12 Celebs And Their Favorite Detox Cleanses

Ever wonder how your favorite celebs seem to look so good ALL-THE-TIME? How they seem to slim down so effortlessly before a big event? Well, besides photoshop and those damn waist-trainers- celebs have a few secret detoxes, cleanses, and diets up their sleeves. From the BluePrint cleanse to the Cabbage Soup Diet, there's no shortage of things celebs will do to lose a few extra pounds.

12 Beyonce & The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse is one of the most notoriously well-known cleanses in Hollywood. The Master Cleanse is an extreme 'diet' consisting of consuming only a concoction of water (hot or cold), lemon juice, pure maple syrup, and cayenne pepper for 10 days straight. During the Master Cleanse you are only allowed to stray from the plan by drinking caffeinated tea. The cleanse recommends that you drink 6-12 glasses per day. The cleanse works through increasing bowel movements, therefore flushing water weight and cleansing your colon. Beyoncé attributes this cleanse to her serious 20 pound weight loss in under 2 weeks before she shot the movie 'Dream Girls.' Doctors warn that this cleanse can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, lack of muscle mass, fatigue, and calorie deficiencies. Master Cleansers are likely to gain all of the weight back once they stop the cleanse.

11 Gwyneth Paltrow & The Clean Diet

The Clean Diet was developed and created by Alejandro Junger and is a a 3-week long diet said to help you lose weight and create healthier eating habits while repairing any damage you may have done to your body from previous cleanses. The Clean Diet is a 3-week plan that includes a breakfast and dinner shake as well as healthy lunch options. Along with the eating plan, The Clean Dieters are also supposed to take a selection of herbal supplements with every 'meal.' These herbal supplements are said to be what will help repair any damage inside your body from previous cleanses by repairing the intestinal walls and floor. This cleanse is definitely a better option than Beyoncé's master cleanse as it's a more realistic and achievable plan and it can get you on the right track to making better decisions for your body.

10 Kim Kardashian & The Colon Cleanse

The Colon Cleanse can be done one of two ways- cleansing your colon through laxatives, supplements and herbal teas, or through a colon irrigation which is when a specialist pushes water through your rectum. Both options help to cleanse your colon and push toxins out of your body. While colon cleanses can be useful in some cases, doctors say that there isn't much point to them as your body automatically gets rid of toxins, waste and bacteria. Colon Cleansing can be very dangerous but for the most part it could just lead to dehydration.

9 Jessica Szohr & The BluePrint Cleanse

The BluePrint Cleanse is one of the most trendy store-bought cleanses on the market! Pretty much every celeb and Instagram gal has tried the BluePrint cleanse at least once. BluePrint cleanses come with 3 length options and 4 cleanse options! While Jessica Szohr does a 3 day cleanse whenever she needs a little refresher there are also 1 and 2 day cleanses available. The cleanse options are as follows, the Invigoration Cleanse- which is great for those who wish to Juice Cleanse but don't want to give up too many daily indulgences, the Renovation Cleanse- which is great for beginners and is used to boost energy, aid in digestion and improve your mood, the Foundation Cleanse- with extra added greens this cleanse triggers digestion and helps to manage weight, and lastly the Excavation Cleanse which is the highest intensity cleanse available and will completely detox your system and restore your levels. This cleanse involves drinking 6 juices daily and consuming nothing else!

8 Salma Hayek & The Cooler Cleanse

The Cooler Cleanse was developed by Eric Helms (of the Juice Generation) and Salma Hayek herself and can be compared to something like the BluePrint Juice Cleanse (mentioned above.) The Cooler Cleanse is available in 3 and 5 day programs and includes 6 juices (costing $58 USD) per day. The Cooler Cleanse is said to boost body function, increase energy and make you feel 'lighter and brighter.' If this cleanse has anything to do with how amazing Salma Hayek looks at age 49- count us in.

7 Heidi Klum & David Kirsch's 48-Hour Supercharged Cleanse

The 48-Hour Supercharged cleanse was developed by personal trainer David Kirsch and is a quick yet effective weight loss cleanse! For two days, you consume nothing but David's drink, which can be compared to a lemonade- as well as drinking water and herbal teas! This cleanse is designed to reboot your system, cleanse toxins, and is full of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. The 48-Hour Supercharged Cleanse cleanses your liver, colon, and kidneys while it also suppresses your appetite and boosts your energy levels. Many celebs have used this system to slim down quickly before a big event!

6 Oprah Winfrey & The Quantum Wellness Cleanse

The Quantum Wellness Cleanse is one of the most legit celebrity cleanses when it comes to producing lasting lifestyle changes and weight loss! The Quantum Wellness Cleanse restricts the consumption of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten, and animal products for 21 days. While the cleanse is a little more complicated than drinking 6 juices a day, it's the cleanse that will produce lasting results and will hopefully turn into a long-term lifestyle change once you're consciously aware of what you're putting into your body and the effects things have on not just your body but on the entire environment as a whole.

5 Giuliana Rancic & The Ultimate Tea Diet

Giuliana Rancic attributes her weight loss before her wedding all to the Ultimate Tea Diet (which actually doesn't sound too miserable compared to the rest of the celeb diets on this list.) The Ultimate Tea diet is a 14 day plan that involves drinking up to 8 cups of caffeinated hot tea per day along with eating meals and snacks that all include tea ingredients. This guide gives dieters information on exactly what to eat, drink, and cook and includes recipes like orange tea chicken! Of course, you're not allowed to add any sugar or milk/cream to your tea. The Ultimate Tea Diet is said to help you lose weight through speeding up your metabolism with caffeine, suppressing your appetite through the amino acids found in tea and burning more fat through EGCG also found in tea.

4 Alicia Silverstone & The Kind Diet

The Kind Diet was actually developed by Alicia Silverstone herself and is a branch off of her website 'The Kind Life.' The Kind Diet consists of cutting out meat and dairy products, therefore adopting a Vegan lifestyle. The Kind Diet is said to contribute to 'effortless weight loss', clear skin, a serious boost of energy, and smooth digestion as well as improving the environment as a whole. Silverstone outlines 'Nasty foods' including meat, dairy, white sugar, and processed foods and 'Kind foods' including whole grains, new proteins, and veggies. The plan includes 3 stages- flirting, vegan, and superhero in order to help dieters transition into a Vegan lifestyle smoothly.

3 Bethenny Frankel & The Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore

Bethenny Frankel stresses that there's a difference between 'detoxing' and 'cleansing' and that her product 'Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore' is in no way a traditional 'detox.' The Skinnygirl Cleanse is used in conjunction with your regular meals and should no way act as a replacement for food. This cleanse consists of  a powder that should be mixed into 8 oz. of water 1-2 times per day in order to add more fibre to your diet. Bethenny recommends eating as healthy as possible while on the cleanse in order to absorb it's full benefits. This daily cleanse promotes healthy digestion, improved energy levels and overall wellness.

2 Megan Fox & The Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse

Megan Fox is all about taking shots of Apple Cider Vinegar to keep her feeling and looking her best. Apple Cider Vinegar helps with weight loss, is a natural antibiotic, boosts energy, cures hangovers, aids in curing allergies and colds, removes stains from your teeth, and controls blood sugar levels along with many other benefits. Taking straight shots of ACV is effective, but may damage your enamel due to it's high acidity levels so always be sure to dilute it with water to get the full benefits! Apple cider vinegar is also said to give your skin a youthful glow when consumed so it'll have you looking and feeling great both internally and externally.

1 Jaime Pressly & The Cabbage Soup Diet 

The Cabbage Soup Diet- yup this is a real life thing. Jaime Pressly attributes this one to the loss of her baby weight in 2007. Cabbage Soup Dieters claim that you'll lose a minimum of 10 pounds in just a week! With this diet, fat-free cabbage soup is consumed as many times a day as you'd like along with certain food allowances such as fruit, veggies, skim milk, and brown rice depending on the day! While this diet is highly effective for trimming your waistline before a big event, it's not a long-term solution and it's definitely not a diet that you should pursue for more than a week as your body isn't getting the nutrients that it needs.

  • Always consult a doctor before beginning a cleanse, diet, or detox.

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