comments when she changes her hair colour. Harper's Bazaar wrote a full article on it.

Choppy, slightly wavy and with a bit of a rocker vibe was Selena's 2017 change. For the girl whose dark locks are such a part of her identity, we've got to say, this isn't the Selena we know.

"It was time to switch things up! The Selena #NirvanaBlonde" was Selena's caption to the hair debut. We're just glad she's back to brunette, to be perfectly honest.

10 Katy Perry: Plunged Into Pixie (100% Pulled It Off)

via: twitter

Katy Perry is one rock-solid lady. She's also 2018's highest-paid artist, according to Forbes. That's an estimated $83 million earned in one year. Staying stuck in the past isn't for Katy. The long curls are now a distant memory, and bare-exposed pixie is here.

There's one word for this: Roar. Oh, wait a sec...

With more creative freedom from eye-popping outfits and wigs than most artists put together, Katy is one to put on a show. When it comes to beauty, though? It's all about the raw. Katy's face doesn't just pull off the pixie. It pulls off platinum-blonde pixie.

9 Khloe Kardashian: There Is Such A Thing As A Little "Too Blonde"

via: instagram

Khloe Kardashian went for a squint-worthy shade of blonde in December 2018– motherhood isn't going to stop this girl glamming it up. Icy-blonde and platinum seem to be Khloe's winter 2018 look, but are we within our rights to say it's a touch too blonde?

Khloe has rocked all kinds of hair. Dark, blonde, long, red and short. She even posed with braids alongside Kourtney's daughter, Penelope.

"I looooooooove my new hair color!" was Khloe's 2018 Instagram caption to announce her new hair. We love her. The super-bleached hair? We prefer it a few shades darker.

8 Britney Spears: The Bald Years Weren't The Happiest

via: ultrahdwall

The 2000s are now a distant memory for Britney Spears, who seems to have come out on top. At 37, Britney is a mother of two who spends quality time with her kids. In a way, it's good that most people have forgotten Britney's earlier troubled years.

In 2007, Britney shaved her head. She also attacked photographers and found herself in a generally unstable place. The Huffington Post reported Britney's bald head as just one sign of her downward spiral. This hair decision wasn't exactly the result of style advice.

Britney now rocks luscious ash blonde locks that complement her pretty face. She was pretty here, but times were hard.

7 Kristen Stewart: Sharp And Buzzy Shook Off Twilight Teen

via: vogue

A signature role has its pros, but getting rid of it is tricky. The Twilight Saga earmarked Kristen Stewart as a teen icon, and it was time to move on. In 2017, Kristen shaved most of her hair off for a buzzing, icy-blonde finish that said #GrownUp.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time," Kristen said. "It's practical," she added.

If you're wondering why buzz-shaved is practical, it was for Kristen's Underwater role. "I play a mechanical engineer who is working on an oil rig," the actress told Harper's Bazaar. "So for me, it's practical." A new age was born.

6 Jenna Dewan: Amazing What A Difference A Few Inches Make

via: instagram

Jenna Dewan has spent 2018 cutting ties. Her divorce from Channing Tatum made her front-page news, and what better way to mark a fresh start than with a new do? In 2018, Jenna knocked a few (but very significant) inches off her signature long brown hair.

The highlights were replaced with a more demure, more sophisticated all-brown. Instead of drawing the eye to the hair, this look makes the eye head right to the face– and what a face.

Jenna might name-drop hair stylists on Instagram, but she'll dish the products. Speaking to Allure, Jenna revealed Ouai Wave Spray and Kristin Ess products as her faves.

5 Zooey Deschanel: Cleared A Few Bangs, It's Like A Whole New Face

via: instagram

Zooey Deschanel is a face that we're used to seeing partially hidden by bangs. The New Girl actress knows how to pull from the script, though. Signature long locks were Zooey's default look for years until 2018 brought some much-needed change.

While a bob saw Zooey lose the barrel-curled length, it's the bangs change that really brought this face out. Still owning a side fringe with just enough choppiness, the result was perfect.

Refinery29 analyzed Zooey's "meant to post this weeks ago" Instagram post, suggesting perhaps that Zooey had indeed been thinking of a change for a while. The bangs weren't lost completely, but a new girl was born.

4 Angelina Jolie: Some Girls Just Weren't Born To Be Blonde

via: imdb

You'll have to get up early to out-do Angelina Jolie on beauty. The World's Most Beautiful Woman, as voted by Vanity Fair, has been wowing the world with her angelic features since the 90s, but not every look hit the mark.

Following Girl, Interrupted, Ange once again went blonde in 2002 for Life or Something Like It. She's done it since for her double agent role in Salt, but the spy movie wasn't going for pin-up blonde.

While this look doesn't take away from Ange's beauty, it's just not one of those shades that adds to it. Angelina wears hardly any makeup, and her chocolate locks seem to suit her best.

3 Sarah Hyland: Traded Beach-Blonde Waves For Cinnamon Chocolate (Chose Well)

via: instagram

You can't be a kid forever. Sarah Hyland is now a household name, thanks to Modern Family. The actress was known for her dyed blonde hair and corkscrew curls. Well...was. In 2018, Sarah ditched the blonde, embraced the cinnamon-brown and it earned her a #Perfect.

"New do for my new boo" was the caption to Sarah's hair debut on Instagram (and #CinnamonChocolate was the hashtag).

Sarah opted for unintrusive extensions for some volume, loose waves and an off-center parting. Sarah is now 28. It was time for a more sophisticated look.

2 Kris Jenner: Traded Raven For Platinum (Knew That Temporary Was Best)

via: instagram

At 63 years old, Kris Jenner is still one of the most youthful-looking grandmas in Hollywood. Maybe it's those business brains that never seem to be switched off. Maybe it's having 38 year-old Corey Gamble as your boyfriend. Either way, this woman looks sensational.

"Do you like it?" Kris asked Kim on KUWTK. "I've really wanted to go blonde for so long, but the process is really grueling on your hair that I thought I would try a wig first." Yup, it's a wig.

Kim thought that Kris looked like Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada. "It really takes a strong woman to pull off this icy blonde," she said. Kris has returned to her usual dark crop.

1 Kylie Jenner: Will Probably Have Changed It By The Time You've Read This

via: instagram

Kylie Jenner will never stop reinventing herself. For the 2017 MET Gala, Kylie ditched her long dark locks for a sophisticated, platinum-blonde bob– when Donatella Versace is filmed on the phone suggesting blonde, you go blonde, as E Online reported the story. For her 21st birthday, Kylie once again went blonde. Ten bucks says Kylie will have changed her hair again by the time she next updates her Instagram.

"Kylie is her own person – the whole idea – it's not the predicted icy blonde,"

Allure reported. Kylie has rocked neon pink and green hair. This look? We've got to say, a simple cut showcases Kylie to the best. Now for Stormi's opinion...

References: BBC, Harper's Bazaar, Refinery29, Vanity Fair, E Online

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