12 Celebs That You Had No Idea Had Fake Noses

It's not surprising that a lot of people in Hollywood get work done. That's generally considered a given. People mostly pay attention to the choices that are extremely noticeable. The truth is that while celebs are always changing their appearance, sometimes the changes are so subtle that we don't notice right away. There isn't a lot of down time anymore for certain jobs, so it's not like a celeb has to vanish for a month or anything. There are a shocking number of celebrities who have had allegedly had nose jobs without anyone being wise to it until they start looking back at old photos. Here are some of the most surprising celebrity nose jobs in the entertainment industry. These are so surprising because they look super natural and it's safe to say that you probably didn't even notice that they took place!

12 Halle Berry


Many people consider Halle Berry to be one of the most beautiful women out there and she also seems to have had a nose job. She actually looks wildly different in a lot of ways when you compare this older photo to a more recent snap of her face. Her face seems to be an entirely different shape, but that might because of weight loss or something like that. The nose job isn't due to a weight fluctuation. This seems to be a very obvious slimming of the nose. Many people also say that Halle Berry has gotten augmentation to her chest as well, but she still denies all of this. She has said that getting work done is pushed onto you in Hollywood. Of course, that's because everyone is having procedures done in order to keep up with the rest of the women in the industry who seem to be doing it all the time.

11 Blake Lively


Blake Lively has had a pretty obvious nose job. There's no chance that this was a case of  growing into her face. That's simply an enhancement to her face. She's never really admitted that she had this procedure done, but she seemed to have gotten a nose job before starting her role on Gossip Girl. She had a very different nose back when she was shooting Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and stuff from that era. Some people have also suggested that Blake did something to her eyelids, but since she hasn't spoken out to confirm or deny the rumors it's hard to say what exactly she's had done. There are quite a lot of photos of a young Blake floating around since she grew up in L.A. Blake went to Burbank High School and there are lots of photos from her high school days that show a very different looking girl. She also had a rough crooked teeth phase before she got braces, but who didn't?!

10 Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson's nose job is a pretty obvious one, but she must have gotten it when she was young enough that no one really noticed the transition. She kept the same shape of her old nose so she still looks like herself. The proportions of her nose are now smaller to more seamlessly fit with the rest of her face. She looks quite different these days, and according to most people, she looks quite beautiful. She has denied in the past that she has ever had any work done on her face or body but it's honestly hard to argue with these kinds of photos. What's the point of denying it? Sometimes people have more awkward-looking noses and they do grow into their noses eventually, but that doesn't seem to be what happened here. That looks like a nose job, plain and simple. She actually took legal action against a magazine that once misquoted her speaking about her interest in this and not wanting to be an "old hag." She called the story "outrageous."

9 Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston seemed to have a pretty significant nose job that slimmed it down and made it smaller. She must have had this done before she ended up on Friends. Like many other celebrities, she hasn't admitted to getting a nose job. When asked about her skin and face, she has explained that she doesn't have any procedures done in order to stay looking youthful. She has also explained that she does not like injecting needles to your face at all. She has said, "I just take care of my skin, eat well, exercise. And I love lasers and [other noninvasive treatments like] Thermage [radio frequency] and Ultherapy [ultrasound]. I also like a good microcurrent facial." This is probably the truth as far as taking care of her skin goes. Celebrities certainly do have the cash to throw down for pretty much any type of facial or non-invasive treatment that there is out there. It's amazing what they can do these days.

8 Beyonce


It seems like Beyonce has also slimmed out her nose in order to have a more refined appearance. It's strange because overall the effect is quite subtle but when you compare photos of her side by side, it's quite a noticeable change. She, of course, looks beautiful either way. Some of these differences might be due to makeup as well since the highlighting and contouring thing got so popular. But it seems undeniable that at least part of it has to do with getting work done. After Beyonce's "Lemonade" music videos were released, people also started speculating about whether or not she had gotten an enhancement to her chest. It seemed like suddenly out of nowhere, her chest was much more noticeable. Beyonce has not spoken out about any of the allegations herself, though, so you might not hear it from her.

7 Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis is another actress that seemed to keep the general shape of her nose but alter it just enough to make it a bit more appealing. Mila has denied getting any work done in the past and explained that she doesn't like to put needles into her body unless it's for a medical reason. But those photos are sort of hard to deny when you compare the way that her face has changed over the years. It's unclear exactly when Mila got the nose job since she started working on That 70's Show when she was still quite young. She actually lied about her age because she wanted to seem older in order to be hired on the show. Most celebrities lie about their age to be seen as younger, but she actually wanted to be older. She was only 14 at the time of her audition but she told the producers "Well, I'll be 18 on my birthday." It wasn't exactly a lie, but still... It worked, since she obviously got the role and they might not have considered her otherwise.

6 Megan Fox


Megan Fox has quite clearly made some changes to her natural face. Of course, she has gotten older which can change someone's face, but she looks quite different than she did when she was first starting out as an actress. Megan seemed to have fixed a bump on her nose that she must have considered unsightly. She also is rumored to have done something to her eyelids and seems to have enhanced her cheekbones pretty considerably. She's denied all of the work, though, and she has even denied getting lip fillers which are quite obvious. It's easy to understand why celebrities want to keep some aspects of their personal life and choices to themselves but it's hard to figure out why they try to deny very obvious changes that they've made to their faces and bodies over the years. It's not like people are ever just going to stop asking about it.

5 Jessica Simpson


Ashlee Simpson was the Simpson sister who got a very noticeable and extreme nose job, but Jessica Simpson seems to have gotten a more subtle nose job herself. It also appears like Jessica has gotten lip injections over the years as she has been spotted with some very different looking lip shapes in different photos. If Jessica got a nose job, it was a pretty subtle one. She seems to have just gotten it thinned out a bit to look more defined like so many other women do. Ashlee, on the other hand, went through a major transformation when she totally changed the shape of her nose. Ashlee came back from her transformation looking like a totally different person. She has also been out of the limelight more than she used to be and lives a life more withdrawn from Hollywood than Jessica seems to. Both of the sisters are married with children these days.

4 Lea Michelle


Lea Michelle still has a very strong nose shape so it's hard to imagine that she got a nose job. But when you compare her current nose with the one that she had back when she was a teenager, it certainly seems as though she got her nose shaped a bit when she became famous. Lea has spoken out about nose jobs in the past and said that she was thankful that her mom didn't let her get one as a teen when she wanted it. Perhaps she felt like she was better suited to choose the right type of nose job as an adult and not as a teen who probably wanted to look very different. However, Lea has also mentioned that magazines sometimes Photoshop her nose to make it look smaller which is always obvious to her and it's probably obvious to her fans as well. She has explained that she would prefer to look like her normal self and wishes that they wouldn't try to change her look so dramatically.

3 Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie has denied getting a nose job over the years but the nose she had as a kid seems very different than the one that she has as an adult. There is just simply a difference in the width of the nose and how it looks. One thing that hasn't changed on Angelina's face? That would be those infamous lips. Many people feel the need to enhance their lips these days and it seems as though Angelina was born with them naturally. Many doctors have spoken out and agreed that they think that Angelina got a "conservative" nose job to make a subtle change but still look like herself. Other people explain that we lose volume all over the face as we age and that includes the nose. Sometimes people's noses appear to be thinner when they get older because of the fat loss. It's hard to imagine that we have fat in our nose, but apparently, we do.

2 Rihanna


Rihanna is one celebrity that actually still looks pretty similar to the way that she did when she was younger... and yet she also looks pretty different. It seems quite obvious that at some point in time she slimmed down the width of the nose a bit. This was not a case of shortening the reach of the nose, but rather making it look like it takes up less space on her face. The rest of her face looks pretty similar to what it used to look like. It's amazing that it's possible to change up a look so dramatically based on the shape of the nose alone. Some people say that it's the most important feature for that reason. Rihanna doesn't really seem like the type of person that gets accused of getting work done while other singers and actresses are asked about it constantly. It's unclear of whether she's admitted to ever getting a nose job or not but it seems to be the case.

1 Gisele


Yes, even supermodels get nose jobs. Is anyone born with the face that makes them famous in the entertainment industry?! Not many. That's a really good thing to keep in mind we feel the need to compare ourselves to celebrities. There is a lot of money and maintenance involved in looking like a celebrity because most humans aren't born with those sort of "perfect" proportions that we long for. From looking at those comparison photos of Gisele it actually becomes obvious that she has had some other work done as well. Dermal fillers perhaps. But certainly looks beautiful either way but she looks quite different these days than she did with her natural face. What's interesting is how subtle these changes can seem along the way but then how startlingly different they become after a period of time when they're starkly contrasted!

Another model who got a nose job that you might not have known about is Bella Hadid


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