12 Bra Hacks For Small-Chested Girls

Recently, going braless has become a major trend among small-breasted girls, and sometimes it’s just because you can’t stand any more elastics, straps that slip, or cups that literally get stuck into your rib because they’re too rigid for you. But what you don’t know is that bras are awesome even if you have small boobs, because you can use them to reshape your bust, give your chest volume and substance, enhance your figure, and prevent that delicate skin area sagging. We found out 12 hacks to help you get the perfect bra, with the perfect fit to make you look perfectly proportioned and beautiful.

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12 Know How To Wear Your Bra

What’s the first thing you do in the morning, after a shower? I can probably guess it’s putting on your bra. But are you sure you’re doing it properly? In fact, just slipping your arms into the straps and hooking the clasps at your back is not enough. Here’s what you should do: bend your bust at 90 degrees, until your eyes look straight to the floor and slip your arms into the straps, so that when your bra faces your boobs, it gathers all the breast tissues. Then close the bra and once you return in your normal position, adjust your boobs into the bra.

11 Use Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras have been a friend of our boobs since it was created. In fact, they were designed to reshape the breast and add volume to the cleavage with no padding necessary, just pushing your boobs closer to each other and moving them up. After Wonderbra, many push-ups were designed and marketed by lingerie brands and now they’re also enriched with foam paddings of all shapes to literally add sizes to your breast. By using a push-up, your torso will most likely be reshaped and resized, giving you a fuller and rounder cleavage, if you like it!

10 Use Padded Bras

Even if they look similar, padded bras have different features than push-up bras. Precisely, while push-ups literally squeeze your boobs together and push them up, padded bras are designed like regular bras, but in addition they have pads to add sizes and make your breasts look fuller. As a result, wearing a padded bra won’t give you the “Pamela Anderson in Baywatch effect” women were looking for in the 90s! When you wear a padded bra, your breasts will just look naturally fuller without being lifted up or having added cleavage.

9 Choose Your Pads

Once you choose a padded bra to add some shape and volume to your breast, you have to decide the kind of pads you want to wear. There are many materials used for the pads, from foam to gel, air, and water. Just pick the pads that make you feel more comfortable wearing and then decide where you want the padding to be placed. Different paddings create different breast shapes. If you choose the classic padding at the side, your breasts will look fuller with cleavage, while using a bra with bottom pads means your boobs will sit on the pads creating a “shelf effect." Whichever padding you choose, just make sure you nicely adjust your breast into the cups, and you’re set!

8 Know Your Size

One of the most underrated things about shopping for bras is knowing your size. While we mostly concentrate on the bra colors, fabrics, and shapes, it’s a fact that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. How can it be? We often focus on what our boobs look like without knowing precisely the measure of our torso or the exact cup we need. When you have small breasts, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a small size. In fact, it could be your torso is small and your boobs are wide but not so prominent. In that case, you shouldn’t just look for a small size, but you should pick a small torso size with a large cup.

7 Find A Strapless Bra That Fits

Even if you have a small chest, it doesn’t mean that your boobs don’t need support. Going strapless often feels like walking on eggshells because of the strange feeling that a strapless bra gives you when it doesn't fit properly. It feels like you’re going to lose the bra and you  feel like your boobs are being pulled down. To avoid strange sensations like this, just make sure your bra fits properly. If your bra is fitting well you won’t feel it squeezing your body, but it will stick firmly around your torso. Opt for bras with silicone around the band for extra grip, so you can wear a strapless and get fuller cleavage, too.

6 Beware Of Fabrics

Fabrics are another important part of bras that you should consider. In fact, if you have a small chest, you might not need fabrics with little or no stretch, and you could easily opt for thin and soft materials like lace. But if you want to shape and sustain your babies, you should opt for heavier laces and thicker fabrics. It also depends if you want to feel free as if you’re going braless, or if you prefer to feel a steady grip around your torso. Always make sure that you choose your bra not only because you love how it’s designed, but above all because it fits well.

5 Try Contouring

Do you know that Kim Kardashian makeup trick that every beauty blogger talks about? It’s contouring, and it’s used by makeup artists to define lights and shadows on your face to sculpt and reshape it. You can actually do the same thing with your boobs. In fact, if you have small breasts and you want to create the illusion of full, round boobs, you can just work with light and shadows. All you have to do is use a bronzer darker than your skin tone to create two arches between your boobs, then add light to the round of your boobs with a shimmering powder or an illuminator.

4 Turn Your Bra Into A Racerback

If you want to increase support for your small breasts and feel more put together, you can use the racerback trick. All you have to do is take a paperclip or buy a racerback converter and use it to pull the straps in the center of your back. If you use this trick, your boobs will likely be pushed up by the pulled straps, not to mention that your straps will stop slipping from your shoulder.

3 Use A Bra With Side Boning

One major struggle of those with a small chest? Giving it structure and shape. In fact, where bigger boobs have to be pulled together and sometimes minimized, small boobs tend to look flimsy and can make your bust look empty. In this case, a simple bra with side boning can work like a charm to add structure, creating roundness on the sides and reshaping your breast. Last but not least, side boning push the breast toward the center of your bust giving more shape and support.

2 Wear A Sports Bra

One of the things women with big boobs envy about their small-breasted friends is playing sports without feeling like you have two bags of water glued onto your bust. On the other hand, having a small chest doesn’t mean you should do jumping jacks braless! In fact, even if it’s supporting a lighter weight, your skin is always prone to lose elasticity if it’s not properly supported. Research says you should always wear a sports bra while working out, to avoid decreases in elasticity and sagging, no matter what size your breasts are.

1 Love Your Boobs!

If knowing how to style your body shape is always important to make you feel good and improve your self-confidence, there’s no better styling tip and fashion hack than embracing yourself. Knowing how you are shaped, who you are and working to enhance your body shape is only the first step to really look and feel good. The best thing you can do for yourself is accepting your body for what it is. In fact, if you look good, there’s no wrong and right way to look. What really matters is how you feel about yourself and how confident you are. Always work on that before wearing anything, and you’ll be irresistible!

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