12 Celeb Hairstyles We Love In 2019 (+ 13 We Wish They'd Ditch)

The one thing we all want is to have perfect hair, every single day of our lives. No matter how much we try to deny it, as women, a large majority of our problem stems from bad hair days.

We might try to blame our moods on the fact that it's our time of the month, that we're cranky from being overtired, or we might even just say we're in a 'mood'. But really, our problem is that we woke up that day with crazy split ends, frizzy texture, and fading hair color. Face it, ladies, it happens.

What we often forget is that these bad hair days happen to celebs, too. Even though their lives are meant to appear perfect in the public spotlight, this simply isn't always the case. Even our favorite stars can have bad hair days and, with them, bad hair cuts in general.

This year has been witness to some pretty interesting things so far, but amongst them are celebrity makeovers. For some reason, this year is already shaping up to be fairly extreme as far as people wanting something new, which can be great—unless it's really not.

Everyone has different opinions and many will conflict with what we're looking to love and ditch in the near future, but there's no denying one thing: these haircuts and style changes really are something.

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25 Love: Dove's Real-Life Purple Hair


Known for her role in Disney's The Descendants, Dove Cameron would likely look great regardless of what hair color she has. Her most recent style includes some pretty fluorescent purple, though, and we can only imagine the inspiration was taken from the character she portrays.

Not many are brave enough to pull off such a serious color swap, but she does it well. Purple contrasts green, so it's no surprise that her eyes are the first thing that truly stands out with this new makeover.

24 Love: Lana's Romantic Waves And Color Pop


While newly on the big movie scene with her role in Alita, Lana Condor debuted some locks that are truly deserving of a rebellious reputation. Her short, wavy, and angled bob is one that stands out as one of our favorite hairstyles of 2019 so far. It has tons of movement and frames her face in the most perfect way, not to mention complimenting every single feature.

The pop of purple underneath only adds to the intrigue of this hair cut and we simply can't get enough of it.

23 Ditch: Demi's Blonde Ombre


Demi Lovato has been through several looks over the years, including being one of the first to sport an edgy and bold undercut. Her newest hair change comes to us in the form of a blonde ombre, one that we're not so sure suits her.

She's also had several different hair colors over the years and we love how bold and daring she has always been with her hair. This new move is a bit on the safe side but hey, everyone needs to fall back with something simple now and then.

22 Ditch: Hilary's Long Bob


If what everyone says is true, then Hilary Duff is an absolute doll and a great best friend. Everyone seems to love her and what she stands for, us included. What we're not loving so much is her sudden hair change, mainly because it just doesn't seem like her.

The shorter, pin-straight look works for some people, but it has us longing for the days of beachy waves and messy updos. We're also seriously missing blue-haired Hilary Duff, but we get it. Once you become a mom and get older, everything begins to change.

21 Love: Jada's Edgy Curls


Jada Pinkett Smith has always been known for her slightly edgy yet sophisticated style. That's why we are totally digging her new pixie cut. The buzzed sides accentuate her facial features perfectly, which are pretty flawless to begin with.

Her natural curls are getting their chance to shine through and steal the spotlight, adding height where it needs to be and completing her unique and statement look. We're big fans of this combination of natural and chic style—and only slightly jealous of the ease of it all.

20 Ditch: Kate's Super Short Bob


Kate Hudson was always known for having perfect, long blonde hair, so to say that her sudden bob took us by surprise would almost be an understatement. While there's nothing wrong with it at all, it almost seems like a step backward for the stylish woman we've all come to know and love on the big screen.

Her long hair was symbolic of her flirty nature and friendly demeanor but now, her short bob isn't really doing much for us. Short hair is far easier, we can agree on that, but it just seems a bit lacking for her personality.

19 Love: Lucy's Striking Color Change


Lucy Hale even joked about her own constant hair changes on her Twitter account, so it's no surprise that she rolled in 2019 with a brand new hair change. This trimmed-up blunt bob is so classically Lucy—but the drastic change is in the color of it.

She went from sandy blonde to a far darker, much more stark brown, and it might even be the darkest we've seen yet. All we can say is that we're loving it and how it highlights her naturally gorgeous features because she's one of the few who can truly pull this off.

18 Love: Kristen's Pin-Straight Locks


While this isn't a huge change for Kristen Bell, it is one that was noticeable. Now that it's 2019, it's no surprise that many celebrities are taking the plunge and chopping off those extra few inches. Gone are the days when women needed to be recognized by their long locks and in are the days when they can go a bit shorter.

Kristen must have been onto this, too, because she recently cut off more than a few inches. We're digging the pin-straight look with her classic blonde and are in full support of the decision.

17 Ditch: Charlize's Short Overhaul


While Charlize Theron's shorter (and darker!) hair is quite stunning, it's just something that we need to get used to. Her classic blonde hair was always a statement, and a deep brown is something none of us ever thought we'd see on her.

While it does bring out her natural features quite a bit, there's no denying that her overall look is quite different now than it was before. She looks a bit more serious, a bit more mature, and definitely takes on the persona of a whole new person with this drastic change.

16 Love: Tiffany Is Bringing The Bangs Back


Tiffany Haddish is proving to the world that even the smallest changes can have a big impact. Her small change for 2019 included full frontal bangs which, to be quite honest, we are absolutely loving.

It seems as though bang lengths are one of two extremes this year: either punkishly short or shaggy long. Tiffany opted for bangs with a bit of length and they're really accentuating her facial features as well as adding a feminine glow to her overall look. The fringy ends are exactly the right balance of edge and softness.

15 Ditch: Rumer Willis's Razor Sharp Blunt Bob


We all love Rumer Willis, but it doesn't mean we need to be the biggest fans of the hairstyles she sports. This short, blunt bob is one that is slowly going out of style as more people are opting for edgy pixies or longer waves.

The sharpness of it all seems a bit harsh for someone with such gorgeous features, especially with her bangs stopping just above her eyes. The good thing about this haircut is that it does frame her face quite nicely—we just wish it had a bit of movement or texture to it.

14 Love: Ruby Is Going Blue


There's no denying it at this point: Ruby Rose is the queen of the pixie haircuts. She showed up on the acting scene with a look that stunned even the most anti-short hair fans and now, she's switching up her hair color, too.

Lately, she's opting for an icy blue that truly contrasts well with her skin and gives off just enough of a statement without being too bold. With her edgy buzzcut, her new hair color seems almost natural, which says a lot about how she carries herself with it, too.

13 Ditch: Selma's Monotoned Chop


This is another instance where we want to love a haircut, but we just can't get past the fact that there's simply not much to it. While Selma Blair has never really been one for crazy haircuts, this blonde is something new to us, too.

It doesn't seem to do anything for or against her but rather just fades away with the rest of her facial features. There's nothing that stands out spectacularly and it's not a very modern style, for the most part, and is instead a bit one-note.

12 Love: Lady Gaga's Icy Blue Statement


Just like Ruby Rose, Lady Gaga broke out the blue recently. She's the best when it comes to taking 'matching' to the next level and even we have to admit that blue is most definitely her color. This pastel sky blue that she's been sporting is something that very few people can pull off, but judging by Gaga's history, she wasn't concerned about that in the slightest.

We have to pay homage to the queen's bold fashion choices, including this one—we're totally digging the color swap.

11 Ditch: Isla Fisher's Golden Tresses


We're convinced that Isla Fisher would be pretty regardless of what hairstyle or color she has going on, but we're not necessarily feeling this bright blonde. The big change as of 2019 is bold, to say the least, but it's not necessarily one that everyone is completely in love with.

Her classic red was so trademarked to her appearance and something that many loved about her. While everyone eventually attempts going blonde at one point or another, we're kind of hoping the red makes a comeback.

10 Love: Rowan's 1920s Vintage Cut


Rowan Blanchard is known for her innocent appearance and youthful looks, but she recently took her look to a whole new level. By chopping all of her hair off, she instantly became a mature, sophisticated woman (not that she wasn't before).

The super short pixie seems to perfectly suit her face shape and overall personality, instantly transporting us back to a time when prohibition was still on-trend. Her classic 1920s features are almost too much for our hearts to take, and this is likely one of our favorite hair changes so far.

9 Ditch: Jordyn's Sudden Blonde Look


We're not saying that we dislike Jordyn Woods' new hair debut, but we are saying that it's definitely different. While we have no confirmed reason for such a drastic change, there's no denying that her overall appearance has changed tremendously since her platinum blonde locks arrived on the scene.

After being so used to seeing her with dark hair, long and short, this mile-long blonde difference is throwing us for a loop. It's gorgeous, but just so... different. We're kind of wanting the old Jordyn back.

8 Love: Khloe's Layers Have Us In Love


Khloe Kardashion is no stranger to changing up her look. With her family's history of makeup collabs and modeling, it's no surprise that she's walking into 2019 sporting something totally different.

The reason we're loving this blonde transformation so much is because it's not platinum or super drastic. It's subtle but fresh and still complimenting all of her natural features. The layers in her hair are just enough to give it some movement and freedom, and we're digging the adorable and casual shaggy-chicness of it all.

7 Ditch: Katherine's Dark Phoenix-Like Transformation


The reason this change got us so good is that Katherine Langford is one of the few women who looks utterly stunning with chocolate brown hair. Her long tresses truly matched her overall look, which was sophisticated and understatedly pretty.

The brown seemed to bring out her gray-blue eyes and compliment them at the same time, which is why a bold red was such a surprisingly look for her. While there's no denying that this red also brings out her feature in an unimaginable way, it's just so different.

6 Ditch: Hailey's Bold Pink


You'd think that certain trends would begin to fizzle out as 2019 came around, but it appears some things just never do... Like pastel pink hair, for instance. While we adore Hailey Baldwin, we're not necessarily totally seeing stars with her recent addition of pink.

The supermodel is undeniably gorgeous, but the pink bob seems to stand out just a bit more than it should. It's unclear whether the change will be a permanent thing, but we do know that her classy blonde is something she pulled off extremely well.

5 Ditch: Ashley's Frosty Pink A-Line


Ashely Tisdale seems to be seeking something completely unique and different and, well, it looks like she may have found it. Her pastel pink bob certainly stands out, much like Hailey Baldwin's, but we're not sure it's our favorite.

She looks adorable and sweet with it, but she also looks a bit like Katy Perry on the set of one of her music videos. This isn't a bad thing, but there are so many other unique colors that would compliment her features. We're voting blue, for one.

4 Love: Ariana's Life-Changing Haircut


It seemed that this was a day that would never actually happen, but it has. Ariana Grande took the plunge and cut her hair and she's now sporting a totally cute and fitting shoulder-length haircut.

The singer would look gorgeous with any style hair, but we love the fact that this one is chic yet understated and really well-suited to her features. The star has been through quite a lot and while we were expecting a life-changing haircut, we're really glad this is the one she decided on.

3 Love: Joey's Bold Buzzcut


Not enough can be said about Joey King's life-changing cut. The actress recently shaved her head for a movie role, specifically for The Act, which will be premiering on Hulu. The actress is most well-known for her part in The Kissing Booth, after which she dyed her hair a bold blue.

This shaved look is one that we are absolutely fawning over simply because it suits her so well. Not many are brave enough to attempt it, but it seems there was no second thought when it came to this look. Rock it, Joey!

2 Ditch: Leighton's Super Bright Blonde


Leighton Meester, known for her roles in The Roommate and, most notably as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, has always had some variation of brown hair. Her classic brunette look is something that totally grew on us along with her simple outfits of jeans and a tee.

That's why the (very) bold choice of platinum blonde floored us, especially paired with a layered, wavy bob. While we're all about the cut, it's the color that's throwing us for an endless loop... We're just not sure what to make of it and this totally new person.

1 Ditch: Sabrina's Subtle Change


Sabrina Carpenter recently made the switch back to blonde hair after being brunette for her role in Short History of the Long Road. It was so different that we actually ended up falling in love with it, which is why her return to blonde is now slightly confusing.

We'll be the first to admit that she looks incredible with any hair color she has, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't miss the dark, cool-toned brown just a little bit. It seems that blonde is her trademark color and it's here to stay.

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