12 Celebs Who Broke Up Other People's Relationships

Infidelity is always more than a little dramatic, even if things do work out in the end. But just like the rest of us mere humans, celebrities are not immune to the draw to cheat or get involved with people who are already in relationships with other people. Sometimes because of their busy schedules and working away from home for long periods of time they are actually more likely to start up torrid affairs. Here are 12 celebs you may or may not remember breaking up other people's relationships.

12 Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart was caught as the other woman when she was snapped kissing her director Rupert Sanders. At the time, Rupert was married to Liberty Ross and the photos caused quite a scandal. Once the dust settled a bit, Liberty and Rupert filed for divorce. Kristen has said, "I lit my universe on fire and I watched it burn. Speaking very candidly, it was a really traumatic period in my early 20s that kick-started something in me that was a bit more feral."

11 LeAnn Rimes

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LeAnn Rimes had an affair with Eddie Cibrian when he was still married to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville. The two were shooting a film together and just couldn't stay apart, apparently. There was a bit of a public scandal when photos were released of the two getting romantic, but they ended up getting married and staying married so it seems like they knew what they were doing... to a certain extent, that is. LeAnn was also married at the time of the affair.

10 Tori Spelling

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Dean McDermott was married when he had an affair with Tori Spelling, who later became his wife. Tori was also dating someone at the time when she and Dean met on the set of Mind Over Murder. They dumped their significant others and started a family. However, Dean recently cheated on Tori, so sometimes a cheater is just always a cheater. The traumatic (and dramatic) time has been chronicled on their Lifetime reality series True Tori.

9 Ben Affleck

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It's possible that Ben Affleck had a hand in breaking up Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd's marriage. Jennifer and Ben were shooting Gigli together when she decided to split from Cris. Not long after, Jennifer and Ben stepped out as a couple. It hasn't been confirmed that there was any cheating involved, but the timing does point to the fact that Jennifer might have moved on because of him.

8 Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez has also had her hand in breaking up a marriage. Before she and Diddy got together, he was married with three children to Kim Porter. Supposedly Jennifer came along and pulled Diddy right out of that marriage. Kim has famously said, "He fell for a booty and a smile." We mean, who wouldn't fall for her?! Diddy has said,"She is somebody I will always love. It is hard being a celebrity in a relationship. We will meet again some day." Hmmm.

7 Owen Wilson

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When Kate Hudson was married to rocker Chris Robinson, she allegedly had an affair with Owen Wilson. Kate and Chris split after six years together, although Kate explains the split as an amicable one: "It’s incredibly different circumstances – real life versus playing a picture, and Chris and I had no animosity. Chris and I divorced for the right reasons – we just didn’t work. But we remain extremely close."

6 Nicole Kidman

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This is a bit of speculation since no one has ever discussed it, but the timing says a lot. At one point, Tom Cruise was married to Mimi Rogers, and then he started filming Days of Thunder with Nicole Kidman. Shortly after Tom and Mimi split, and Tom and Nicole stepped out as a couple and married mere months later. They remained married for 11 years.

5 Evan Rachel Wood

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Dita Von Teese was once married to Marilyn Manson and hinted very strongly that they broke up over an affair that he had with Evan Rachel Wood. They divorced in 2007. Marilyn speaks fondly about Dita despite their break up, but when asked about his fling with Evan he has said simply "mistake." Evan has said, "People were pretty mean. At the time, I hadn't yet been exposed to that kind of cruelty from strangers. If people were wondering why I was acting so-called crazy or like a teenager, it's because I was. People go through phases. People make mistakes. People go through life and don't get it right every time."

4 Alicia Keys

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Alicia Keys denies these claims, but her husband Swizz Beatz's ex-wife claims that Alicia moved in on him while the two were still married. Mashonda discussed Alicia's involvement in her life on Twitter, saying: “My concern with [Alicia Keys] is no longer the fact that she assisted in destroying a family but that she has the audacity to make these selfish comments about love and wanting to be with someone, even after knowing their situation."

3 Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been quite the power couple for some time now, but there was a time when he was famously coupled up with Jennifer Aniston. Then Brad started shooting the pretty hot film Mr. & Mrs. Smith alongside Angelina and the rumors started swirling about an affair. Angelina has said,  "Because of the film, we ended up being brought together to do all these crazy things, and I think we found this strange friendship and partnership that kind of just suddenly happened. I think a few months in I realized, 'God, I can't wait to get to work.' ... Anything we had to do with each other, we just found a lot of joy in it together and a lot of real teamwork. We just became kind of a pair."

2 Jennifer Aniston

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This one is a maybe. You might think that Jennifer wouldn't be keen on breaking up a relationship since she herself had gone through the pain of it happening to her, but a girl knows what she wants. Supposedly her now-husband Justin Theroux was still with his then fiancee Heidi Bivens when they met. Jennifer claims that there was no overlapping going on. So this is just one of life's little mysteries that we'll probably never know the answer to.

1 Angelina Jolie

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Nope, that's not a typo. Angelina has actually broken up multiple relationships so she totally deserves to be mentioned on this list not once but twice. When she started dating Billy Bob Thornton (who she married), he was actually in a relationship with actress Laura Dern at the time. Laura was away shooting a movie at the time and Billy and Angelina actually got married... and Billy didn't say anything to Laura about their relationship being over. Oh wow. We think this one definitely takes the cake!

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