12 Celebs And Their Favorite Memes

Let's get real - we're obsessed with celebrities. We have at least a dozen channels dedicated to catching up with the latest of the greatest and even more channels featuring their likeness on screen. From Amy Adams to Zhang Ziyi and everyone in between, we can't get enough of our favorite stars and desperately comb the internet for any new information on them. Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, FaceBook, Tumblr, Periscope, YouTube...we just can't help it but to check their social media accounts compulsively for any word from those we idolize!

Of course, there's also the other side of the internet that's filled with nothing but cats, dat bois, and rare pepes. That's right, we're talking about memes - the funny images and jokes that have transcended viral content and have become their own entities. When we feel a certain way or want to react in a certain manner, we send a grumpy cat or a chubby bubbles girl to best convey our feelings when words fail us. When we receive the appropriate response back to the meme, such as a certain phrase or a similar picture, we can't help but laugh and enjoy that the recipient understood the reference.

When those two worlds intersect, we often get images and jokes that are beyond hilarious. Some celebrities, like Yao Ming (laugh face meme) and Shia LeBouf (just do it!), have become memes themselves and have certainly benefitted from the exposure. But what about their favorite memes? We certainly all have our favorites, but which memes tickle our beloved stars' funny bones? Here's a list of 12 celebs and their number one memes.

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12 Justin Bieber: Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen

Justin Bieber snuck his way into millions of teen hearts everywhere back in the late 2000's with his hit song "Baby". He was no more than a baby himself when he debuted, but now he's all grown up - and thank the stars he's maintained his good looks! It seems he has a great sense of humor as well, as his favorite meme is none other than the "PPAP" song, or "Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen". Not sure what that is? That's okay, most people still aren't 100% certain on this one. PPAP is a minute-long song created by Piko-Taro, a fictional character played by Japanese musician and comedian Kazuhiko Kosaka. The song is simple, yet catchy, and with ultra-easy dance moves with memorable lyrics, you can't help but find yourself tapping your toes and singing along as it gets stuck in your head all day.

The Biebster would agree with this sentiment - Justin tweeted that PPAP is his favorite video on the internet - a tweet that has been retweeted 70,000 times and liked twice that amount. Who knows - maybe Kosaka has Bieber to thank for making his video more viral? Although to give credit where credit is due, Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen was catchy enough on its own to spread like viral wildfire. We just a have a few questions for him though - what is an apple pen? What is a pineapple pen? And why did you feel the need to write one of the catchiest songs of all time about these writing utensils? Asking for a friend. Who is us. Thanks.

11 Steve Harvey: Himself

Depending on who you ask, Steve Harvey is either super funny or super lame. The Family Feud host is probably now best known in the internet world for his fiasco with Miss Colombia, but even recently he's made headlines for making racist comments against Asian men and seemingly lending his support to president Donald Trump (which could be a good or bad thing based on your political affiliation). Opinions of the day-time celebrity aside, the man himself sat down on his talk show and discussed his favorite memes; wouldn't you know it, they were all about...well, him! Naturally, he didn't choose any that featured him reading something incorrectly (no surprises there), but he did include one with Miss Colombia simply because it was too funny to pass up.

While going through a shortlist of his favorite memes of himself, he paused every now and then to provide some back story as to why he found them so hilarious - naturally, he had an extra layer of understanding to the meme, considering they were of him. He saved his favorite for last of course - one that featured him with a contestant on Family Feud. The contestant was touching Harvey's shoulder and laughing at someone else, and Harvey looked down at the man's hand in shock, disbelief, and disapproval. The caption said "when your manager acts nice to you in front of customers", implying that this manager isn't typically nice to their employees. Steve Harvey was beside himself with laughter when he gave more detail to the image, causing the audience to laugh (although not as much as he had anticipated).

10 Constance Wu: When She Goes Through Your Phone...

If you've watched the ABC comedy "Fresh Off The Boat" then you know who this lovely lady is. Constance Wu plays the ridiculously funny character Jessica Huang, a wife and mother of three boys trying to make sense of their new life in Florida. While the show is supposed to be about the real life experiences of celebrity Eddie Huang wrapped up in a delightful '90s throwback sitcom, Jessica Huang admittedly steals the show with her sense of humor and her spot-on delivery.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the funny lady has a favorite meme! With a link to an interview, Constance Wu posted that her favorite meme was in the link. As it would turn out, her favorite meme is the comment "when she goes through your phone but you deleted everything already" with an infinitely repeating image of a man looking satisfied with his smart decision. Nicely done, Constance!

9 Taylor Swift: Heavy Breathing Cat

Taylor Swift's favorite meme is a cat? How a-meow-sing! Actually, we saw this one coming from a mile away. The singer/songwriter has always had a love affair with friendly felines and is even the proud owner of a cat herself. Since she's actually on social media quite a bit (even dabbling in the online underworld that is Tumblr), it should come as no surprise that the Millenial megastar would also be meme-savvy. And, considering how much of a crazy cat lady she is deep down inside, her favorite meme being cat-related makes purr-fect sense!

In an interview, Taylor Swift mentioned that she loved sending the meme of the fat cat staring intensely into the distance with the caption "heavy breathing" was her favorite meme to send to other people. We have to say, she definitely has good taste in memes!

8 Jude Law: Young Pope

Can we talk about Jude Law for a minute? Not only is the man a fantastic actor, but that face and British accent really are the icing on the cake for us. Although he's probably more well known for movies he's done in the past, such as The Talented Mr. Riply, Gattaca, and Alfie, he's the face of the new HBO series "The Young Pope". His character is the young and charming, newly elected Pope Pius XIII otherwise known as the first American Pope in history. Funny how he's being portrayed by an Englishman (but hey, we are so not complaining)!Once the show hit the screen, the memes started rolling in. Some inserted "young pope" into song lyrics, while others made the young pope much more relevant to the younger crowd. When asked about the memes, Jude Law said that he finds them very funny and imaginative (after confessing he didn't even know what a meme was until he saw these).

7 Chrissy Teigen: When He Says "Call Me So I Have Your Number"

If you don't follow Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, you're not living. Chrissy Teigen is the hilariously witty BFF that we all wish we had. She tweets her observations about the world in a way that is so relatable while literally making us laugh out loud. When it comes to flubbed social functions, she takes them in stride and will even joke along with the internet when she finds it amusing.

Case in point, her "awkward face" meme - a still image of her beginning to cry when her husband, John Legend, received an award. The photo has since been retweeted with different captions thousands of times, and the star has certainly noticed; in fact, the image became her favorite meme! She gets a kick out of the picture with the caption "when he says 'call me so i have your number'" specifically. We agree, Chrissy!

6 Chris Pratt: Baby Prattkeeping (Raptor Meme Challenge)

Jurassic World was a box office success when it came out back in 2015. So it should come as no surprise that memes were born from the movie. The internet was blessed with the now famous "prattkeeping" meme - a meme made viral by the zookeeping community. Zookeepers would recreate the deadly raptor scene with animals of their own, such as walruses, tortoises, and giraffes. Chris Pratt really enjoyed them all, but he said that his favorite one was definitely the "baby prattkeeper". The photo shows an adorable baby re-enacting the scene with three toy dinosaurs. When compared to the original still, the baby is actually pretty close to getting the pose down - something that Chris Pratt must have enjoyed immensely, because he took to FaceBook and expressed his delight over the meme, thanking the parents of the baby for creating his new favorite.

5 Tom Felton: Draco Memes

It's impossible to not love Tom Felton. The Harry Potter star has a great personality and a hilarious sense of humor. For example, his favorite memes are ones that have anything to do with Draco Malfoy or the "Drarry" ship (Draco + Harry). His social media accounts are littered with Draco memes and he's even gone as far as to create a tee shirt line featuring one of his all-time favorites!

Tom definitely brought his meme game when he lost his passport and phone at LAX. Since he was on his way back home to the UK, he was effectively stranded without the items. A group of fans found his phone and James Corden, another celeb, found his passport later, but while it was missing he posted a photo of himself and blonde Kim Kardashian (remember her?) and quipped "Relax citizens. Passport found!!!! Kim K had it." Classic!

4 Joe Jonas: Lonely Kevin

Joe Jonas has always been a top contender for our favorite Jonas Brother (there's only three in the now defunct band, but it's still such a hard decision!). He was once the poster child for straightening irons and pop/rock/mild-emo music, but nowadays you can find him headlining his new band, DNCE (Cake By The Ocean, anyone?).

When he took part in a Reddit AMA, people asked what his favorite meme was and what he thought about the Lonely Kevin meme. He responded that the meme was actually his favorite and even gave some backstory behind it:

"It’s actually a really funny story because we were legit late for something and Kevin was waiting on the corner. Nick and I were both together and we were heading to meet up with Kevin and he was just waiting on the corner looking at his phone, and now that it’s like a part of the whole meme family. I’m really proud. [...] I definitely support Kevin memes.”

3 George Takei: Picard WTF

It's impossible to not love George Takei. He's like the sassy uncle we never had. The man has a clapback for absolutely everything and we can't help but obsessively follow all his social media accounts. He's legitimately a national treasure and one we should preserve immediately.

Speaking of social media accounts, George Takei is literally all over the place. Tumblr, Twitter, FaceBook...he's everywhere! And he has memes upon memes upon memes dotting his profiles. When asked what his favorite memes are, he mentioned that he loved seeing where people took the Star Trek series in the meme world and posts his ultimate faves regularly.

Specifically, he loves the "Picard WTF" meme. When discussing it, he said "I've seen many memes built around this image. My favorite: 'WTF is this grumpy-cat craze?'" solidifying him as the most adorable person on social media ever.

2 Daniel Radcliffe: Daniel Boringcliffe

Another Harry Potter alum making the list - rather, THE Harry Potter alum making the list! Daniel Radcliffe has been doing quite a lot since the incredible series ended, taking roles in stage plays and movies alike. Of course, that hasn't stopped him from taking the time to talk to his fans - even going as far as to do one of the ever famous Reddit AMAs.

As always, fans probed about the more intimate details of his life, but one important, burning question was asked: what is your favorite meme?

Daniel Radcliffe didn't disappoint and talked about the meme someone made of his face in two different cliff sides - one being a boring, regular cliff while one being colorful and vibrant...or, "rad".

Get it?

He liked the meme so much that he used the AMA as an opportunity to thank its creator "because it really is very good".

1 Zayn Malik: NSFW Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik. That name alone causes millions of hearts around the world to flutter. The man is beyond sexy. That hair...those eyes...that body...just...be still, my beating heart! We can't get enough of this irresistible man!

Naturally, the gorgeous Gigi Hadid found her way into his arms, and the internet reacted appropriately...or should we say inappropriately?

One fan found a funny clip of Gigi Hadid pointing to her face and captioned it with "Guess who gets to play with zayns"...well, eggplant emoji?

The tweet has been retweeted almost 18,000 times, but the best part is that Zayn retweeted it...and his retweet was retweeted almost 92,000 times!!!

Okay okay, so we get that it's not a meme, but we definitely feel like the clip could become meme-worthy. In the very least, it's viral content loved and adored by a man we love and adore, and we think that's close enough!

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